Best Type Of Area Rug For Living Room

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We truly believe that rugs are the heart of every room, which is why it’s important to get the right one. To help you make sure you’re the perfect fit for your room, we’re here to help you shop. We looked to Wayfair because the retailer has a lot more to offer than affordable furniture, and its selection of rugs is worth checking out.

Best Type Of Area Rug For Living Room

Best Type Of Area Rug For Living Room

The site has thousands of great options to shop from, and to help you save time, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 picks. From colorful options to minimal neutral options, you’re sure to find your match. We’ve found great rugs for homes with cats and dogs, rugs that can be washed in the machine, cowhide rugs that are a nod to faux fur, and even rugs that look great in a child’s room. Whether you’re looking for a rug for your bedroom, kitchen, living room or TV lounge, we’ve found pieces you’ll love. Read on to shop our favorite styles and find the one your home has been missing.

The 10 Best Early Amazon Prime Day Area Rug Deals

You can’t go wrong with this classic handmade Highland Dunes sisal rug ($314, originally $499). It’s a good choice if you like neutral tones but want a rug in your room. We’re also big fans of the sisal rug, but it’s also a great rug.

This unique Langley Street Herzig handwoven colorful rug ($380, originally $400) is sure to brighten up any bedroom. If you are someone who loves color and wants to add a cool pop to your room, this is the rug to buy.

We love the distressed look of the Trent Austin Design Jemison Power Loom Performance Rug ($300, originally $475). It has a medium weight, making it a good choice for high-traffic areas of the home, such as the TV room or bedroom.

This Union Rustic Handmade Flatweave Cotton Rug ($55, originally $83) would look great in any room and comes in several shapes and colors. If you’re looking for a great runner or rug under $100, this is a great choice.

Selecting The Right Rug For Your Space

Looking for a great machine washable rug? This Mistana Chea Power Machine Washed Performance Rug ($153) is so beautiful and a great rug to have in any high traffic room because it is so easy to clean. We love the muted colors and the fact that it doesn’t bleed.

This Breakwater Bay Lorelai Geometric Transitional Rug ($104, originally $177) is one of those rugs that can go anywhere. Whether you have lots of roommates, kids or pets, it will withstand high foot traffic and not get lost, which is always a good thing.

We’ve been fans of faux fur rugs for a long time, and we think this Mello Power Loom Faux Cowhide Rug ($150, originally $249) is so classy and stylish. It makes any room look much more luxurious and will shed much less than a rug.

Best Type Of Area Rug For Living Room

Want to add some color to your room? This Mistana Indira Handmade Forest Green Performance Rug ($228, originally $760) is a great choice. We love the combination of green, blue and orange. Plus, it’s seriously on sale right now, so you basically need to get it.

Rules For Choosing A Dining Room Rug + Pretty Rug Souces

If you’re looking to spruce up a kid’s room, this Unique Loom Whimsy Rug ($69, originally $138) is a great choice. They’ll love the fun colors and you’ll love that it’s easy to clean and not too loud with the design.

If you want a rug in your kitchen, we love the Dakota Fields Dorsey Handwoven Cotton Rug ($142, originally $149). Yes, it’s mostly made of bright neutrals, but it’s pretty easy to clean up in case of a spill. Plus, customers love how soft it feels.

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Best Type Of Area Rug For Living Room

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Celebrity News Coach Beard is getting married! ‘Ted Lasso’ actor Brendan Hunt is engaged to Shannon Nelson with Sabienna Bowman 2 hours ago Originally woven by nomadic tribes from reeds and grasses 5,000 years ago, rugs became a staple of interior decoration for thousands of years – and for good reason ! Often carpets soften paths, absorb noise and are excellent internal insulators, often helping to reduce heating bills. Aside from functionality, rugs can also completely transform a room, tie a color scheme together and add texture, dimension and a style statement. Another reason you rarely see a designer miss an opportunity to use a rug in a living room? They set boundaries and define zones, demarcating areas dedicated exclusively to much-needed T&T.

Whether using an exquisite flat weave, a Kilim Runner or a striped rug, designers continue to prove that rugs are more than utilitarian pieces. When combined with an overall minimalist style, a rug with a colorful pattern design can bring out the accent colors in the background and add a fun touch. On the other hand, an old Persian or Moroccan rug—both perennial designer favorites—can add gravitas and drama to any living space. Do you want to completely transform your room? Upgrading the rug can do wonders to elevate your living room.

With many rugs available in an endless variety of patterns, designs, colors, materials and sizes, choosing the right one can be difficult. To reduce stress, we have put together a collection of 26 living room rug ideas that will inspire you and help you find the rug of your dreams. Middleville Modern Contemporary Living Room Bedroom Area Rug

To introduce complementary colors and warmth, designer Jessie Lane chose an extravagant rug that conveys a sense of history and convention for this postmodern living room.

In this lakeside cabin designed by Shannon Ggem, a lush tufted rug is the perfect accent to the dramatic stone fireplace, two chandeliers, and an abundance of warm tones.

To make an already luxurious high-rise apartment feel even more opulent, design firm Mendelson Group slipped a white marble-like carpet under elegant furniture.

Best Type Of Area Rug For Living Room

A large circular rug outlines this living space by Los Angeles-based designer Kay Kollar. It fits perfectly with the purple stool, oval lamp and sofa and coffee table.

Super Cozy And Warm Living Room Ideas

A colorful rug, similar to the composition of the artwork hanging above the fireplace, is central to this cozy understated living room designed by Koo de Kir.

For a high-rise apartment, Chicago designer Elizabeth Stamos layers a wicker rug under a smaller, geometric Persian rug. Adds warmth, texture and dimension to the effect.

To bring this airy living room together, designer Amy Aidinis Hirsch used an elegant basketweave rug that accentuates the surrounding navy and dark wood tones.

To divide this ultra-modern, ultra-spectacular seaside abode, Chimera Interiors used a bronze and cobalt rug, adding warmth and a sense of traditionalism.

How To Pick A Living Room Rug That Lasts Forever

Design studio Night Palm shows how a few authentic pieces of furniture can make a great display in a living space, opting for a simple black and white rug under a vintage Mario Bellini sofa.

To bring together this living room full of art, unique mid-century modern fixtures and lovely books, designer Martin Young chose a desaturated rug that brings warmth and coolness.

A rugby basket pairs well with a textured brown wall and light wood furniture, while a cobalt and cream geometric rug above accentuates the surrounding colors. Together, layered rugs help create an airy atmosphere in this Sullivan’s Island living room designed by Angie Hranowsky.

Best Type Of Area Rug For Living Room

A gorgeous skylight brings plenty of light and warmth to this living room designed by Taconic Builders, while a ruby ​​rug paired with sage curtains and a cream sofa bring the room to life.

Best Area Rugs From Wayfair 2022

Sherwood Kypreos, a design studio based in Los Angeles, added color to this contemporary double living room and dining room with a candy-striped rug.

Large windows let in a lot of light in this cozy living room designed by Anja Michals. A geometric rug is a neutral but lively backdrop to the simple black, white and rattan furniture.

Carpet with abstract yellow, orange and blue stripes

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