Easy Paper Craft Ideas For Home Decor

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With some paper and scissors, you can make these great DIY paper craft ideas! Get inspired by seeing the amazing things you can do with paper with these easy paper craft ideas!

Easy Paper Craft Ideas For Home Decor

Easy Paper Craft Ideas For Home Decor

You can do so many things with paper – from crafts for kids to beautiful centerpieces and wall art for your home, to decorate birthday parties, wedding ceremonies and even weddings.

Construction Paper Crafts For Kids To Make

Paper is one of the most versatile building materials and there is so much you can do with it! I even wrote a book about making entire themed parties out of paper!

I’ve made some great things out of my Cricut machine and some paper and want to see what other knitting minds are doing with cardboard and their creations.

These paper craft ideas range from simple to very complex, but with each blogger’s step-by-step instructions, I know you too can make these amazing paper craft ideas!

Umm, almost everything! Paper has so many uses and it’s amazing what some of these bloggers can do with a little bit of paper and creativity!

Paper Crafts For Tweens To Make

My favorite cardstock for paper crafting is Bazil cardstock, but other cardstocks work just as well. Some of these crafts use a Cricut machine, but good old fashioned scissors will work for many! Do you need help with your cricket? Get started with the MyCricut BasicsBook!

Click on the original resources to see how you can make each of these fun paper craft ideas!

These giant paper flowers are one of my favorite paper crafts! You can make these with a Cricut machine or by hand using my free template. These are perfect for a statement backdrop for parties or for home decor.

Easy Paper Craft Ideas For Home Decor

This ombre fall wreath is an easy project for crochet beginners to get their feet wet with your machine. No cricket? No problem! Damask Love shows you how to make this craft step by step, with or without a sewing machine!

Paper Crafts For Kids That Are Perfect For An Afternoon At Home

This colorful paper hot air balloon from I Heart Crafty Things is an easy kids craft that’s perfect for those long summer days. Make it into a card or party decoration for the final touch!

My 3D Paper Stars Using Cricut Scoring Wheels is an easy craft idea that you can use for many occasions – Christmas, Fourth of July, birthdays and more! Just adjust the paper color to make the program successful and get creative!

The Oh Deco Leaf Ornament is a quick paper craft that you can make in 30 minutes or less. With a few simple craft supplies, you can adapt it to use as a photo backdrop or party decoration. Perfect for luaus or jungle themed parties!

Mama Eh’s fruity bookmarks add a little fun to summer reading! Make paper crafts this summer afternoon and sit in the sun with a good book! Lemonade in hand!

Easy Craft Ideas

Create a three-dimensional picture frame with a sheet of paper and some cutouts and scrolls. This super easy craft from Kitchen Table Class is so adorable!

My patriotic paper lanterns can be made in any color to add a little DIY to your BBQ or backyard picnic! Use them to light up your patio or create a festive summer centerpiece.

Make the perfect gift for friends and family with these Christmas light boxes from Dala Craft Love. It also makes a great Christmas wreath to hang on a mantel or fence.

Easy Paper Craft Ideas For Home Decor

This paper ball garland from Easy Pacy & Fun is perfect for birthday party or Christmas decorations, or just a fun afternoon craft to make! All you need is some paper, scissors and glue to make this paper craft!

Easy Kid’s Paper Craft 15 Fun Ideas For Paper

You can use your scrap paper to make a patterned paper garland. This fun paper wreath from Kingston Home can be adapted for any season!

These butterfly decals from Best Ideas for Kids are perfect for simple artwork or wall decor for a nursery or butterfly party! You can choose from three templates to choose your favorite.

I love succulent plants because they are easy to grow and low maintenance compared to regular house plants. These paper succulents are even easier to care for and look just as good as the real thing! Find a full tutorial on how to do it on my blog.

Add a little DIY decor to your home with these heart-shaped paper Christmas trees. I Heart Crafty Things made these with my kids for Valentine’s Day, but they would be adorable for Christmas, summer, and even fall! They turn out great and have a step by step video to show you how to bring them to life.

Best Tissue Paper Crafts For Kids In

Summer is in full swing, which means more ice cream lights! This Crafting With Joy Paper Ice Cream Sign is great fun for ice cream parties, birthday parties, or just a fun afternoon of crafts! Just sprinkle!

Mix and match colors when making this DIY paper geode garland by Lee Griffith. With a sharp knife and a hot glue gun, you can make your own paper geode garland using your favorite colors of paper.

Paper snowflakes should be one of the first crafts! These giant 3D paper snowflakes take your favorite Christmas craft to the next level. Cut them by hand or use a cutting machine to make your holiday decorations even faster.

Easy Paper Craft Ideas For Home Decor

Give a lovely gift with this DIY paper strawberry box from Red Ted Art. They are so easy to make and they are absolutely adorable to give to a friend!

Paper Giraffe Craft For Kids

Homemade Happiness gave the whole paper flower affair a new twist with their heart-shaped paper flowers. These can be a great DIY gift idea or can be used as a base for your kitchen table.

Turn everyone’s favorite dessert into a paper craft with this Happy Hooligans idea. Her paper fortune cookies can be a unique way to deliver Valentine’s Day cards, announce a pregnancy, or send a special message.

This papercraft idea is very easy if you use your Cricut or other cutting machine. I love that you can make these holiday pumpkins in non-traditional fall colors. Get the Pumpkin!

Make this adorable paper card with a shirt for dad for Father’s Day! This is an easy craft for kids and makes a great gift they’ll love!

Easy Paper Plate Crafts For Kids To Try!

Making paper chains is one of the old school paper crafts to commemorate a special occasion or event. Check out the little (and cutest) paper chains made as cake toppers Oh Happy Day!

I love these geometric paper bowls from The Craft Patch. This would be a great addition to any craft room to store all those little items. Talk about fun and functionality!

A soft cut elevates simple paper roses. These patriotic roses can be made in your choice of colors for a decorative and elegant pop.

Easy Paper Craft Ideas For Home Decor

Add a unique backdrop to a wedding or baby shower with this paper wisteria. Take the template from Catching Colourflies and make this adorable paper craft!

Diy Crafts For Adults

This colorful rainbow garland made from ice cream off paper plates is super easy! All you need is paper and scissors to make this fun DIY.

This little tea cup makes a great gift for bridal parties and it’s so simple to make. Make Life Lovely shows you how to make this paper party adorable in less than 10 minutes.

My floral paper wheels spin on traditional paper wheels. They make great decorations for parties and weddings. You can even use it in a big kid’s room or nursery to add a cute touch!

See how One Little Project made this adorable web (and spider) for an easy and fun Halloween decoration! ,

Glitter Paper Wall Hanging Ideas

These are the perfect winter decorations for your little one’s bedroom, plus they’re super easy and fun!

Here in Michigan it is still hailing in late February, so my kids are excited to hail on March 1st.

Sunflower Tip: Stay fresh, stay sunny and stay beautiful. Spread the seeds of happiness. rise, shine, and lift your head

Easy Paper Craft Ideas For Home Decor

We painted this quote on Casey’s bedroom wall and I hope one day she gets to live with it…

Diy Wall Hanging Ideas To Decorate Your Home • K4 Craft

This paper sunflower craft was a great addition to her room. They’re cute, easy to make, and can even be used for homemade cards!

Grammy received this sunflower craft in the mail on Mother’s Day and hung it in her home. it won’t disappoint you

Let’s face it, sometimes we have to give in to our little whims, especially if we want to do something other than stare at the TV, iPad, computer or cell phone.

I let my kids choose the emoji they wanted to draw directly on my phone and we started creating.

Easy Origami Crafts — Gathering Beauty

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