Home Decor Ideas Cricut

Home Decor Ideas Cricut – I’ve rounded up 10 new DIY home decor projects and tutorials to work with Cricut to help you achieve your future home goals.

If you ask me what is the most used tool in my home for home decor projects, you might be surprised to hear my Cricut. It’s so used that I can’t write all the tutorials for the projects I’m doing. definitely. I mean, look at this cute wall hanging I made for my bathroom last year!

Home Decor Ideas Cricut

Home Decor Ideas Cricut

I love adding a last minute sign for a room change or a sign for something that needs organizing. Today, I’m excited to partner with Cricut to share some of my favorite home decor projects from the past and some of my favorite authors to help you achieve those “home goals” on your Pinterest boards! I say “10 topics” but I really have grouped them into 10 different topics because it’s nice to have options sometimes, right? 😉

Diy Modern Address Sign With Cricut Explore Air 2

Check out all of my tips for budgeting DIY room decorating so you can focus on DIY instead of money.

Start with your future goals outside your home! There are so many outdoor decorating projects that Cricut can help you prepare for just the curb appeal. Here are some fun ones for you to download! This title poster is one I made in the fall and I love it! I remember the new metal house numbers, but I made them! You can find the tutorial here. Did you know you can chop wood with a cricut maker?

My friend Lindy prepared her children’s mailbox (it’s such a sweet home!) and mailed it with a “Thank you!” in it. You can find his article on it here.

Finally, a fitted rug is a fun addition to your entryway! My friend Lindy shared how she used Cricut to make a stencil of herself. I’m making mine by hand, you can watch my tutorial here and my new DIY rug here! We always get information about it from our delivery drivers.

Large Diy Wall Decor Ideas

I love places that look at each other and blend together, but I also love celebrating our children and their creativity. We started cutting rugs for our kids when they were little kids. You can see the left image (the heart) and the middle image on the hanging shelves of Old Windsor Nursery – that whale! Find the tutorial here.

My friend Erin also used Cricut to display her kids’ artwork! Create new stencils that they can draw on. Find his tutorial here.

I love to get organized, but there’s nowhere I like to be more organized than in my kitchen. This is the first photo of my perfume diffuser from our last home. We introduced this system to our new kitchen and 5 years later we still love it! This is the first Cricut project I’ve heard of. You can find the tutorial here.

Home Decor Ideas Cricut

My friend Lindy made this meal plan with Cricut. I love how fresh it looks and there is no waste when the wipe dries! You can find his tutorial here.

Make Money With Your Cricut

Speaking of cute bags, my friend Erin made store labels with Cricut. If you’re looking for a few different styles to decide what works for you, you can check it out here!

My second favorite place to get ready? Closure. There is nothing better than opening the closet and knowing where the thing you need is. And nothing happens to you!

In my daughter’s room (left), you have to label her drawers to make it easier to get her clothes out. Our family took turns doing the laundry so her older siblings wouldn’t bother her. These will stay on even with any outfit, thanks

(Just heat it with a hair dryer to prevent it from breaking). You can view the blog post on the labels here.

Custom Wall Art = Wood Words + Cricut Explore Air

We made them with pictures from our last home when our kids were too young to read (see right) and ironed them into IKEA Skubb containers. You can watch a tutorial on this topic here. My friend Lindi does the same thing with IKEA boxes in her kids’ playroom. You can see it here if you want!

Speaking of Lindy… this kit on the right in the middle photo is a DIY using Cricut! Hooks are one of the best ways to help with grips, especially if you have kids who have a hard time clinging! Discover this program here.

Once I discovered my Cricut, a project that sparked my interest was making pillows. I love changing pillows every once in a while, but let’s be honest… great pillow covers come at a price to match. Sometimes I sew my own weird pillow cover or take simple bags and make them. This is one of those episodes where I had a hard time picking just 3 topics to share with you.

Home Decor Ideas Cricut

You can find our monogram pillow tutorial and a free good night tutorial on using a flocking iron here.

Amazing Cricut Gift Ideas To Make In 2023

On the right is an order stamp that I created with my own Cricut. Do you know a cricotte maker?

I think wood paneling for home decor is one of the most common DIYs people think of when I say “future home improvement goals.” I mean…if I’m looking for it

The first is an iron-on vinyl on a wood floor. I will talk about it in this tutorial. The second is instructions for those new to drawing banners using Cricut stencils. the third? It’s fun, but I wanted to include it because I’m going to be sharing what the chalkboard looks like without chalk to keep it up to date. Find this tutorial here.

Wood signs aren’t the only signs that make great home decorations. I’ve collected some additional new designs you can create with your Cricut!

Dollar Tree Cricut Diys & Decor Ideas For 2022 + Free Cut Files!

First of all, I have an old one that I bring back to this house. It’s now hanging in our kids’ playroom – the texture is so cute! You can watch a tutorial on this topic here.

Then the plate in the middle contains evergreen cedar! How cool is that?! You can replace the rice with any herb you like, how beautiful is the fern leaf? Find my friend Brittany’s tutorial here.

On the right is an acrylic painting I made for fall. I’ve been obsessed with acrylic markers lately and have been making one forever. Find the tutorial (and free cutting file!) here!

Home Decor Ideas Cricut

Pencils, pencils, pencils! This is probably my favorite home decor project with Cricut. I had to choose which ones to show here, I also thought of this “free hug” and this “bee shaped” tree… If you’re looking for the holidays, I could have added 😉

Beautiful Diy Cricut Craft Ideas For Your Home

But let’s take a look at these! This canvas and leather pattern is a fun addition to the guitar wall in our playroom. You can find the tutorial for that here.

The medium is what I’ve made… maybe 50 for gifts and custom orders over the years. Classic sewing pen. You can find the tutorial here.

Anyway, this isn’t a tutorial for me, but I wanted to show you that you can add a layer of paint to the canvas before ironing on the lettering for a new twist on an old pen! You can see it in my bathroom screen.

Well, maybe you have some foods that you love to cook, but they are not trendy. You want to incorporate this original IKEA style into a decorative piece suitable for your “future home purpose”! Cricket is your best friend for this! Here are some ideas.

Amazing Cricut Project Ideas To Try [free Printable]

The first is the breakfast tray, which I have added a “pamper yourself” sign. I wrote this and you can find this design and tutorial here!

Then my friend Brittany made an IKEA flower pot using her Cricut. You can find the tutorial here.

Last up is this little workstation in our garage workshop. It’s pretty cool on its own, but adding a simple “miniature workshop” font makes a cute nook in the garage! Never underestimate the power of a small board!

Home Decor Ideas Cricut

While we make everyday life better… how about your table hats? I don’t make it every day, but I love how it looks on the table for holidays and dinner parties. We only had a few last year, but I enjoyed making them just for our family! Here are some ideas for pieces you can reuse.

Top 10 Home Decor Cricut Projects

First up…these wooden place cards! I snapped

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