Canvas Art Ideas For Living Room

Canvas Art Ideas For Living Room – Here’s a tutorial for painting your own DIY canvas, starting with a large scrap canvas for $15. This project is a very economical way to create an elegant piece of custom art.

Since I live in a rented house, I can’t spend more than $500 on a fancy large-scale piece of art because we move so often that I worry it might get lost or damaged during the move. I still want fine art in my home.

Canvas Art Ideas For Living Room

Canvas Art Ideas For Living Room

I’ve done DIY art a few times. I made this DIY abstract plywood piece a few years ago. I’ve done some DIY prints and of course the beach print that was hanging on the wall outside the stock market is actually a photo you took. After living in this house for over a year, I looked at this wall and felt it needed more impact than the sofa. Zhaoyang Art Oversized Painting Gray Abstract Painting Black And White Canvas Art Modern Large Artwork Wall Art Living Room Decor 86x193cm/34x76in Black Frame: Posters & Prints

I’ve been toying with the idea of ​​doing a canvas painting myself for a few weeks now, but I don’t know how to go about it. I had previously painted an abstract from scrap plywood but found it too heavy for what I wanted.

Canvas was a great option until I started appreciating real canvas. Even the lowest quality canvas in the largest size costs over $75, and the largest size I’ve found still isn’t enough.

I figured we could make a canvas and paint it, so that’s what we did. Today’s tutorial in two parts: how I made the canvas, and then how to create the painting on the canvas.

If you want to create your own large piece of art, the first step is to create your canvas – first decide which canvas you want to create. The final measurement of the large canvas we made was 36×60. Cut the 1x2s to frame the matte canvas. Cuts are: (2) 60 boards and (4) 35 boards. As above, we set them free. None of this is visible when the fabric is finished, so we don’t worry about placing the support pieces correctly.

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We attached the four outer sides and began to assemble the canvas frame. We used the square of the velocity to square the right angles as shown above.

You’ll notice that the brackets are attached with the widest part facing out, instead of to the side like we did with the outer parts of the frame. We thought this would give the drop a bit more stiffness and prevent it from sinking. To do this, we took a piece of old wood and nailed it under the outer frame to level it. Secure it.

The frame is done and now it’s time to stretch the fabric that was draped over the top to make the canvas.

Canvas Art Ideas For Living Room

Straight out of the box the fabric was very wrinkled (not pictured) so I took the time to iron it before we attached it to the frame. I’m not 100% sure this is necessary as it extends a bit over the frame, but that’s what I did.

Yirtree Flower Canvas Wall Art For Living Room White Floral Picture Wall Decor For Dining Room Bedroom Bathroom Kitchen Print Painting For Home Decorations 1 Panels

To begin stretching the canvas over the frame, start by laying out the canvas and placing it over the frame. You will start in the middle of one of the long sides and attach the drapery to the frame. It’s helpful to have an extra set of hands for this part of the project.

Starting in the middle, you’ll fold the fabric about two inches across the frame and staple every inch along the sides. Try to keep the fabric relatively flat so it doesn’t overlap as you go from side to side. Leave about two inches for corner overlap.

Once you’re done with the first side, continue with the other long side again, starting in the middle and working your way up. This is where you have an extra set of hands. I held the fabric tight on one side and stapled the lining on the other side.

Do the same on both shorter sides, making sure to pull it tight before you fasten the back. When all four sides are attached, you should see that the curtain is very taut with no looseness. Now it’s time to bend the corners. This requires some effort.

Abstract Vintage Vogue Gallery Wall Art Fine Art Canvas Prints Stylish

Here you take the extra fabric gathered in the corners and create nice pleats in the main. This will keep your sides nice and crispy. It’s really hard to explain in words, but the photos above will help you better understand how to bend these corners. Hold the fabric by the corner with one hand. Bring your fingers close to the edge and squeeze the fabric until your fingertips line up with the top of the wood in the frame. Then fold the fabric up.

Bring the corners together to hold the fold. Do the same on all four corners and cut off the excess fabric with scissors.

Now you can stand up and admire your work! Just kidding, now it’s painting time – it’s a DIY canvas painting.

Canvas Art Ideas For Living Room

Of course, you can paint whatever you want at this point, but to give you some inspiration, I’m going to share with you my super technical (read non-technical) art tutorial on what I did next.

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Even though the cap fabric is thick, it’s not very tightly bound, so if you’re painting directly on it, multiple layers will probably be needed. You can also add a layer of primer or plaster. I intended to add some texture to my image from the start, so I added a blend layer first.

I’m really glad because I think it really helped the overall look of the image.

Using a putty knife two centimeters wide, I spread the joint compound over the entire canvas. I was really liberal with the mix. There should be a few thick lines in some places and a little clearer in others.

After the grout dried, I went back with the dark blue. I used this foam brush because I had it on hand. I painted the entire canvas with a layer of blue paint.

Oversize Oil Painting Gray Painting Black Paintings On Canvas Abstract

After a layer of blue, I painted it with a layer of white. Then another layer of light beige-white. I went back with the previous color a few times to add a little more in some areas until I had a layered base that I really liked. Then I added loops. I used a small brush to loosen the loops.

I didn’t like my first attempt, so I painted it beige white and started swirling, at which point I figured it out. It was a complete work of art.

We framed the canvas using the simple rounded corner technique described in this DIY Canvas Framing Tutorial. The only difference is that this time we used pins and finish nails to attach the canvas to the frame.

Canvas Art Ideas For Living Room

We used a combination of these two stains that we found at Home Depot. Apply Stain Special Walnut first, then Sunbleached.

Dirty White Linen Canvas Wall Art

In the photo above, you can see the special walnut before adding the bleached sun to the bottom. On top, Sunbleached paint is applied over a special walnut stain.

I’m very pleased with how it turned out. This painting is so perfect in this space and I think it lifts the whole room.

It’s one of those things you don’t realize how much you need until you don’t have it.

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Sunset Abstract Painting Canvas Wall Art

I’d love for you to share it on Pinterest or Instagram. You can follow me @. Feel free to send this link to someone you think might enjoy it! I appreciate you sharing my projects! Portrait From Photo, Sketch From Photo, Nature Painting, Wood Art From Photo, Birthday Gift For Husband, Realistic Paintings | Custom portraits

They are often chosen as the focal point of a room or can help you create the illusion of space by changing the wall space.

No matter what you use your living room for, you’ll find that painting it is an enjoyable experience.

Canvas Art Ideas For Living Room

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