Fun Home Decor Ideas

Fun Home Decor Ideas – It doesn’t matter if you live in a shared building, a dorm or a large house – everyone has that one sad but airy blank wall that begs to be decorated. Sometimes finding a solution to do this can seem difficult. Blank walls, big or small, are like a blank canvas and can be decorated in many ways. Using DIY home decorating techniques can instantly improve the style of any space. And now that we’re safely at home, it’s the perfect time to give that amazing wall sticker a try!

Below are a few DIY ideas from Anjari Ganguly of ThatYellowTrunk to give any empty wall a quick upgrade and add life to the space.

Fun Home Decor Ideas

Fun Home Decor Ideas

As an artist by profession, I have always believed in Einstein’s saying “Creature is the wisdom of happiness”, and therefore “the goal” is to me like a riddle full of fun that I hold back until it is solved with pleasure.

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My decorating style is modern with a strong use of colors, patterns and greenery. I believe in repurposing and restoring home beauty. I like to use eco-friendly materials like terracotta and bamboo in my decor. Well, I believe that a little budget and a little effort can create corners in your home.

I really love upcycling and I always try to make decorative pieces using old finds at flea markets. My love of all things creative led me to start my page “What Yellow trunk Anjari” on Instagram and create content about home decoration. Today “Yellow Log” is a 60k+ community and has been featured in many major publications.

If there’s one thing that can make us all nostalgic, it’s old photos. Why, then, does the wall create a memory? Hanging several framed paintings in different sizes and colors is the easiest way to decorate a wall. People are always drawn to a well-designed gallery wall because each panel shows something interesting. A gallery wall can feature framed family photos, themed posters, or something as simple as gift wrapping. Whatever the plan, make sure the porch is at eye level. There is no rule as to how big or small a porch wall should be. If you have a large/long wall, fill it with sculptures and voila! You have the most interesting wall decorations in the world.

Tip – Always use reusable plates in different sizes. This allows you to change the drawing times

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Do you want to give wings to your creative side? Don’t be afraid to create a wall painting using a sharpie pen or basic acrylic color from any hardware store. Wall art adds a lot of personality to a space and is a calming work too. And when home decoration becomes the handmaiden of ideas, nothing is easier than wall art.

Tip – Afraid of damaging the wall? Start your birthing journey with a small section walled off from your main living space

Another easy DIY home decor option is to add shelves to an empty wall. The opening of shelves to display books of plants or various courses is timeless. Placing the table under the tray makes the whole wall fit together perfectly.

Fun Home Decor Ideas

Fashion trends keep coming back! Two-tone wall paint is one of the trends that has regained popularity. If you are looking for home decor art forms, put on your gloves and paint a blank wall! The trick is to choose two colors with different degrees of contrast. Or just choose the brightness of the color to the bottom middle and leave the rest of the wall color.

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This is our favorite! When it comes to DIY home decor ideas, Porch walls are a clear winner! Remove possible wall tents from hidden corners of your home. Something like this can be coasters, flat bags, decorative panels, postcards, fabric, etc. Placing metal mesh grids and filling Polaroid photos adds a lot of character to your room and makes the perfect Instagram selfie spot!

Tip – Another easy way to create unique wall art is to use decorative circles to stretch and fabricate a variety of fabric. Simple and beautiful!

Who says you are an artist painting the canvas? Painting a canvas and displaying your art in a living space is as fulfilling a role as farming. Give yourself some space to rest from what you are doing. The best way to start your painting journey is to find inspiration on platforms like Pinterest and experiment with inexpensive acrylic paints.

Tip – Start by nailing the wall panels. Canvas panels are much cheaper than canvas stretched over wooden panels

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Since you can’t go out yet, why not go out inside your house instead? Plants are the most affordable way to create something in a space. They add a touch of nature to any room by purifying the surrounding air. There are also plants on the roof for DIY home decor ideas. Choose interesting plants of different heights and place them in groups in front of a blank wall. Various plants and plant stands can brighten up the space.

Hint – to add light in the group of plants focused. The shadow of falling leaves on a bare wall adds drama to the space

Decorating an empty wall is neither expensive nor difficult! The above DIY home decoration ideas are so easy that even country people can try them! Stay home, stay safe and always decorate your place! By clicking “Accept All Cookies”, you consent to the storage of cookies on your device to improve site navigation, site usage analysis, and assist in our marketing efforts.

Fun Home Decor Ideas

Allegra Muzzillo is the managing editor. He has over 18 years of experience in home design, lifestyle, food, and health topics. His work has also appeared in 1stDibs Introspective and Studio, New England House, Lonny, This Old House, and New York Magazine.

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It is interesting. Funds. Lots of lights. Prodigious Thus, the eclectic approach to style challenges a multitude of masters that reflect its nature. Of course, color and texture, old and new, high and low, is a confusing mix of different readings that allow your unique personality to shine and the freedom to think outside the box. But if you think that this free style is the “go-to” for everyone, think again. It is also important to decorate someone from soft.

“It’s all about mixing, matching and contrasting,” says Decorist designer Emerie Forehand. Although his sensibilities are based on no narrow approach to home decor (he sees possibilities in whatever he wants), “there is a method to the madness,” he says.

Emerie Forehand is a Chicago-based interior designer who works with the electronic design company, Decorista. She likes to use vintage and reclaimed pieces in her projects, and often finds great things through thrift stores and flea markets.

Additionally, not only does an eclectic interior design provide richness and abundance, but it also offers a beautiful predictability that easily translates into all other styles—but its mobility can leave room for error. “Start by following the rules—until you feel comfortable,” warns Forehand.

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Eclectic design is a celebration of contrast, which includes a dynamic marriage of furniture and decor from different movements, styles and eras. The eclectic interiors are also very deep, but exquisitely arranged and harmonious;

Make your space unique: check out the following 15 home decor and get eclectic ideas and tips from these charming interiors.

The color of the neutral walls – white and whisper-grey – immediately establishes another success, as can be seen in this wonderful and eclectic living room. Here, neutral white acts as a blank canvas where one can freely add, subtract and easily see the results. In front of the hands a palette of “black, emerald green, bright coral” suggests, so that “tones of wood and copper appear.” Wood is the main palette and start upholstery, clothes, and jewelry in the same way, no, shades to encourage harmony.

Fun Home Decor Ideas

To create an eclectic palette, choose one neutral color and weave in two accent colors, says Present. They can be bolder or subdued shades of your neutral foundation, or different colors as intensity.

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It is to be set up with beautiful pieces and objects with similar lines and shapes; You’ll get a consistent result, regardless of style or era. The present breaks it down: “Three different things you want to track, make one main style, and from all three you look to draw similarities.” But, says Forehand, “Opposites also attract,” as shown in this eclectic dining room (above), which aptly pairs a Saarinen Tulip table with 20th-century French chairs. Sometimes, it’s all about finding new things and seeing how they are. work

No matter how it is put together, the whole room of furniture is extinguished or is not normal, it is news. Have a plan: Start with the big pieces and build from there, and don’t miss the key

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