Decoration Ideas For Living Room In Apartments

Decoration Ideas For Living Room In Apartments – Figuring out how to furnish a small family apartment with children can be a daunting task. In fact, living with children in a small space requires ruthless organization and practical solutions. Be sure to consider furniture choices, looks, and functionality that will grow with your family. Learn how to create a cozy, stylish, and fun space for your small apartment living room and for the whole family.

When space is tight, you have to think vertically. Your walls have a lot of real estate that you can overlook. Shelves, cupboards and cabinets can save a lot of space. Use bookshelves to organize books, display decorative accents, and help organize things better. Touching up vertical space is a tip to use throughout the home, from small living rooms to small kitchens to small bedrooms. It works everywhere.

Decoration Ideas For Living Room In Apartments

Decoration Ideas For Living Room In Apartments

For vertical storage inspiration, we love the Howard Armoire by Red Barrel Studio at Wayfair. Perfect for storing folded blankets, sheets, binders, baskets, toys and more. Plus, the classic style will continue to evolve with your family, so you won’t have to replace it anytime soon.

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Invest in truly functional furniture. Functional furniture may seem over budget at first, but it will be the best investment in the long run. Think of items that can serve multiple purposes. For example, look for a coffee table with hidden storage, sofas that turn into beds or sectionals that can be rearranged. The idea is to find pieces that can be moved or rearranged later to meet new needs.

We love this drum storage coffee table from West Elm. It features a fold-down panel that reveals hidden storage space, perfect for keeping small living spaces organised. Use it to hold quilts, blankets, magazines, children’s books and other items that can be easily stored.

You may notice a pattern here. Storage is important. Unfortunately, if you live in a small apartment, storage becomes almost a luxury. Be smart about the pieces you choose to keep in your home. Get furniture that can add more storage space without disrupting the style of your home. Storage ottomans, sectionals with storage chairs and baskets are a great way to achieve this.

For example, the Kalinowski storage ottoman from Joss & Main is great. You can use it to store bulky items such as pillows or winter clothes. But it also works as a chair or even a coffee table. Declutter, add an element of framing to your living room and inject a bit of style into your room. All in one piece of furniture.

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Families with young children understand the challenges of sharp edges. It may sound silly, but rounded corners keep kids safe and make a small living room feel bigger. Avoiding sharp edges on pieces of furniture creates a unique effect on the visual field and makes it difficult to frame certain areas. Instead of choosing rectangular and square furniture, your place will instantly feel more spacious and open.

It doesn’t have to be very obvious. For example, the Apt2b Harper Reversible Sofa has rounded cushions that make it look softer to the eye. Plus, sectional sofas are great for having more play space and don’t interfere with high-traffic areas in the living room.

Mirrors are an easy trick that can instantly make many small apartments seem larger. Multiple mirrors throughout the living room can reflect light from the room and create the illusion of a larger room.

Decoration Ideas For Living Room In Apartments

Since space is currently limited, look for a mirror that serves two purposes. For example, West Elm’s Roar & Rabbit Infinity Mirror is a great choice for a small living room. The mirror itself absorbs light and accentuates the space, while the whimsical gold details on the panels make it look like a work of art. Hang it on your desk or behind the sofa in the living room to add personality to your room.

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You may be looking for different ways to add storage space to your living room without taking up too much space. The device must be connected directly to the wall without a support. A large floating piece can trick your eye into thinking it takes up less space because you can still see the floor surface.

I love that the IKEA BESTA floating unit can instantly change the look of a small living room. Place this unit as high or as low as you like. Moving up, you’ll also have more storage space as you can place a woven basket under the unit to store items such as extra blankets, toys or pillows.

To turn a small living space into a favorite room without taking up too much space, you need furniture. They offer plenty of storage opportunities, but make a statement by offering a floor-to-ceiling look. Fatty? If there is no built-in, you can always fake it.

We love the Isobel bookcase from Urban Outfitters for its unexpected design. The organic form of the bookcase itself becomes a decorative element. Add plants, cards, books or obstacles to fill the space and turn it into a feature wall.

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When designing a small apartment living room, we always focus on the optimal use of space. When available space is limited, you start seeing hidden places everywhere. For example, the space under a coffee table can be perfect for placing a pouf to give more room to walk around on the sides.

Take, for example, Wayfair’s Callidora 3-Piece Ottoman Set. If you have a small living space, this coffee table has enough space for two ottomans or side chairs that you can pull out when guests visit. This is the best way to include the number of pieces that the living room needs to really work.

Not everyone has the budget to order a custom storage solution. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use your creativity to turn something boring into something extraordinary. Think about the different ways you can use your furniture pieces.

Decoration Ideas For Living Room In Apartments

For example, imagine taking a classic cube storage center and turning it into a media center by placing a TV on top. Add lamps, ornaments and ornaments to make everything neat and beautiful. However, this space is functional and valuable without taking up extra space. Look for something with a base, like Target’s Ellwood Cube Storage bookcase, and you’ll have the look and feel of a media console.

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We usually place artwork, photos, floating shelves and mirrors behind the sofa. But that leaves a lot of wall space. Instead, consider an understated and stylish way to add storage to a small living space by adding something more substantial, such as a bookcase or a floor-to-ceiling shelf behind the couch.

If you want to take up as little space as possible, try something like the Helix CB2 bookcase. The metal frame combined with the wooden shelf provides enough space for a variety of items, but takes up the entire volume of a traditional shelf. In addition, since it is mounted directly on the wall, there is no need to worry about moving the bookcase along with the sofa.

There are many ways to decorate the living room in a small apartment. Start by choosing a monochromatic color scheme to create a larger living room. Keep the floor simple and if possible avoid rugs to divide the space. Invest in space-saving furniture that can double as another item or have hidden storage. Consider furniture without supports to move more freely. Of course, follow the points mentioned above.

Start by choosing a focal point and consider the visual weight of your furniture. Then choose the heaviest piece of furniture (usually the sofa) as the center of attention and reduce the furniture around it. Your movement patterns will dictate how you arrange the furniture in your small living room, so try different arrangements before committing. Sloping angles can also make a room appear larger, so try different angles and positions.

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You don’t need furniture to decorate your living room. Some budget-friendly ideas include using removable wallpaper to create a focal point, using mirrors to make the home appear larger, and updating items like lampshades and doorknobs for a bit of sparkle.

Whether you have children or not, designing a small apartment living room can be a challenge. Talk to one of our interior designers today to find living room ideas that are right for you and your family. Or start your project today to work with one of our designers. You can visualize your home and design in 3D. They also prepare a shopping list with carefully selected products

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