Home Decor Ideas Craft

Home Decor Ideas Craft – It doesn’t matter if you live in a compact apartment, dorm or a large mansion, everyone has a sad but delightful blank wall that begs to be decorated. Sometimes it seems very difficult to find a solution Large or small, blank walls are like blank canvases and can be decorated in many ways Using DIY home decor can instantly enhance the style of any room. And now that we’re safely home, it’s time to give those empty walls a fabulous makeover!

Below are some DIY ideas by Anjari Ganguly of ThatYellowTrunk to give any empty wall a quick facelift and add life to the space.

Home Decor Ideas Craft

Home Decor Ideas Craft

Being an engineer by profession, I have always believed in Einstein’s words that “Creativity is the fun of making fun”, so “design” is like a fun puzzle for me and I try to solve it at my will.

My Pretty In Pink And Gold Diy Craft Room & Office

My interior design style is modern, using colors, patterns and indoor greenery. I believe in recycling and recycling home decor I like to use eco-friendly materials like terracotta and bamboo in my interior design. I also believe that a small budget and effort can create smart corners in your home

I absolutely love upcycling and am constantly looking to create decorative items using vintage flea market finds. My love for everything led me to start my Instagram page “That Yellow Stem Anjari” and create content on home decor. Today “That Yellow Trunk” has a 60,000+ community and has been featured in many leading publications.

If there’s one thing that makes us all nostalgic, it’s old photos So why not create a memory wall? Hanging several pieces of framed art in different sizes and colors is an easy way to decorate a wall People are always attracted to a well-designed gallery wall because each frame shows something interesting. A gallery wall can hold something precious like framed family photos, posters, or gift wrapping paper. Regardless of the design, make sure to create a gallery at eye level There is no rule on how big or small a gallery wall should be If you have a large/tall wall, fill it with framed artwork and voila! You have an interesting wall in the world of decoration

Note – Always use reusable frames of different sizes This allows you to change the artwork regularly

Chic Craft Room Design & Décor Ideas

Want to give wings to your creative side? Feel free to experiment and create sculptures using sharp pencils or basic acrylic paints available at any convenience store. Painting the walls adds a lot of personality to a room and is a calming activity And when it comes to handmade home decor ideas, nothing is easier than painting a beautiful wall

Tip – Worried you might damage the wall? Start your creative journey with a small wall space away from your main living space

Another easy DIY option on a bare wall is to add shelves An open shelf was a timeless trend to display books, plants or colorful curiosities If you put the table under the shelf, the whole wall will come together perfectly

Home Decor Ideas Craft

Decor trends always come back! One such trend is the two-tone wall concept, which has become very popular once again If you’re looking for home decor ideas, put on your paint gloves and paint those blank walls! The trick is to choose two colors with different levels of contrast Or choose a bright color for the bottom half and keep the rest of the wall white

Oh So Pretty Twine Crafts And Diy Decor Projects

This is our personal favorite! When it comes to DIY home decor crafts, bright gallery walls are the clear winner! Bring out all the hidden corners of your home that can be wall mounted It can be coasters, flat baskets, decorative frames, postcards, textiles, etc. Make a visually pleasing composition out of all unrelated items and hang it on the wall Installing a metal mesh trellis and filling it with Polaroid pictures will add a lot of character to your room and also create an Instagram selfie spot.

Tip – Another easy way to create unique wall art is to use embroidery hoops to stretch and pattern colorful fabric. Simple and beautiful!

Who says you have to be an artist to paint a canvas?! Painting a canvas and displaying your art in your living space is a rewarding activity like gardening Give yourself some space to let your creativity hang The best way to start your art journey is to find inspiration on platforms like Pinterest and experiment with cheap acrylic paints

Note – Start creating art on canvas board Canvas board is much cheaper than canvas stretched over a glass frame

Best Craft Room Ideas

Now that you can’t go out, why not bring your house outside? Plants are the cheapest way to add interest to a space They add a natural touch to any room by filtering the surrounding air Also, plants are one of the best home decorating ideas Choose indoor plants of different heights and place them in a stack in front of a blank wall Colorful plants and plants can brighten up a room

Tip – Add a light source that focuses on a cluster of plants The shadow of falling leaves on bare walls adds drama to the room

Designing a blank wall doesn’t have to be expensive or painful! The above DIY home decor ideas are so easy that even people with little imagination can try them! Stay home, stay safe and keep decorating your space! Okay, I’ve done a lot for this week! The sun is shining, the temperature is warm, and my kids are back at school after spring break I love this time of year, everything feels so fresh with winter behind us and months of nothing but sunshine, warmth, long days and outdoor fun. I also feel more energetic when I’m working on something inside, so there’s lots of decorating or projects to work on Today I’m sharing some creative papercraft and decorating ideas, looking back at past papercraft projects and sharing some from bloggers.

Home Decor Ideas Craft

I love using paper for craft ideas This is the easiest way to decorate your home and cut costs In addition, every paper work is always easy

Gorgeous Paper Craft Ideas

Wrapping paper, contact paper, cloth and stick paper…all can be used. Which is great because there are so many options with colors and designs I love adding paper decorations to my home at different times of the year, they add a little touch to a room without being a huge project. Add a few color changes with the paper and you’re done, ready to bring in the new season!

I used a lot of paper, I’ll just highlight my favorites After three years of blogging, I forget everything I shared or created Paper lined glassware, serving trays with paper backings, countless paper wall decorations (tons for specific holidays), I even added a faux marble look to my dining room cabinets using marble contact paper. These are very versatile and out of the box

When I visit a craft store, I almost always check out the paper section, and if I see wrapping paper with a pattern or color I like, I almost always pick it up. Although I don’t have immediate use for it, I know it will come out eventually You know, the ever-important emergency decor item Do we all have equal rights?! I hope you and some other talented bloggers enjoy these creative craft and decorating ideas. Now that my house is bright with spring decorations, I’m working outside We have many small and some big projects planned for the outdoor area People ask me all the time how to share content on my blog, but honestly…. I have a few years of ideas, improvements and renovations for my home I’ll do all of this with or without this blog, but until I get my decor fix I can share inspiration with you. Thinking outside of paper such as using paper or other cheaper alternatives allows me to offset these costs Making it a viable option for my family without going into debt to love my jewelry

So I am sharing how you can make artificial ones at home Paper Flower Video Tutorial

Of The Best Rainbow Home Decor Ideas

Don’t throw away your can of Pringles! Keep it simple

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