Accent Wall Colors For Gray Living Room

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Actually: Gray was scolded for being boring. Gray is often used as a happy medium between white and black as a subtle accent color. What is the kind of shade you add to your place when you don’t want the waves to show off too much. And when the rest of the color wheel is filled with glowing warm tones moody cool shades and high contrast combinations. Gray color is easy to write because it covers the color a little.

Accent Wall Colors For Gray Living Room

Accent Wall Colors For Gray Living Room

But in reality? Gray doesn’t just have the potential to be exciting. But also full of design potential. You just need to know how to unlock it. “Grey interiors have been popular for a long time,” says Marie Flanigan of Marie Flanigan Interiors. But they don’t have to be boring,” says Marie Flanigan of Marie Flanigan Interiors.

The Best Living Rooms With Dark Walls

To help you beautify we’ve shared 40 gray living rooms that prove there’s no such thing as a boring color – with expert advice to keep your gray spaces from falling apart.

In the past, gray was used as a soft and subtle alternative to white or cream. However, this classic living room designed by LJ Savary proves that the shades can go together. “I wanted to evoke a sophisticated, modern feel in what is normally a traditional suburban setting,” he explains. Savorie used Benjamin Moore’s Revere pewter in a mold, and furnished the room with cream-colored linen chairs, a marble fireplace, and a clean white ceiling.

You don’t need a dark charcoal color to get the message across. Jade and Anthony from House of Chase created a cozy atmosphere by pairing shaggy dove chairs with red accents and a white coffee table in the living room. This printed rugs in soft colors of orange, blue and gray create a harmonious look. Proving that elegance never goes out of style. And there are no house plants if we have anything to say about it.

We are in love with Dan Love’s luxurious living room. Have you ever thought about painting ceiling beams? Let this be your inspiration: dark gray creates a beautiful contrast against white walls and ceilings. It is dark enough to let the beams out without darkening the room. Thanks for the gray area rug. The ceiling beams give a sense of unity and harmony to the room.

What Color Accent Wall Goes With Gray Furniture?

As this site by Desire Burns proves, gray and gold are a design match made in heaven. While you might think an emerald green sofa is a meaningless color, Burns gave this piece of furniture a subtle approach by pairing it with a gray wall and matching sofa. Gray and green combined are complementary colors. Not a competition, Burns ties everything together with fabrics and artwork in shades of blue, teal and yellow.

Want to measure your space? Take advice from interior designer Marie Flanigan and pair your grays with plenty of textured accents. “The fastest way to liven up a gray living room is by using dynamic textures and materials,” she says. Woven baskets, throws and pillows. Sculptural artwork and even unique architectural details can easily give your gray living room a chic vibe.

The dark brown color of natural materials will warm your gray space if it is too cold.

Accent Wall Colors For Gray Living Room

Balance subtlety and boldness by mixing gray with darker shades, such as fire truck red. A red living room can seem overwhelming. We all know what Mr. Red accent wall looks like. Great.

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

Turns out – but designer Alexander Doherty tried to soften the look with a small charcoal accent wall and a light gray sofa. This setup gives off such a complex energy.

This site is a lesson in simplicity. Liljencrantz Design has mastered the art of minimalist beauty by incorporating monochrome gray tones and skipping the accent altogether. Wooden floors give just the right amount of warmth to the design. While eclectic textures, from the marble fireplace to the furry chairs, make the dynamic space interesting.

Gray looks aggressive with its earth tones. Don’t believe us? Check out this living room by designer Kevin Dumais here. The charcoal sofa blends well with the olive green walls. Red-brown ceiling Yellow pillows and blankets imitate a lush forest When the earth tones are combined, they create a living room with a dark mood but full of character and life

If you want to decorate in orange but are nervous that your home will turn into Halloween territory. Add some gray to keep it simple. In this cozy space designed by Arbor & Co., a slate sofa contrasts with the tangerine wall. Soft cushions and a printed carpet in soft gray soften the contrasting palette without hinting.

Paint Color Trends

If you are looking to warm up a gray living room. But don’t want to mix too many accent colors. Keep it simple by adding some fresh houseplants. This design trick is a great way to give your home a lived-in feel without sacrificing its clean aesthetic. Here, large branches with lush foliage create a focal point on the coffee table. In the corner of the room, soft tones appear like leaves in a clear glass vase on a wooden chest.

Want to have a wow moment with Gray? Paint an accent wall here. Designer Maite Granda created this living room with whimsical charcoal quotes. When surrounded by crisp white walls this shade of gray gives a dramatic feel. But not as deep as pitch black. This room can have a neutral foundation. But it is not boring. Granda added personality with blue and light gray striped rugs.

Anyone who wants his living room to have a design that equals a breath of fresh air. Consider pairing gray with blue. With gray herringbone pattern wallpaper matching gray sofas and blue wall coverings, this space by Gail Davis Designs is equal parts soothing and bold. This palette instantly soothes you without feeling like a period of sleep.

Accent Wall Colors For Gray Living Room

“Grey is the perfect primer and foil to any beauty. Because it’s incredibly adaptable,” designer Isabelle Ladd tells us. To ensure a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Ladd paired a leather sofa and wooden barn doors with Sherwin-Williams’ Dorian Gray printed walls and armchairs. “Combined with a touch of different textures, “except for the patterned cushions and fabric, this room is boring,” says Ladd. We couldn’t agree more.

Gray Paint Colour Palettes For A Kid’s Bedroom (part 1 Of 3)

Alvin Wayne brings a pop of style to the living room with patterned gray wallpaper and soft blue hues. Floor lamps help set off wall furniture. While a jewel-toned sofa takes center stage with velvet upholstery. Soothing colors in woven cushions serve as a backdrop for brightly patterned pillows to lean on.

Black, white, chic, whatever. This living room was designed by Katie Hodges: although black and white is a timeless color combination for happiness, Hodges imagined a high-contrast room with different shades of gray. To combine the colors, charcoal sofas, matching cushions and the carpets make the area softer.

If you are not ready to paint and gray furniture. Follow the advice of designer Reena Sotropa and color your room with oversized rugs. The living room is clean and fresh with white walls and accent chairs. But light shades of gray on the floor and in the fireplace, the marble gives depth to the design. We love using neutral colors with a custom mid-century wood accent wall to round out the space.

In the open plan living and dining area, designer Sarah Fultz continued the gray theme throughout the two rooms. If you are working with an open concept design choose a theme that harmoniously ties together each space. Gray bar stools are mixed with gray living room rugs and throws for a clean and simple look.

Dark Paint Colors For A Rich, Moody Look

Call all top hits: If you want to mix several bright colors in one place, paint your walls gray. This shade adds a little difference to your room. Make bold color additions intentional – like a tone. Let this fun living room by designer Lucy Gleeson show you how it’s done with soft gray walls and the lightest blue chair possible.

When the temperature drops your fireplace will become the most loved part of the whole house. So it might as well look good. We love how the living room of Gray Space Interiors reimagines the fireplace with a cool, minimalist surface. The splash of color makes it stand out. But not as bold as all accent walls. Whether you use glazed paint or stone slabs. This heart is just as charming. With a fire burning inside

To add warmth and sophistication to your monochromatic

Accent Wall Colors For Gray Living Room

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