Home Decor Ideas For Christmas

Home Decor Ideas For Christmas – It is official. The sweaters are on, the mint candles are out, the Christmas tree is up – Christmas is here. But nothing brings out the joy of the season quite like a luxurious living room. It is not only a perfect place for a Christmas tree, but also a backdrop for intimate gatherings, a fun place for exchanging gifts, and a perfect place to relax with family every evening. “Your living room plays an important role during the holiday season,” says Heather Lundervold, Christmas decorating expert at Elves to the Rescue. “Covered in beautiful deco wood, cheerful colours, glowing candles and the scent of fresh pine bark, your guests will be happily embracing the crackling fire this Christmas.”

Lundervold likes to choose a new theme for its customers every year. “Though it’s a wonderland of winter, white, silver and ice; classic Christmas wreath, red and green; a gingerbread and candy theme – whatever you choose, your guests will love the holiday decorations and you’re sure to be delighted and happy year after year.” To help you celebrate the holidays in style we’ve rounded up 36 cheerful decoration ideas for the living room – from beautiful fireplaces to cocktail tables and everything in between – that will make your space feel cheerful and bright.

Home Decor Ideas For Christmas

Home Decor Ideas For Christmas

Who said robin egg blue was good for springtime decor? Imagine the fireplace in Mary Ellen Becker’s living room and get creative with the herbs available. “Look at the greatest Christmas decorations and you’ll see that simple, organic things are often used to make a big impact,” says Ellen Becker. “Find an orange, a pearl in the fridge. Check your garden for greenery and cut off some branches.

Christmas Living Room Ideas To Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays

For this arrangement, Ellen Becker used fresh produce, flowers from the local grocery store, fresh cedar from the nursery, and boxwood branches from her own garden. She mixed antiques with store-bought jewelry to add texture and shine. Finally, a beautiful multi-layered bow can be tied, which sets a strong color accent. “I added bows made from Schumacher fabric, which luckily were left over from a renovation project earlier this year,” says Ellen Becker.

Let Josh Yöung transform his plain living room into a holiday wonderland. Here, vintage decorations show that traditional Christmas color schemes can be complemented around the world. “I’ve been collecting vintage jewelry for years,” says Young. “I love the nostalgic quality it brings to our wood and the process of collecting and finding is so much fun.”

Michelle Robinson of Modern Day Moguls wants to remind us that there are many colors in the crayon box and that Christmas is fun.

. “Since I want to look younger all year round, I allow myself to be more active during the holidays,” says Robinson. “I like to play with colors and add unconventional things like pink and orange to give them their own personality.”

Christmas Decorating Ideas And Inspiration

Focus on those earthy textures by adding touches of metal for a pastoral touch that’s small, simple, and serene, yet modern. In Nadine Noho

At home, a golden walk on the side of the tray, a bronze candlestick and a sober frame. “I like to celebrate my warm gold tones during the holidays,” she says. “Combined with a mountain graphic and a bowl of herbs, because nothing says ‘holiday’ like a bouquet of green leaves.”

Relive the past in the spirit of Frieda Gormley and Javvy M Royle at London Fields Town Hall. The couple behind Hackney House like to keep Christmas decorations to a minimum to celebrate the year-round activities that make this living room so festive. A medium-sized tree is the focus of the events. It goes well with dark wood accents and green wallpaper. The brand’s signature cushions form a playful ‘skirt’ in the shape of a tree.

Home Decor Ideas For Christmas

Suburban Pop’s Jenny James takes the same approach to holiday decorating as she does to everyday projects: “Keep it small, keep the colors, and bring the vintage vibe!” he said. “Bold colors can be fun, but to keep the space from being overwhelming, I choose bold colors and stick to a monochromatic color scheme that goes with my usual spaces (lots of oranges, even on vacation!)”

Kid Friendly Christmas Decorating Ideas • Child Magazines

The decorated aluminum Christmas tree will instantly add sparkle and cheer to the room without overloading it. “This is important to me during the holiday season,” he added.

