Fun Wall Art For Living Room

Fun Wall Art For Living Room – No one wants to stare at a blank wall all day, which is why wall art is such an important part of the decorating process. Once you start brainstorming, the rest comes easily (unless there are tons of great wall decor to choose from). From gallery walls to framing accessories and DIY pieces like large-scale photography, we’ve got plenty of wall art ideas to let your creativity shine. And where better to find inspiration than walls decorated by an interior designer? Read on to see what wall decor ideas and gallery you’ll want to recreate in your home.

A series of framed nude pictures is a natural fit for a gallery wall in the bathroom. In this small bathroom designed by Andrew Brown Interiors, warm wallpaper makes the background art even more appealing.

Fun Wall Art For Living Room

Fun Wall Art For Living Room

Books abound in this stunning media room designed by Brigitte Romanek, but there’s still room for some black and white prints to break up the stacks. He attached them to the shelf dividers and changed the direction for a measure.

Modern Wall Art Diys

A striking cobalt blue door steals the charm in this entryway from Emil Darvish. To bring out even more drama, he emphasized the paint. From the door frame and the wall, ends in a curved shape. Curves with rounded sconces soften the edges. Frames then display old posters and map views of favorite places.

Minimalist, modern interior furniture can still enjoy a gallery wall. In this dreamy coastal bedroom designed by Studio DIAA, framed prints provide a touch of art without compromising the neutral, unobtrusive vibe.

Jenny Dina Kirschner filled this living room with Cherish’s charming treasures. A picture gallery brings the entire room to life and showcases high ceilings (which means extra vertical space!) instead of cramming too much furniture into a small space.

A wall-to-wall painting creates a sense of intimacy, like you’re looking at a painting in a museum in this living room by Raji RM. The scale alone awes you, while accessible materials throughout the space soften it for a sense of accessibility.

Interior Design Ideas For Inexpensive Art—from Wall Rugs To Framed Memories

The miniatures are so cute that they can’t be hidden away in a dollhouse. Display some small framed paintings for a subtle but eye-catching gallery wall in the bedroom. Traditional golden frames are an unexpected highlight in this room designed by Jay Joo.

Equal parts elegant and cozy, this foyer by Anthony Barta is the perfect blueprint to follow if you’re decorating a formal entryway that still feels understated and comfortable. Patterned textiles take center stage (see the carpet and sofa), but they also help bring the high ceiling down to human level when hung over wallpaper.

A look at the common gallery wall? A gallery wall of antique handmade mirrors. Grouped together, these simple, eclectic mirrors work like art (and reflect light beautifully).

Fun Wall Art For Living Room

In this elegant, minimalist apartment bedroom designed by Crosby Studios, a large abstract motif is painted directly on the walls. It stretches from wall to ceiling, giving the room a more elegant and complete feel, but still organic.

Gallery Wall Ideas For Any Room In Your Home

Stacks of books in an entryway designed by Jeffrey Dungan bring character and depth to this simple wooden bench without crowding. Plus, because it’s under the console table, there’s extra space for a stunning gallery wall, an eye-catching mix of shapes, sizes and colors.

Two large canvases fill a large wall in this modern living room from AP Design House. Splashes of bright white paint stay neutral on cream painted walls while still allowing peach and navy accents to hold color in the spotlight.

Alternating frames, shapes and sizes make this experimental gallery wall of mirrors in the bathroom by Cecilia Casagrande fun and practical.

Or install two mirrors opposite each other for the effect of an endless gallery of mirrors. The infinity effect works well in modern, minimalist environments, like this bathroom designed by Kristin Fine.

Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas For Any Style

You can hang your art on the wall and make it memorable, or you can pay special attention to choosing the right background for even more impact. Here, the unique Miles Redd placed modern artwork on a classic wall for a touch of contrast and playfulness.

Think outside the box with decorations that diffuse light and create fun illusions. The most obvious example is a disco ball, which Leanne Ford makes a strong case for in a more informal living room.

When you run out of wall space or need to hide a less-than-ideal view, hang artwork in a window. Interior designer Crystal Matthews found the right-sized artwork and frame to enliven the window seat while letting in plenty of light.

Fun Wall Art For Living Room

A gallery wall doesn’t have to cover an entire room. In fact, sometimes even a small thing can make a big style statement. In this living room, Heidi Callier opted for micro-mini frames and a random composition.

Photo Wall Ideas That Will Transform The Room

Designer Juan Carretero chose a dark green color to contrast the light wood finish. And while he hung a decorative drapery on the back wall, he also introduced art by adding a small frame to the baluster.

Put your artwork in the literal spotlight by placing a sconce above it. Interior designer Jean Liu let this beautiful painting color scheme throughout the room, tempering its blues with neutral tones and lots of rough texture.

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Unique Wall Art Ideas To Refresh Your Space

A Colorful Rental Fits Every Decade’s Most Popular Color “Golden Girls” Weekend Beautiful for the Most Beautiful How to Make Your Pool House Fit Every Guest The Difference Between Condo and Condo Decor Running out of inspiration? Here are 46 wall art ideas to calm the living room.

1. Black and white images with monotone prints, featuring favorite words and their definitions, share your family’s journey with everyone who enters your home.

“As a designer, I love simplicity. Colors can affect mood more than we often realize, so a monotone or duotone palette feels fresh.” – Living Space Interior Designer, Briana Evans

Fun Wall Art For Living Room

2. Rope Art A beautiful piece of rope art can be framed and hung on the wall to add some texture to your decor. Use raw and neutral materials for a minimal yet authentic feel. (Rope art also makes a great boho accent wall.)

Best Wall Art Ideas For Every Room

3. 3D Flowers Three-dimensional flowers made of metal, paper or other materials can be combined to create a beautiful focal point.

4. Textured Art Look for artwork that includes texture to give the room a more interesting feel. Paper art works especially well. High quality designs will provide a DIY experience (without the hassle of actually doing it yourself)!

“Design is visual and textile. Bumpy, knobby or soft parts add a concrete factor and make a wall stand out.” Living Space Interior Designer Courtney Marquez

5. Botanical print art with plants and flora shows your love for greenery and adds a sense of light to your home. Choose the type of plant for the desired mood, where it grows; For example, palms will feel tropical! To make your home decor attractive, plant real plants with the same plants on the floor.

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6. Group your images Choose smaller line art or paintings than usual and group them together to create a unique talking point. As they say, the best things come in small packages. Collections of small wall art will draw visitors for closer look and better understanding.

7. String Art It’s Back! String art is making a comeback, and that’s a good thing. These intricate designs add symmetry and elegance to your space.

“The intricate details of string art draw you in, it truly is a work of art. The more you look at one of these pieces, the more you see; this is the type of wall art that is sure to captivate your guests. will do.” – Living Space Interior Designer, Briana Evans

Fun Wall Art For Living Room

8. Mirrors Mirrors reflect light and make your room appear larger by placing a mirror on the wall. Bonus points if it’s in a nice frame! (Make sure the mirror faces the window to maximize glare.)

Wall Decor Ideas To Transform Every Room In The House

9. Tone-on-tone art that uses subtle tones can be effective without overwhelming a room. Look for neutral colors to enhance any space.

Looking for something special? Choose framed canvas art with a fun color palette to spice up your decor. Transform a family room into a modern living room by placing a large canvas on a coffee table.

“If you need to decorate a wall quickly, canvas art is for you

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