Best Type Of Carpet For A Heavy Use Living Room

Best Type Of Carpet For A Heavy Use Living Room – Endurance For many homeowners, the most important factor in choosing a rug is durability. Especially if your home has foot traffic, you want to know that the carpet you choose will stand the test of time. However, because there are so many factors that affect the durability of a carpet, it can be difficult to predict how long it will last. In this blog, I will explain how fiber type, stain resistance, construction, density, and face weight together determine the durability of a rug.

The main threat to the life of carpets is wear and tear due to intense human traffic. Over time, the carpet looks worn. The fibers lose their resilience and the carpet’s vitality dies. The second major threat of carpet leaks. Strong liquids such as red wine or pet urine can permanently damage carpet if it is not sufficiently stain resistant. Therefore, carpet durability has two subcategories:

Best Type Of Carpet For A Heavy Use Living Room

Best Type Of Carpet For A Heavy Use Living Room

A carpet’s ability to resist stains is determined by the type of fiber it is made of. Of all the polyester fibers available, Smartstrand and treated nylon are the most stain resistant. Polyester has no dyeing area, so it does not absorb dye liquid. Smartstrand, a hybrid fiber manufactured by DuPont and marketed by Mohawk. Untreated nylon will absorb spills and leave stains, but if it’s quality nylon, it can be treated with a stain protector such as Stainmaster.

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Nar. So far, polyester, SmartStrand and treated nylon are still active. But when it comes to durability, polyester falls short – its fibers break more easily than nylon or SmartStrand. Nylon and SmartStrand fibers are highly reflective and will withstand years of foot traffic.

The style An important but often overlooked aspect of carpet longevity is style. Different styles are woven and cut differently, which affects their durability. Main Styles: “Cut Worse”, “Cut & Loop”, “Multi Level Loop” or “Freeze”. Of the four, layered loop and cut & loop are more durable because the fibers are bonded together. It’s like how penguins huddle together in a snowdrift: the fibers in a rolled carpet are rolled together so there’s less chance of abrasion and bruising. Strength in numbers.

“Density” and “face weight” – these aspects are more obvious than the fiber and style of the carpet, but they are equally important factors in determining the durability of the carpet. His definition:

In general, the heavier and higher the density of the face, the more resilient your carpet will be. Higher grades of nylon and SmartStrand have a higher weight and face weight. Otherwise the conversation will get too technical within the scope of this blog. So when you come to our showroom, ask a sales representative for details.

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If you have any questions about the most durable rugs, please email or call us. Even better, if you live in Calgary and are in the market for flooring, stop by our showroom at 525 58th Avenue SE. The team has as much experience as passion: together, we have over 150 years in the Calgary flooring world. We offer our knowledge, experience and aesthetic sensibility to help you create the space you love.

Inspired by our love of home and sleek, sophisticated design. Regarding practicality and aesthetics, we strive to contribute to the creation of a comfortable and valuable home.

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Best Type Of Carpet For A Heavy Use Living Room

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If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. This means that every time you visit this website, you must enable or disable cookies again. Sometimes rugs get a bad rap, especially if they show signs of someone who lived before you. No one wants to move into a new house or apartment with stained carpets. But when it comes to installing new flooring in your home, carpet is a practical, economical and attractive option. Carpets are great for bedrooms, playrooms, cozy rooms or living rooms.

If you’re thinking about installing carpet in your home, it’s important to know all of your options when it comes to texture, because there are always so many. Whether you want something soft and luxurious under your feet before bed, or something more durable that kids and pets can walk on, there’s a rug for almost any area of ​​your home. Read our ultimate guide to common carpet textures and the pros and cons of each.

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Before we get to the texture, let’s see how to make the rug. Basically, carpets are made by repeatedly pulling threads through a backing material using the same motion as a needle and thread. Most often, this thread is made of nylon, which is a soft and strong fiber, but the carpet can be made of polyester or wool. The yarn loop is known as the “pile” of the carpet, and the various elements associated with the pile determine the appearance of the carpet as a whole or more. Its composition: the length of the woven loops, any variation in the same pattern, whether they are tightly twisted or loose, the loops are cut or left intact, or a combination of both.

Loop level pile rugs have consistent, uncut pile loops that create an overall tight structure without distinctive patterns or variations. The density of the loops means the carpet is soft, but it doesn’t show marks or vacuum marks, making it a good choice for high-traffic areas.

Berber rugs can have many meanings, but traditionally they are thick piles of yarn, usually in neutral colors with spots of color. It’s durable and great for high-traffic areas, and the variety of colors means it hides dirt and stains well.

Best Type Of Carpet For A Heavy Use Living Room

This type of carpet is very popular due to its durability and is a good medium traffic choice for both low traffic and high traffic areas. The loops are evenly cut to a very small height, which softens the texture of the rug while maintaining its shape. In these types of rugs, different pile densities and levels of twist can change the texture. Also included in this category are plush or velvet rugs, more suitable for more formal spaces with fewer people.

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Saxony is another type of cut rug that provides a deep, soft feel. The texture of this more formal rug consists of tightly woven, twisted piles that stand upright. Because of their height and direction, they can easily see tracks and tracks, making them a great choice for low-traffic areas.

Frieze is similar to Saxony in that the chopped pile is longer, but is more common because the pile is tighter in many directions, creating a less uniform look. Carpet is still dense and soft, but works well in busy areas because the footprints and vacuum tracks don’t interfere with piles facing in one direction. When stacks of friezé reach a certain length, they are considered carpets.

Additional carpet texture can be created between cut and rolled piles by combining piles of different heights or by combining cut and full loops. This is usually done to create a geometric pattern that appears on a solid color rug, such as stripes, diamonds, or something else.

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