Flooring Ideas For Living Room And Kitchen

Flooring Ideas For Living Room And Kitchen – Open plan kitchen design is still a very popular choice in modern homes. They allow for easy movement between kitchen, dining and living rooms and can even include outdoor entertaining areas. The latest styles and design techniques mean that modern kitchen designs feature quality cabinetry and furniture that work well with living room furniture and color schemes.

The open plan design helps unify the style of the kitchen and living room to create a natural connection between these spaces. In addition, the open design is based on separate areas for cooking, dining, entertaining and relaxing. Use design, layout, furniture, color scheme and texture to connect spaces, create zones for each room.

Flooring Ideas For Living Room And Kitchen

Flooring Ideas For Living Room And Kitchen

For cooking, eating, entertaining, relaxing, and more. The first step to creating a truly integrated first floor that fits your needs is finding a floor plan that works for your family. Start with your existing kitchen and living space design and determine what you like about the layout and, most importantly, what you want to change. Talk to a kitchen remodeling professional to get advice on the best kitchen layout for your home and family and to determine how it will connect with the surrounding living spaces.

Kitchen And Living Room With A Clean & Modern Design

If you don’t currently have an open plan kitchen, or if your kitchen is too small for your needs, you might consider knocking down or moving an interior wall or knocking down an exterior wall to create a larger space. The open plan layout brings more depth and light to the main living areas, making these multi-functional spaces ideal for busy families and entertaining. They allow you to cook dinner in the kitchen while the kids watch TV in the family room. Guests can easily move in and out of the living, dining and kitchen spaces while interacting with the host while preparing light meals.

By removing walls and creating a seamless first floor design, smart style selection and organization will help you create the first floor of your dreams. Mix and match color schemes, textures, built-in and standalone furniture and lighting. Do not leave it empty because you have enough storage space to put everything away when not in use.

For a truly seamless style, choose a single-layer material so that the kitchen and living areas are not separated. Hardwood floors look nice, but they can scratch in high-traffic areas and warp in humid rooms. Or install luxury vinyl planks that are durable, moisture-resistant and have the look of hardwood. Or choose different but complementary flooring materials to highlight areas, such as textured tile in the kitchen next to hardwood in the living areas.

One of the disadvantages of open plan design is the lack of privacy and noise levels. If your teen is having a movie night with friends in the family room, you’ll hear it in the kitchen or home office. While an open plan is great, don’t be afraid to create some areas that offer privacy. Separate them from the main kitchen and living room with sliding or pocket doors that open when you want access to the entire first floor (but close when you need quiet!). Another option is to install glass doors to separate the kitchen from the family room, which allow light to pass through and control noise when closed, or open when privacy is not needed.

Best Flooring For Kitchens In 2021

When designing an open, integrated ground floor home, it’s important to determine how your family will use the space and create targeted areas that fit those needs. This will help you keep your home clean and efficient. This means you have storage where you need it, room for important work, and a little separation between work and play. There are many ways to have a unified first floor, but divide these spaces according to their purpose.

One way to create these areas in an open floor plan is to use a kitchen island. An island is a clear focal point in any kitchen design, and a multi-functional island is often a meeting place for guests. It provides a place to serve dinner or lunch, a place to prepare food and can even be converted into a work area at home or work from home. Your island has extra storage space and can be used for special activities like grilling or chopping vegetables if you provide it with the right counter.

If you have the space and budget for two islands, set aside one for cooking or baking and one for dining. If your kitchen design space does not allow for an island, add a peninsula that serves the same purpose but takes up less space. Other zoning options include a half wall, individual furniture such as a sofa or table, or a bookshelf. They allow you to move freely between different areas, but still provide some separation.

Flooring Ideas For Living Room And Kitchen

Lighting is important in any room in your home, but it’s especially important in kitchen design. Floor-to-ceiling lighting provides essential lighting where needed in the kitchen, while setting the mood for a movie night or drinks with friends elsewhere in the ground floor layout.

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Add dimmer switches and smart light controls that allow you to change settings as you adapt to the activity at hand. This allows you to set the mood for everything from cooking dinner and doing homework to the kitchen island relaxing with a glass of wine with a friend by changing the lighting settings.

Also think about the style and materials of your light fixtures and make sure your choices complement the overall style of your home. A unique lighting device placed somewhere, for example, above the dining table, draws the eye and creates a natural focus.

Technology is another way to effectively combine the kitchen and living space while creating separate areas. An entertainment system that allows you to play music on the floor is great, but even better is the ability to turn the music on and off or control the volume in different areas. This allows you to create a quiet space in the far corner of the living room if you want to relax with a good book while the kids listen to music in the kitchen and family room.

Set up a TV (or multiple screens) where you can watch your favorite shows while you prepare dinner, or play a great game while you cook and chat with your guests. Add drawers or shelves where appliances can be safely stored and loaded away from the cooking area and away from moisture.

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If a home office is part of your first floor renovation plan, don’t forget to include a quiet area. Add a separate office space with pocket doors to give your office space privacy, or place an office in a quiet corner away from the main activities on the open ground floor. Make sure this space has everything you need to load and run your devices. If video meetings are part of your duties, consider the location of the camera and the background you need for the video setting.

Combining the design of the kitchen, the decoration of the dining room and the living room gives the first floor a harmonious style and a natural connection from one room to another. Your individual functional areas may have their own atmosphere, but this will help tie them together with the overall design elements.

One way to do this is to install a bar, entertainment unit or storage cabinets in the adjacent living room that match or complement the kitchen cabinets. The latest kitchen design cabinets are quality, stylish pieces that complement any room in your home. This means that the same style works just as easily in a living space as it does in a kitchen. You can use the same cabinet style but a different finish to separate it from your kitchen.

Flooring Ideas For Living Room And Kitchen

Repeat throughout your kitchen and living space to combine patterns, themes, colors and textures. Use furniture to connect one room to another while creating a natural room divider. A comfortable sofa can separate the kitchen/dining room from the family room. Add a wooden coffee table that matches the kitchen cabinets or metal accents that complement the kitchen lighting and plumbing fixtures.

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When creating a design that combines the kitchen with the living room, it helps to choose a color palette for the entire first floor. Different rooms, such as a powder room or private office, can be given a completely different color to add personality.

In open spaces, choose cabinets, furniture, accessories and soft fabrics that match the main color palette. You can change the color of one area to another show the transition from the kitchen to the living room, but

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