Diy Wall Art Ideas For Living Room

Diy Wall Art Ideas For Living Room – Sharing the DIY art I have in my home to match the modern style of the decor. These 12 projects will update your wall decor!

At home, I have two pieces of non-DIY wall art. I love how I can find specific pieces in the size I want in the budget I want just by tinkering.

Diy Wall Art Ideas For Living Room

Diy Wall Art Ideas For Living Room

When I work in the living room, sometimes I have art that I know I want to do, but most of the time… I draw big things in the room and think about what kind of art would bring it all together. ..then I start doing it. This works great for me, but I know it takes a little bit of thought first so you can think of what might fit your space better.

Diy Large Wall Art And Winter Landscape Printable

I also like to think about other things in art. I don’t like having all the designs for my bedroom, I like to mix things up. So in this article you will have different ways to play!

Check out all of my budgeting tips for a DIY room renovation so you can focus on the DIY, not the dollars.

So if you need artwork for your home, this article will be a great source of inspiration! If you love DIY projects…they’re also so much fun!

So, in this post, I am sharing 12 DIY crafts that you can try at home.

Easy Diy Wall Art Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

These are very popular right now and you can order posters or buy printables but with 3 needed at this point you’d be paying $40 to print and add setup costs to a number I wasn’t comfortable with when I knew I could do it myself.

I have a complete DIY tutorial for this wood picture frame, I used scraps of wood a friend salvaged from a wood burning fireplace, a lamp, wire rope, ink, and dollar sign boards. The frames are also IKEA, so I was able to get this set of three crafts and two pencils for under $100. Check out the full tree ring art here!

Next up is my favorite brush letter canvas! I always get asked where I got this from and it is definitely DIY. I have a full blog post and video post

Diy Wall Art Ideas For Living Room

I also made a special effort to get this style directly into the letters. These types of modern lettering are very modern and are good for other simple designs.

Diy Wall Art Projects To Spruce Up Your Space

I love to deliver messages and have done it myself. If you want to start brush lettering, this is a great place to start! But if you are not feeling confident, you can always find the font you like and draw it on the canvas before using the paint to erase the letters.

This is also very cheap – I get this great board from Jysk and they come up on sale quite often. I think the regular price is $25, but I bought these for $15.

The letter is made with acrylic paint with a brush and then mounted on a craft stick (like this one). Since I put this board up for sale, it cost me about $35 in total with the card. Check out the full tutorial here.

I’ve made quite a few cookies now and it’s so much fun making and packing little boxes or boxes. I made it with no real knitting experience (I did knitting in elementary school, but can we account for that?). So if this scares you, it’s really for beginners!

Cheap Diy Wall Art Ideas To Decorate Your Home

This program is also cheap, in fact the video tutorial I did for this project is part of a Dollar Store DIY challenge, so everything is from the Dollar Store! This means that it costs $20 to make! Watch video lessons here.

This large canvas in the dining room is my favorite. I’m sure it looks like a big picture frame. But in reality, it’s a picture of my kids running around on the beach (you can see all four if you look closely!). Instead of simple things you can find online, these are handmade prints that are just for you (and your loved ones!).

If you want to try something similar, the next time you go out to a place you think would make a great photo, go as far as you can from your kids, your dog… whatever and take a picture!

Diy Wall Art Ideas For Living Room

So, to keep it cheap, it’s also a Jysk image, and I printed the image as a Staples printer. They don’t like it when you do that, but there are no rules.

Pretty Diy Wall Decor Ideas

I used spray paint to protect it, then a light coat of spray paint to set the picture. I designed it with handcrafted wood and simple designs.

This cost me over $100 and I’ve had my fair share of painting and decorating as well as painting. You can read more about this complete DIY room feature post here!

The handmade shibori faux art was easy to make, the fabric is dyed but also the raw edges make it a beautiful piece of art that looks good up close but from a distance the colors have been shifted just enough to look like it’s in our green grass. the kitchen

I made this with the fabric I had in my collection. It is white or cotton cloth. I made my shibori out of cardboard and yarn, but then simply drew them plain in my hole punch to speed things up and avoid a mess. I made it in the form of a Michaels float (for coupon use, of course!).

Metal Wall Clock Large Modern Diy Home Wall Art Decor Crystal Round Living Room

This cost me less than $30 considering the frame and the two stained colors I used. Check out the full tutorial here!

I love the macrame look in home decor and it’s so much fun! It brings a lot of elegance to the space but still stays within that neutral palette which I love. Macrame works well on dark-colored walls like this one, but it also works well in light-colored spaces.

Although there is no specific tutorial on a large wall hanging, it only consists of 4 nodes. I have a basic macrame knot tutorial here where you can learn to knot and maybe how to make a bigger one.

Diy Wall Art Ideas For Living Room

I have a simple macrame wall hanging tutorial for this little piece that is also the first part of a large macrame wall hanging! look here.

Wall Decor Ideas To Refresh Your Space

This art is a great example of finishing off a room and I think it *needs* something, so think about what goes with the space. I loved the master bathroom’s light grays and black fabric and wanted to go all out.

The float pen is cheap from Michaels and I painted it matte black (it’s actually the glossy black plastic).

I have watercolors and papers around all the time plus pencils, so this cost me under $20 online (with coupons, of course!). You can find the full DIY here!

I installed this part of our dining room last home and it’s now on the bottom wall. I love how simple it is but still very chic and elegant. This one is in an IKEA range and is just all-purpose paper and then inked with a brush or brush pen that gives a similar texture (I did this many years ago, can’t remember for sure). It cost me less than $20 because I have the supplies, but if I buy the stationery, it’s $25.

Easy Diy Art

If you haven’t tried brush lettering yet – it’s so much fun, you can find a free brush lettering tutorial to get started here to see if you like it! And if you do… you can do a lot of things for your home 😉

Because I love mixing textures and patterns, I love that it’s not made art! Wall flags add a natural feel to a space and can be handcrafted for any type of statement or image that matches your home. I made one for my friend’s nursery with Winnie the Pooh that I mentioned and made this for the kids to play with.

I handwritten them on my iPad, then cut out the letters with Cricut to stamp them. If you’re not using hand-drawn fonts, you can do the same with any font you want to look at! There are some great handwritten fonts out there – here are some of my favourites.

Diy Wall Art Ideas For Living Room

It was done on

Best Diy Living Room Decorating Ideas And Designs For 2022

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