Country Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

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Recently, we’ve seen a rise in popularity for rustic wall decor as a general trend, focusing on decor and accent pieces made from reclaimed wood. Things like wall-mounted shelves, framed pictures, hanging signs or anything with a retro feel can make a space feel warmer and more welcoming and create a familiar and cozy atmosphere. . Check out our latest finds to get a better idea of ​​what rustic wall decor is all about.

Country Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Country Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Everything about the living room setup is beautiful, including the rustic sign hanging above the sofa, under the shelf. Two mirrors add depth to the room and make it appear larger and brighter. For more farmhouse inspiration, check out Linda-CoastalCharm.

Farmhouse Country Living Room Ideas Personalized Farmhouse Family Name Wall Art

We mentioned at the beginning that decorations made from reclaimed wood often give a rustic feeling to the spaces they are located in, so here is a specific example that proves it. This open kitchen is decorated with large wooden letters that stand out and turn a previously blank wall into a focal point not only for the kitchen but also for the living room. For more details on this project, check out Sweetpickens Furniture.

Framed family photos scream rustic, especially when displayed like this. These “frames” are actually old windows. They look great on this dining room wall where they create a cozy decoration. The wooden letters are a nice touch and go well with the rest of the room. The idea came from cottage instinct.

Sometimes it’s not about each individual decoration you put on the wall but the overall mood they send as a group. For example, this is a very beautiful cluster of decorations and accessories, each with its own unique role and character and each perfectly balanced as a group. Check out goldenboysandme for details.

One of the great things about rustic wall decor is that it doesn’t have to look perfect or be complicated. It’s not so much about the design as it is about the materials and finishes used and the kind of atmosphere they create. An excellent example here is this set of wooden arrows found in a small brick house.

Best Modern Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

Finding that perfect piece of wall decoration is not always easy, especially if you have a specific idea in mind that is not based on a material but on a feeling, a style, an idea. In such cases, DIY projects are always the perfect option. How about these rustic shutters and little yellow wheelbarrow wreaths. They look attractive in any room.

You can add rustic accents to any space, including the bathroom. We love these simple shelves and especially this beautiful bathroom sign featured by the lovely Anand. The design is a delightful mix of rustic and industrial and has a lot of character despite its simplicity.

You can create a beautiful barn door decoration for next to nothing and the cost will be lower if you use reclaimed wood. The design is very simple and you can adjust the proportions depending on how or where you want to display this piece. You can also add other decorations like garlands, planters etc. Find more details about this project at collectinthekitchen.

Country Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

This is a great idea for a rustic piece of wall decor that you can place in the kitchen. This is an herb drying rack that you can hang on a backsplash or wall. It looks great and is practical too, making it a great DIY project, whether you’re planning to give the rack as a gift or add it to your own kitchen. You can find Magnolia instructions with tips and a list of materials needed.

French Country Living Room Décor Ideas

This dresser is perfectly capable of adding a rustic twist to an outfit on its own but it sure looks great with a little help. We love the vases and candles but the real star here is the mirror in the barn window. It’s imperfect, like any rustic design, and that helps set it apart. If you also want to know the story of this beautiful dresser, check out Ninabendrick.

Empty corners are not exactly exciting but they have a lot of potential because they are good for displaying all kinds of decorations and creating cozy little alcoves shown on lizmarieblog. The corner wall of the gallery has a lot of character. If you decide to do something similar, display things that are meaningful to you and your home.

Any cute, rustic photo frames aren’t that easy to get and aren’t really a problem because you can make them a great idea for a DIY project. You can make your own rustic display frame from scratch by following the tutorial offered by jennakateathome.

Old shutters make beautiful decorations and you can display them in all kinds of surroundings. It really captures the farmhouse feel of the entire dining room and is complemented by the “collecting” sign and two large vases. Each of these decorations is different in its own way but here they work in harmony to make this space more comfortable. Check out the Instagram post.

Farmhouse Living Rooms That Will Make You Feel Cozy

Wooden pallets are a wonderful resource for DIY projects, rustic as well as modern. You can use the entire palette or parts of it to create beautiful decorations like these plaques. Use it to display photos on your walls and give them a distressed finish for added character. You can find the tutorial in the ohmy-creative project.

Wood is not the only material you can use in your rustic wall decor projects. As it turns out, you can do all kinds of cool things with rope. For example, check out this adorable wall sign from lovegrowswild. Of course, you can choose another design if you want. Think of something that suits you and your home that isn’t too complicated.

Creating something using reclaimed or recycled materials is very satisfying and the resulting syringe project is a good example. This rustic wall decor is made using pallet wood, mason jars and tin cans. This project is not only inspiring but also budget friendly.

Country Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

We live in an age where apps on our smartphones are replacing physical calendars, and although they are very practical, a wall calendar has its appeal, especially one that is so large as shown in ThistlewoodFarms. This giant chalkboard calendar usually covers an entire wall. You can also place it in your home office, hallway or living room.

Stunning French Country Living Room Decor Ideas

You can also create a beautiful piece of wall decor using old frames, chicken wire and garland. This is a simple project, which you can adapt in countless ways. Painting the frame white and then using sandpaper to give it a time-worn look is a great way to add a rustic feel to the design. For more details on this project see ConfessionsFacialAldier.

Some projects are a beautiful combination of appearance and functionality. For example, this rustic coat rack has a shelf on top where you can display framed family photos, vases, planters and all that stuff. If you are interested in creating something like this for your own entry, you can find instructions on lizmarieblog.

Bathrooms usually don’t offer much space for decorative elements but you can find ways to combine look and function. A rustic towel rack made from reclaimed pallet wood is an interesting option. The rack itself is simple but attractive and the towels double as decorative pieces. This project can also be an incentive to play with colors and patterns. If you are interested in the details of the project you can see the full tutorial on 1001pallets.

Mason jars can be modified in many ways and one of the easiest options is to make these cases. However, this is not just any ordinary jar made into a vase. It’s a beautiful wall hanging piece that adds charm and style to the space around it and it doesn’t take up any space on the table or shelves so it’s also space efficient. Check out the tutorial for this on thehambyhome.

Cozy Modern Country Living Room Decor Ideas

On the subject of large projects, you may be interested in building your own headboard from scratch. This can be an easy and rewarding project, especially if you like the look of wood and its natural and unique beauty. This type of headboard, shown in Andres’s notebook, fits most types of beds and is easy to make.

Finding a good looking mirror can be very difficult. Although the design is very simple, many of them are expensive. That’s what makes this DIY framed mirror project so appealing. You can make a frame from wooden boards that you can stain or paint. It is also possible to give it a distressed look if you want a more vintage inspiration

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