Essential Oil Blend For Sleep Young Living

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I mean, what mom doesn’t love a good night’s sleep after a long day of being a mom?!

Essential Oil Blend For Sleep Young Living

Essential Oil Blend For Sleep Young Living

But I, like many others, fall prey to waking cycles of toddlers needing to pee, baby teething or, even worse, a terrifying sleep regression. I can’t stand sleep regression; They drive me crazy.

What Should I Diffuse At Bedtime? 9 Essential Oils For Sleep And Calm

I have occasionally used oils over the past year to help my daughters sleep. Honestly, the only reason I haven’t used it consistently is probably just laziness. You know, sometimes when the jar is empty of my secret potion, I get lazy and forget to make another one.

But after a few weeks of terrible sleep due to sleep regression, I knew it was time to release the magic again. This time I tried a new recipe with new oils I had on hand and so far I love it! Two weeks ago my almost two year old was frequently waking up in the night asking for her cup and (knock on wood) since we started our fat routine we have noticed a drastic improvement! They even slept better after using this greasy recipe.

There are many oils to help with sleep issues, and even a baby oil specifically for sleep (which is on its way to me), but I had success with this simple recipe!

I love mixing our oils in miniature jars because they are easy to apply and beautiful. It’s easy to grab a dab to rub your little one’s feet and spine, and with the tight suction of a good mason jar, it’s very childproof for curious hands.

Young Living Freedom Sleep Collection: 4 Essential Oil Blends

Easy peasy and I noticed a drastic difference in better sleep. The biggest benefit of essential oils is simply to chart your course and *remember* your routine and create new habits.

Want to try essential oils or join Young Living? You can join my team today using this link or number 2034495 as your registration/sponsor ID. Join my Mushy Mommy team today and together we’ll embark on a healthier, more natural journey! I love the combination of Stress Away and lavender essential oils to help me relax before bed so I can get a good night’s sleep. My favorite way to loosen the oils is to put a drop of each oil on my wrists and behind my ears (I know that sounds weird, but the oils can get into the body quickly!).

Other ways to use this combination… can be diluted and placed in a roll-on bottle for easy application, can be applied to the soles of the feet or even turned into a pillow spray! Of course, you can always put them in a diffuser 30 minutes before bedtime. As a bonus, your room will smell good as you sneak into Dreamland!

Essential Oil Blend For Sleep Young Living

I love that both of these oils are part of the Premium Starter Kit, by far my favorite oil kit if you want to dive into the world of Young Living Essential Oils!! Good night sleep tight!

Sweet Sleep Essential Oil Blend

Stressed and on schedule | Essential oil recipe sleep dust and oils – the secret to perfect sleep! Wool dryer balls | Essential oil recipe wakes me up! | Recipes with essential oils Essential oils are powerful allies in the search for a good night’s sleep. Follow along as we find a calm and consistent bedtime routine, complete with a few sleep diffuser recipes. Here are 15 tips to help you sleep longer with essential oils.

If you’re reading this, I can almost guarantee you know someone who suffers from sleep deprivation. If you or your kids aren’t getting enough sleep, you’re in good company. The CDC study shows that 1 in 3 Americans do not get enough sleep. There are several reasons for this, and we would like to help you ignore this statistic at home.

You and your children can benefit from a routine where you do the same thing every night before bed. This gives your body signals to prepare to relax and start relaxing before bedtime.

It’s okay if you can’t keep track of the exact time every night. But once you can stick with it, you will notice that you and your little ones really respond to the familiar steps to a good night’s sleep.

Sleep Essential Oil 6 Set

Your home should be a haven of peace where the whole family can rest well. There are a few things you can do that will make a huge difference to a good night’s sleep.

Try lowering the temperature in your home before you go to bed. This actually signals the body to prepare for rest. Even a few degrees can tell your body that we are ending the day and getting ready for a nap.

Limit screen time before bedtime. Disadvantages of using electronics for reading or entertainment just before bedtime include more time to fall asleep, less restful sleep, and increased fatigue upon waking. It’s just not worth your rest. Turn off the devices!

Essential Oil Blend For Sleep Young Living

Increase sleep with essential oils. Diffuse oils that promote a good night’s rest. Here is a good choice to promote healthy sleep:

Snug As A Bug: Essential Oils For When Your Kids Go To Sleep

Essential oils can help you relax, forget about daily worries and calm your mind. Try one of our sleep recipes below or create your own sleep combo!

Spend some money on a comfortable pillow. Your pillow needs will vary depending on whether you’re a side sleeper, a back sleeper, or one of those crazy stomach sleepers (we have several in our family!).

My husband and I swear by the pillows. They really help me balance my head and feel refreshed in the morning. (Prepare to love them and take them everywhere! We brought some of these on vacation because my husband just couldn’t sleep on hotel pillows. True story!)

These pillows are great for side sleepers, but would be too firm for back sleepers. Only you know best what type of pillow is best for you.

Essential Oil Blends For Every Need — Cardio Coffee And Kale

Prepare a dose of good night spray for a good night’s sleep for the whole family and use it to spray bedding and pillows to set the right tone before bedtime. Some parents even spray it under the bed of their toddlers to help them brave nighttime raids.

It is important to prepare your home, your mind and your body for sleep. The next set of tips focuses on preparing your body for a night of rest: 8. Treat yourself

A pleasant, warm and relaxing lavender milk bath can be a valuable part of your bedtime routine. The milk will nourish your skin and get rid of your worries.

Essential Oil Blend For Sleep Young Living

It’s not only hygienic, it’s scientific! Washing your face with cold water before bed can actually signal your body to rest. It’s true.

My 21 Favorite Deep Sleep Diffuser Blends

Why not take the opportunity to beautify your face while you’re at it? Use our facial cleansing foam to cleanse and beautify as you get ready for bed.

It sounds a little crazy, but my husband swears by it. Follow these simple steps to fall asleep faster and get a good night’s sleep. Does it work for you?

Wearing socks to bed can trick your body into sleeping better. So cover your feet and maybe try a pair of these deliciously soft faux socks for a little extra softness under the covers. (Don’t miss the Sleeping Feet recipe below!)

Your site is ready to sleep. Your body is ready to sleep. Now focus your mind and thoughts on getting a good night’s rest. In fact, do not focus on anything.

Large Lot Of Young Living Essential Oils 19 Bottles

Sleep is best for those who are able to get rid of all their restless thoughts. Anxiety can prevent you from fully relaxing. So follow Elsa’s advice and let it go!

Lullabies aren’t just for babies. Music has been proven to help people relax and sleep. Just pick something without text that isn’t too exciting. This song is our favorite Beethoven family song. (I don’t know how musicians can play that without snoring!)

If music isn’t your thing, maybe you should try some white noise. My husband always turns on the fan and ventilation in the bathroom to drown out all the noises from next door. While he was on the road all the time, we bought the White Noise Machine, which was perfect for muting sounds in anticipation of bedtime. Just make sure the white noise is not too loud, especially for babies.

Essential Oil Blend For Sleep Young Living

Now that you have 15 tips on how to increase sleep with essential oils, be sure to check out the following sleep recipes…

Young Living Freedom Release And Sleep Essential Oil Collection Kit 9 Bottles

Not familiar with essential oils? Learn more about how we use them and why you should too.

Make sure you’re using essential oil diffusers effectively by checking out our complete, free guide to diffusers here!

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