Glam And Unique Home Decor Ideas

Glam And Unique Home Decor Ideas – Glamor style is drama and elegance. With shimmering materials like lucite, crystal and shimmering metallics, this design style is nothing short of dazzling. If you’re looking for a high-impact style with a sophisticated vibe, but with plenty of rich textures and intriguing patterns, then glam is for you. Glamorous spaces are more refined and sophisticated and often make very bold statements. Overall, they are good for fun, with a very elegant and thoughtful approach. Glamorous bedroom design can be implemented in different ways. They can be sophisticated, with hints of glitter, or full-on, over-the-top glitter with floor-to-ceiling opulence! And the materials, color palette and specific furniture you choose can help set the glamorous tone you want to create. Looking for old Hollywood glam? Choose a black and white color palette with precious tones. Want something more feminine and elegant? Mix a bright white pastel. do you like drama It’s all about jewel tones and animal prints. When placing different items, remember that you can be as redundant as you want! So mix and match these prints and patterns to create a look that’s glamorous but totally unique to you. But whichever direction you choose, glam design is a high-end style that is dramatic yet sophisticated and elegant. When it comes to the materials used in your upholstery and furniture, silk, velvet, dark wood, copper and fur will create a glamorous feel. There are so many materials, colors and variations in glam that you can really make it your own! Sofas, armchairs and beds with soft curved frames and curved, velvet or leather upholstery give the room an instant glamour. Or you can go for a more angular, mid-century-inspired piece of furniture, adorned with decadent upholstery and brass legs. You can also consider furniture and decorative sculptures finished with high-gloss varnish, or even lucite or acrylic tables and chairs! And be sure to consider adding a stylish bar cart to your elegant dining room or living room! Above the glamorous design of the room with shiny materials such as glass, crystal and shiny metal in the decor. Hang some bold large-scale pieces with mirrors and interesting frames. And do not forget about the level of lighting – because in a glamorous room you do not need only one light source. Instead, use chandeliers, sconces, floor and table lamps and plenty of candles. While glamorous rooms may have a more casual layout, they still feel more formal through the materials and style of the furniture. However, this is a somewhat demanding look. For all the shiny materials and luxurious fabrics that go into this look, it’s not the most durable, indulgent, or stylish. But the extra care and maintenance is worth it for the luxurious, characterful space you leave behind. If you’re looking to incorporate glam into your home or just want some inspiration, check out our library of these chic-faire styles. In the design of glamorous bedrooms!

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Glam And Unique Home Decor Ideas

Glam And Unique Home Decor Ideas

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If there’s one thing we never tire of seeing, it’s a great VPN. Professionals are constantly working on these design marvels, whether you need to transform a retro bathroom into a modern oasis or give a boring room a new look.

To give designers a chance to show off their favorite makeovers—and give you plenty of inspiration for your home—we’re sharing the best before and after looks in our Makeover of the Week series. Make notes for the next repair.

“Before we started, this room was very cohesive,” says design duo Sharon Falcher and Sherika Maynard of S&S Interior Design. “She already had things, we knew what she was trying to achieve, but what she had in mind just wasn’t coming to fruition. She wanted a “glam” space, but often when people think glam, they think clear lucite and silver. . … “After speaking with her, we realized that she wanted something more elevated than the typical ‘Insta-glam’ look.

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Sharon Falcher and Sherika Maynard are an award-winning mother-daughter design duo and founders of S&S Interior Design in Atlanta. Sherika graduated from Parsons with a BA in Architectural Design. Their design aesthetic is an essential luxury, and they always put their customers’ needs first.

“The biggest design challenge here was getting our client to a point where they really trusted us,” Folcher and Maynard said. “A lot of people think that because a customer calls you, they’re willing to give up power over their valuables (homes), but sometimes that’s not the case.” He really wanted something different, but he was just stuck in his comfort zone. territory What he’s used to.”

Although the client initially chose a lighter paper, Folcher and Maynard were able to convince her to choose a darker and more expensive paper in a dark blue shade.

Glam And Unique Home Decor Ideas

“Because it’s a bungalow, we didn’t want the home’s smaller size to hinder its ability to make a statement,” Folcher and Maynard explain. “We knew we needed to bring some contrast to the space, so now our client went back to the wallpaper, the room now had balance and depth. We also knew we showed her that glam can be had. So we used a lot of textures, contracts, and artwork like glass to really create a space that totally blew her away.

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Falcher and Maynard explain, “This wallpaper was our initial choice because we knew the impact it would have on the room in terms of prohibiting texture and color balance in the space. “They really anchor the room.”

“So this wasn’t our original design, we first installed a simple round glass in a thin frame,” Folcher and Maynard said. “After we put our client on paper, she pushed the glass away. She said she wanted something with a wow factor, so that’s exactly what this choice did, creating a beautiful focal point for the space.”

“We choose viscose rugs because they are so soft,” explained Falcher and Maynard. “We hit the mark because there was already so much else going on in the room that the rug didn’t need a U-moment in the space. But as wallpaper, the carpet should ground the space. After the tables in the cafe. They are sheer, allowing the navy blue rug to shine through and add a nice complement to the coffee table.” Layers of crushed velvet, cascading crystals, sparkling reflections, metallic sheen and faux fur invite you to indulge and forget about the world for a while. This is the look and feel that former clients were looking for in their newly built home. Read on to see stunningly glamorous interior design results!

The owners of the newly renovated house, former clients, wanted to bring the house to life with an air of elegance and luxury. The project was grand in scale, covering almost the entire house, focusing on two living areas, the dining room and the master suite. A design of this scale is not without problems. For this glamorous interior project, the designer had to:

Gorgeous Ideas To Design A Glam Bedroom

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The clients wanted their home to feel like it was in a magazine. Colors should be calm and neutral, with an accent

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