Home Decor Ideas For 2022

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Lindsey Lanquist is a design expert covering the latest interior trends and design tips. Over 6 years of experience in digital media. In addition to serving as a former senior editor and staff writer at StyleCaster, her work has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Byrdy, Verwell, Shacknews, Nylon, and more.

Home Decor Ideas For 2022

Home Decor Ideas For 2022

The New Year is a great excuse to renovate your home. While you don’t have to follow TT trends, it can be fun to see what’s coming. who knows? Some home decor trends for 2022 might inspire you to transform your space.

Interior Design Trends 2023: 31 Key Decor Ideas For The Year |

We spoke to 10 different interior designers to find out which home decor trends will be big in the new year. If their predictions are any indication, 2022 will be packed with stylish amenities, gaming options and luxury upgrades.

“Trends are often based on what society wants right now,” says Christine Barton, creative director and principal designer at Barton Interiors. Currently recovering from the global health crisis and economic problems, people want to embrace the furniture, lighting and textiles found in our everyday environment.

Expect to see elegant palettes, soft fabrics, and curvy furniture—indulgent pleasures like fine dining and next-level entertaining.

Ready to expand your space in 2022 style? The following home decor trends will help you get it right.

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Curved furniture makes for a happy day. Moving from linear minimalism to more comfortable interiors, our furniture becomes softer and more sculptural.

“2022 is full of rounded, organically shaped furniture,” says Kirsten Conner, chief designer of Interior Design and other designers.

“We’re seeing more curves in furniture to provide an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation,” says Barton. “From the ultra-high-end to the budget-friendly, almost every manufacturer infuses smooth lines, curves and curves into their furniture.

Home Decor Ideas For 2022

If the Color of the Year poll is any indication, 2022 should be filled with soft earth tones. Benjamin Moore chose a soft gray green, Sherwin-Williams settled on sage, and Glidden chose a pale olive green.

Decorate Your Home With 2022 Unique Trends

“Choosing the color of the year is about where we live as a society,” says Ginger Curtis, owner and principal designer of Urbanology Design. “People need healing spaces to heal and calm down.” , warm brown, soft gray.

After spending a lot of time at home, many of us have come to understand which rooms in our home are comfortable and which are not. We update as much as possible for convenience.

“In general, people want a comfortable look and feel in 2022,” says Lina Galvo, founder and chief designer of Curated Nest Interiors. – A year of renewal and renewal after 2 very challenging years.

Maximalism may be operational in 2022. “Layers and textures are all the rage right now, and interior design is usually not far behind,” says Erin Korn, founder and principal designer of Curated Nest Interiors. “Adding layers of fun to the rooms you entertain in is huge.”

Spring Home Decor Trends For 2022 And What I Love

So cover your walls with printed wallpaper, paint your trim, and play with different patterns. Decorative details like these can act as conversation starters, Koren explains – “They’ll attract friends who haven’t been to your house in 2 years.

“Green is the new black,” he says. “People are becoming more aware of how ecological or ‘green’ their purchases are.

This means reusing old furniture, buying locally, or buying responsibly sourced products. That means collecting recycled or scrap parts — something Barton recently saw.

Home Decor Ideas For 2022

Places of interest came last. But in 2022, homeowners are reinvesting in their entertaining spaces and taking decorating seriously.

Wall Decor Ideas To Refresh Your Home Interior

“Over the last 2 years we’ve moved into convenience and operations,” Koren says. But we see customers who want to focus more on entertaining friends and family. People are remodeling their kitchens, decorating their outdoor spaces, and sprucing up their living rooms.

In 2022, not only will our paint colors get softer and warmer, but so will our wood stains. “Manufacturers have struck a happy medium between very dark furniture and very washed-out gray tones,” says Barton. Warm, medium-toned woods are popular for flooring, but next year should see more “light oak” furniture and trim, he says.

Mary Beth Christopher, principal designer at MBC Interior Design, agrees. “I’m ready to say goodbye to over-bleached wood,” he says. “We’re moving in. We want comfort, comfort and warmth.

