3d Wall Painting Designs For Living Room

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3D Custom Wall Mural Art Wall Painting Gold Wallpaper Two Large Peacocks, European Style 3D Large Gold Peacocks Wallpaper Wall Murals Wall Decor

3d Wall Painting Designs For Living Room

3d Wall Painting Designs For Living Room

The price will only show 1 square meter (e.g. if your wall size is 3 m wide and 2.5 m high, 3 m × 2.5 m = 7.5 m2 (fill in the 8th dimension), leaving the width and length of your wall

D Wall Murals Removable Wallpaper Peel And Stick Modern Wall Stickers Abstract Painting Color Texture Bright Artistic Fiery Modern Wall Paper For Living Room Bedroom Wall Decor

1. We have added new types of wallpapers, plates and sticks. which is easy to use on your wall

2. There is 2cm overlap and you need to cut it off. Then peel it off and stick it and stick it on the wall.

3. If the length or width of your wall is more than 1.1 or 1.5 meters, we will cut several sheets.

4. Peel and stick can only be used on glass, painted walls, ceramic surfaces, wood surfaces, plastic sheet surfaces and smooth walls, and cannot be used on uneven walls or cold walls.

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1.Ppls note! Wall painting without stickers, the price is 1 square meter, measure the width and length of the wall and lay out the appropriate size chart.

For example, if your wall size is 4.16 m wide and 2.75 m high, 4.16 m × 2.75 m = 11.44 m2 (fill in size 12 in your order).

Prepare these tools before gluing: hard glue, bucket of water, utility knife, metal tape, roller brush, brush, batting board and sponge.

3d Wall Painting Designs For Living Room

Complete equipment clean the wall open wall stickers Use a heavy object to press down on the corner of the wall sticker. It takes about 30 minutes.

D Illustration Of Dazzling Golden Flowers Wall Painting

This work is usually done before buying a wall sticker to check the size of the wall wall size appearance of the wall sticker to make it a good size, usually buyers buy more than the actual size to have more space.

It takes two people to complete the job. They put stickers on the walls. They made a mark on the sticker using a pencil. And they know where to cut the extra room when you get stuck.

Put about 1 kg of glutinous rice into a bucket, mix with 4-5 liters of water, stir well for 10 minutes, stir again, then use a roller brush or brush to apply the glue on the wall. Press board if there is excess adhesive foam. Use a sponge to absorb excess water. and use metal tape and a utility knife to trim the extra edges.

After you complete all the work. Let the wall sticker dry for 48-72 hours during this time. please don’t open the door Do not turn on the air conditioner And don’t expose yourself to too much sunlight.

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Thank you! Very new! We have added a new type of wallpaper, peel and stick, which is easy to use on your walls.

There is about 2 cm overlap, you need to cut, peel and stick and stick it on the wall.

If the length or width of your wall is more than 1.1 or 1.5 meters, we will cut it into multiple panels. It depends on what country you are from.

3d Wall Painting Designs For Living Room

Estimated arrival if you order today This is the estimated delivery date based on the time and location of the merchant. Carrier delivery time and your shipping address. Remember: carrier delays or orders placed on weekends or holidays may postpone this date.

D Wall Painting Services

The wallpaper was amazing and the seller messaged me to make sure I picked the right type for my walls. I will buy from them again! for wallpaper I definitely recommend going up 2-4 inches. Because my first panel is slightly curved. And the last panel is almost too short. In my case it’s fine. But it could be a problem!

I got the peel and stick version of this and it is solid and very good quality. I had to reapply the first portion of glue a few times so the bubbles wouldn’t clump. But the rest looks good. I was hoping for some stitch handling advice – make sure you follow your pictures! I watched on YouTube how to cut seams and make them look clean. Perfect for my nursery!

We love wallpapers! Best quality and easy to use with glue!!. It looks perfect! I recommend it to everyone! But keep in mind that delivery takes 3 weeks, so don’t plan to rush it.

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3d Wall Painting Designs For Living Room

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Buyers are responsible for any applicable customs duties and import duties. I’m not responsible for delays caused by customs.

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3d Wall Painting Designs For Living Room

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