These cute little trees – Ariel Garneau’s ongoing collection of PBQforttwo – are an old dream come true. It’s not only a unique delight, but also a master class in arranging Christmas decorations to match your current mood. But they are also right

Have you gone for a neutral living room with metal accents? Take notes from Amanda Saiontz Gluck’s traditional salon and fashion guide and elevate your neutral lifestyle with a dazzling array of gold jewelry and accessories. “Talk about sparkling Christmas decorations!!” says Siontz Gluck. “This gold Christmas tree (from the Martha Stewart collection), embellished with gold and metal ornaments, is a wonderful way to welcome guests to our foyer.” Hot Tip: Swap the scrapbooks at the dining table for some small ones for the holiday season Christmas trees and decorative ornaments to enrich the look.

Holiday decorations should reflect your personal taste, color palette and location, says Kelly Golightly. “For me, it’s Palm Springs: poppies, happy, bright colors that follow the famous Palm Springs doorway (Pink! Turquoise! ​​Yellow! Green!)” Because there’s nothing that defines Palm Springs Christmas like pink nutcrackers , peacock feathers and…” Gold disco balls. !“

Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

Sometimes it’s less, like this Andrew Howard designed house in a small country. This wreath of magnolias, kumquats and pinecones on the mantel offers a light and cheerful touch that contrasts perfectly with the monochromatic space – and will last well into the new year.

Thanks to Anastasia Casey from Identité Collective for the unexpected take on a fun color palette. “In the last year or two I’ve noticed the dirty purple trend taking over the interior design scene, and I knew it would translate well to our Christmas decor,” Casey said. “From the velvet ribbons to the pillowcases to the cozy blanket that is named after our sofa, I chose to incorporate moments of muted purple and texture while adding balance and natural things like fresh greens, dried citrus slices and lots of earth tones .” Our favorite story? The bell sets and lights are a matching muted purple.

Few things are more fun than a dedicated design project – and Bethany Adams’ latest design is a particular example of that. The star motif reverberates throughout the room with bright stars on the mantel and glowing star patterns on the pillowcase. “When I’m decorating for the holidays, I like to play with the spaces of the room—in this case, a gorgeous star-shaped lamp, burgundy silk chandelier, and copper accents,” Adams said. “The repetition of colors, textures and motifs keeps the decor fun and not overwhelming.”

Home Decor Ideas For Christmas

Ken Fulk’s cabin in Montana is proof that you can never have enough tires. Even if you don’t have a two-story open roof or aren’t surrounded by greenery, a basket full of real branches and fresh pine cones will bring the beauty of the winter forest indoors.

Simple & Brilliant Christmas Decorating Ideas

Of course, all eyes will be on the Christmas tree at Christmas, but focusing on your windows with simple hanging glass can add an extra dimension. Think of repetition as an easy, low-maintenance way to convey information. Double closets are complemented by a cocktail bar and end tables in this bedroom by Havenly.

Who would have thought that you would become so visible backstage? In this dreamy white living room in Washington, D.C. Josh Young placed a large tree in an alcove with windows behind a white sofa. Even the owner of the living room attracts the attention of passers-by, who can’t help but snap a photo in front of his red brick house, where the tree is visible through the double-glazed window. Macy’s, over there. There’s a new place in town.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to cover your house in snowflakes and mini Santas to bring joy. Havenly strikes a balance between fashion and seasonality with a mix of Buffalo classics and Fair Isle patterns.

Another great idea from: Josh Young. The artist and designer is not afraid to go beyond the red and green color theme, using orange decorations to complement the green colors and bring out the old metal tones. Animal print accessories always add a touch of stylish texture. rawr.

Dreamy Christmas Living Room Décor Ideas

Interior designer Gillian Segal makes a statement by decorating her fireplace to welcome Santa. While the large range draws attention, the cool and understated color palette never fails to impress.

Remember that decorating for the holidays doesn’t require sacrifices

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