Open floor plans may be popular, but Curtis notes that people are using pocket doors to carve out more private spaces in their homes.

Interior Design Trends That Will Be Huge In 2022—interior Design Trends, Home Decor Trends, Living Room Trends

“It’s become more important lately as the importance of privacy and peace of mind has increased,” he says. Open-concept homes are “still popular” — Curtis added, adding that they’re being updated for privacy to better accommodate spaces like “home offices.”

Many of us have fallen in love with modern design. But traditional touches and antique accents are making a comeback in a big way. “Here in California, the T-walk has been abandoned,” says Christopher. “But traditional design comes from wood in a new way.”

People are drawn to “pieces with richness and history,” such as decorative mirrors, velvet chairs and tufted sofas, he says.

Home Decor Ideas For 2022

No, this doesn’t mean getting rid of your most beautiful parts. “Mixing and matching existing furniture with family heirlooms or antiques can help make a room timeless,” says Mary Maloney, interior designer and owner of Bee Mutt Interior Design.

Spring Home Decor In Our Living Room

Natural light never goes out of style. But as sunlight becomes even more important in 2022, we’re replacing once-cozy spaces (like home theaters and game rooms) with light-filled, functional rooms.

“The traditional game room and media room as we know it is disappearing,” Curtis says. “We move from the dark, dim room above to the bright, sunny space below, and the two rooms have become one.”

Texture plays an important role in how comfortable a space is, so expect more textiles in 2022.

“If it’s not right, forget it,” says Caroline Brackett, owner and principal designer of Caroline Brackett Studio Design. “For texture, that means something soft, boring, or comfortable.”

Classic Mountain Home Decor Ideas

Kim Gordon, principal designer at Kim Gordon Designs, agrees. “We see huge waves of soft shells hanging down to the ground,” he says. – It’s all about closing on your home.

As we continue to buy sustainably and locally, mass-produced products are on the way out and artisans are taking their place. “We’re seeing a lot of focus on unique pieces by local or regional artists,” Barton says.

Track handwoven rugs, handmade furniture and other handmade treasures to your destination.

Home Decor Ideas For 2022

Many of us have invested in our outdoor spaces—pools, kitchens, fireplaces, and more. And there’s no reason to stop now. “As people invest more in outdoor areas, we’re seeing a lot of updated and new furniture,” says Galvo.

Interior Design Trends 2022: 18 Top Looks From Experts

One of the surprising trends that designers say we’ll see more of in 2022? Curved furniture. “Everything is rocking right now, and I love it,” Connor says. “I

Curtis notes that the trend has been to improve furniture over the years. “If it’s done well, the rotation mechanism is completely hidden,” he says. “Until you drive it around, you don’t understand its versatility and functionality.”

As our interiors become more streamlined, they become more playful and whimsical – so expect to see people trading in blank walls for printed wallpaper.

“We’re encouraging more homeowners to jump into the wallpaper game,” says Emily Yates, owner and lead designer at Urban Revival. — We’ve installed more wallpapers than ever this year, and we can’t wait for the freight train to continue.

These Will Be The Top Home Decor Trends Of 2022, According To Zillow

Plush fabrics aren’t the only way to add texture to your space. Galvo hopes people will use “leather accents” and “advanced materials like resin” to make their homes more dynamic.

Conner expects a similar trend. “I hope for more unexpected combinations of materials,” he says. “It provides a great way to customize the home to the client’s artistic desires.”

Brown will be one of the favorite colors of 2022. Why? Many of us agree that Curtis has “a very strong connection to the natural world.” Also, it is a popular color in mid-century modern design.

Home Decor Ideas For 2022

“Brown can be somewhat counterproductive if used properly,” Curtis says. – The Browns, once beloved and now hated in the 70s and 80s, are taking a break.

Summer Living Room Decor

Mid-century modern design has been gaining a lot of attention in the last few years. But in 2022 we

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