Diy Canvas Painting Ideas For Living Room

Diy Canvas Painting Ideas For Living Room – Here’s a tutorial for making your own DIY canvas painting starting with a $15 DIY canvas made of fabric. This project is a very affordable way to create great looking custom artwork.

Living in a rental house, I can’t invest more than $500 in beautiful large-scale art because we move so often that I worry it won’t have a proper place or will get damaged in the move. I still want to have a beautiful piece of art at home.

Diy Canvas Painting Ideas For Living Room

Diy Canvas Painting Ideas For Living Room

I’ve done DIY art a few times before. I made these DIY abstract plywood pieces a few years ago. I did some DIY letter art and of course the beach print that hung on the wall before the makeover was yours truly. After living in this house for over a year, I kept looking at this wall and felt it needed something more impressive over the couch.

Canvas Painting Ideas For Your Next Diy Room Makeover

I’ve been toying with my canvas painting idea for a few weeks now, but I’m not sure how to go about it. I had previously painted plywood abstractly from scrap wood, but for the size I wanted I thought it would be too heavy.

Canvas was a great option until I started liking actual canvas. Even the lowest quality canvas in the largest size is over $75, and the largest size I’ve found is still not big enough.

It occurred to me that we could make a canvas and paint it, so we did. Today is a two-part tutorial: how I build a canvas and then how to create a canvas painting.

If you want to create your large-scale artwork, the first step is to create your canvas: first determine the size of the canvas you want to create. The finished size for the oversized canvas we build is 36×60. Matt cut a 1×2 to frame the canvas. Here are the denominations: (2) 60 in board and (4) 35 in board. We have arranged them loosely as above. We’re not worried about the exact placement of the backing pieces because none of them will be visible when the fabric is passed over them.

Mod Podge Canvas Art Ideas For Your Wall

We start assembling the canvas frame by gluing the four outer sides. We use the square of the velocity to get the right angle squared as above.

Note that we installed the mount with the widest part facing out instead of to the side like we did with the outside of the frame. We thought this would give it a little more tension to keep it from sinking. To do this, we take a piece of wood and place it at the bottom so that it is flush with the outer frame and use nails. ensure it.

The frame is ready and now it’s time to stretch the canvas over it to create the canvas.

Diy Canvas Painting Ideas For Living Room

The outside of the fabric box was a bit wrinkled (not pictured) so I took the time to scrub it before I started attaching it to the frame. Since it stretches quite a bit across the frame, I’m not 100% sure it’s necessary, but I do.

Easy Painting Ideas For Beginners On Canvas For Super Fun Diy Home Decoration!

To begin spreading the canvas over the frame, start by placing the canvas on the ground with the frame facing up. You start in the middle of one of the long sides and attach the fabric to the frame. Having an extra pair of hands comes in handy for this part of the project.

Starting in the center, fold about two inches of fabric over the loop and seam, bringing it out to both sides and stitching every inch or so. Try to keep the fabric fairly flat so it doesn’t twist when you get to the edges. You’ll want to leave about two inches on both ends for bent corners.

Once the first section is done, go back to the other long side, starting in the middle and then going out. That’s when it comes in handy to have an extra pair of hands. I held the fabric taut on one side while Matt pulled and sewed on the other.

Do the same on the two shorter sides, making sure to pull them tight before sewing the last piece together. Once all four sides are tied, you should see that the tarp is very tight there and not loose at all. Now it’s time to fold the corners. This takes some effort.

Easy Abstract Painting: 20 Cool Ways To Hang Art On Your Walls

Take the extra fabric gathered in the corner here to make a nice fold and then sew. This will make your hips look beautiful and fresh. It’s hard to explain in words, but hopefully the photo above helps you better understand how to bend this corner. Hold the corner cloth with one hand. Slowly move your fingers closer to the corner and press the fabric together until your fingers are flush with the top of the frame wood. Then fold the fabric.

Sew the corners to hold the folds. Do this on all four corners and cut off the excess fabric with scissors.

Now you can build it and admire your work! Just kidding, now it’s time to paint: after all, this is painting on a canvas with your own hands.

Diy Canvas Painting Ideas For Living Room

Of course you can draw whatever you want at this point, but I’m sharing my super technical (read not technical at all) art tutorial on what I’m making next to give you some inspiration. Acengxi Paint By Number Fish Paint By Numbers Kits For Adults Kids Fish Animal Diy Canvas Painting By Numbers Animal Fish Diy Acrylic Painting Kits Goldfish 16x20in Living Room Bedroom Home

The curtain fabric, although thick, is not tightly woven, so if you paint directly on it, it may require several layers. You can also add a layer of primer or plaster. From the beginning I planned to add some texture to my image, so I added a layer of adhesive compound first.

I’m so glad I did because I think it really helps the overall look of the image.

With a two-inch-wide palette knife, I spread the adhesive compound across the canvas. I am very liberal with the mixture mix. Keep the lines thicker in some places and a little lighter in others.

After the putty dried, I went back to the dark blue. I just use this foam brush because that’s what I have on hand. I painted the entire canvas with a blue layer.

Simple Painting Ideas For Living Room, Modern Abstract Paintings, Hand

After the blue layer, I covered it with a white layer. Then another layer of beige white. I went back with the previous color a few times to add a little more in some areas until I got a layered base that I really liked. Then I added the ring round. I use a small brush and let the loops slip.

I didn’t like my first attempt so I went over it with beige and white and started over with the odd twist and that’s when I got it right. It is a perfect work of art.

We framed the canvas using the simple miter corner technique shown in this tutorial on framing a canvas. The only difference is that this time we used tacks and finishing nails to actually attach the canvas to the frame instead of letting it sit snugly.

Diy Canvas Painting Ideas For Living Room

We used a combination of these two effects that I found at Home Depot. Apply the Special Walnut stain first, then Sunbleached.

Large Painting On Canvas, Living Room Wall Art Paintings, Acrylic Abst

In the photo above you can see the Special Walnut before adding Sunbleached to the bottom. Above, a sunbleached varnish is applied to a special walnut stain.

I am very excited about what happened. This painting is so perfect in this space and I think it lifts the whole room.

It’s one of those things you don’t know how much you need until you have it.

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Simple Acrylic Wall Art Painting Ideas For Living Room, Original Moder

I’d love it if you shared it on Pinterest or Instagram. Can you follow me @. You can also send this link to someone you think might like it! I appreciate you sharing my design! Original paintings can really harmonize your home. Create your own iconic piece of art with this crafty paint project

Decorating your home can give you a chance to unleash your creativity. You can personalize a room with unique pieces, but adding custom paintings to a space can bring the entire design together and make it your own.

The good news is that you don’t have to be an artist to create your own original canvas. We’ve found tons of easy canvas painting ideas that anyone can do, and most of them look very professional!

Diy Canvas Painting Ideas For Living Room

If you have children, you can help them create a painted canvas for the bedroom. We have included several projects

Living Room Paintings And Design Ideas

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