Best Rug For Under Dining Room Table

Best Rug For Under Dining Room Table – Choosing a dining room rug is not easy as there are many factors to consider. From finding the best size, shape, material, color, pattern, texture + length for your deck or rug…yes, it can all be a little overwhelming.

For obvious reasons, you want something that is both practical and functional, so you don’t have to worry about kids, pets or guests accidentally ruining it when something accidentally spills, or dinner falls on the plate, or God forbid the red wine projection is on. glass edges.

Best Rug For Under Dining Room Table

Best Rug For Under Dining Room Table

The past few months have given us the opportunity to reevaluate our relationship with the everyday objects that fill our homes.

How To Choose The Right Rug Size For A Dining Table

And at Elegant Simplicity, we tend to look at rugs not as a mat under your feet, but as a fifth wall. Huh?! For example, when it comes to your dining room, you need a rug that fits well, is easy to clean, PLUS you need furniture + styles to tie everything in the room together, so unfortunately this rug hunts for a great one more difficult + complex *sigh!*

Fast forward this story a bit + you finally find the perfect carpet. You love so much. It works with everything that’s going on + it’s the exact look you’re looking for. Then you realize…

I kid you not, this insanely frustrating song + dance can go on for days, if not weeks or even months as you try to narrow down the perfect carpet. You spend hours wasting time, invest a lot of energy + your dear old man can’t believe you haven’t found him yet.

Knowing this problem firsthand + hearing the pain, let’s talk about how we choose the perfect dining area rug for our Seattle interior design clients. Are we?

The Best Rugs For Dining Rooms Of 2023

At Elegant Simplicity, beauty comes second – in everything we do, we always think about how the overall design of the home affects the people who live there. And while it may not be obvious, this silly dining room rug has some pretty big functional benefits, aside from just adding a little spice to the room 🙂

First, if you have hardwood floors (which are an investment), a rug in your dining room will help protect them. Not only will the rug break from a fall from your little one running around the dining room table (or a glass of milk spilled over the edge *wink*), but it will also protect your beautiful hardwood floors from constant wear and tear. your family sits down to eat + after a little shuffling, moves the chairs closer to them.

Another advantage of a carpeted dining room, especially in open-plan homes where sound can often be an issue, is that wet carpets sound surprisingly good.

Best Rug For Under Dining Room Table

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s first discuss the size of the dining area rug, because *well* it is very important! Most importantly, you can’t start looking for that perfect rug unless you know exactly what size rug will work best for your space.

Choose The Right Dining Room Rug By Following These Steps

When deciding on the overall size of the rug, you should consider all the other furniture in the room. Of course, the dining room table is a very obvious place to start, but look around… are there dressers or carts where the size of the rug could make a difference?

Considering the length + width of the table in relation to the furniture around it, now imagine a person sitting at the table. Ideally, when someone is sitting on a dining chair, you want enough space behind them to prevent the chair from falling over the edge of the rug.

And the seat is extended (it is enough to simulate a person sitting there) you want 10-14″ space behind the legs of the dining chairs 🙂 And if you are also preparing to buy a new dining table – take your measurements of the table, add 30″ from each end + voila! Now you know the perfect the size of a dining room rug!

Another thing to consider when considering the size of a dining area rug is whether there is a blanket that came with it on the table and do you plan to use it? If so, how often? And what will a carpeted dining room look like for you to downsize this holiday season?

Types Of Rugs For Your Dining Room

While I know this can be an imperfect science based on the shape of the room and dining table, generally know that it’s better to err on the side of too big than too small. After all, a rug that is too small can quickly become a big danger for your family.

If you’re looking for a safe way to choose a dining area rug, but aren’t sure what shape to choose…

Why? Because a larger rug is placed under the dining table, matching the same shape of the rug as the table frame + creates an angle that gives the room an aesthetic + seamless look.

Best Rug For Under Dining Room Table

But let’s assume that when it comes to your home + decision-making, you are not very risk-averse + want to introduce some contrasts in the design of the table + wedding and carpet.

Best Places To Buy Dining Room Furniture

What we have discussed so far is matching or creating a contrast between the shape of the rug and the table. But another design idea is to consider matching (or contrasting) the shape of the carpet with the shape of the room.

Even if you have an open floor plan, taking into account the shape of your table + carpet creates a visual order in your home that not only looks good, but also feels intuitive.

While going down on carpeting isn’t the sexiest of conversations, I’ll be the first to put my hand up and say that there are plenty of carpeting materials to choose from. To name a few, wool, sisal, jute, sea grass, nylon, and polypropylene are great options when it comes to dining area rugs due to their durability and durability.

And as you know, we’re big fans of wool, natural fibers and other sustainable materials like sisal, jute and sea grass, but synthetic rugs like polypropylene also have a place on our table because, well, life happens – especially with little ones. children or a pet – which makes them a great solution, as they are not only resistant to sunlight, but also very easy to clean.

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Stay away from large piles of rugs in your dining room. Not only are they difficult to clean because they catch crumbs, but the chair legs often get caught in them when you pull the chair in or out.

If you’re struggling to figure out what to do when it comes to your dining room, sometimes it can be helpful to think about the overall color scheme and mood you want to have in the space. What emotions will this space evoke? How do you want people to feel when they walk into a room? With this little knowledge, you can start using color from the beginning by consciously incorporating it into your dining room rug.

When it comes to creating a sense of continuity, we always start by choosing a rug under the dining table. As a top interior design firm in Seattle, our decades of experience help tie everything together in a space.

Best Rug For Under Dining Room Table

At Elegant Simplicity we believe there are no rules, only guidelines. Also, lighter colors will make it harder to hide almost anything – so if it’s a lighter rug, honestly go for a material that’s easy to clean. Otherwise, lean towards a color that can hide those random nagging feelings.

What’s The Best Dining Room Rug? Here Are All Our Best Tips And Tricks

When it comes to the pattern of your rug, don’t limit yourself. Not only is the pattern a good way to hide accidental spills, but it also creates visual movement that energizes the room. We are longtime fans of vintage rugs with a contemporary feel for timeless beauty and room depth.

Not to mention (and logistically), patterns on a dining room rug can distract the eye and miss asymmetrical flaws like a dining table + rug that isn’t perfectly centered *wink!*

Carpet texture is one of the most important factors we consider when choosing the perfect carpet for a client’s home, because at the end of the day, a carpet may look great, but if it’s not comfortable underfoot, it’s not the carpet for you. enjoy But if you don’t like it, why do it?

Wool rugs? Soft, stain resistant + very durable. Highly recommended for kids, dogs + girls’ parties with lots of laughs, lots of nibbles + the occasional (and totally accidental) glass of red.

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