Home Decor Ideas For Small Living Room

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Home Decor Ideas For Small Living Room

Home Decor Ideas For Small Living Room

If a small living room fills your style and becomes a space in your home that really goes unused, there are some design tips and tricks to make even the smallest room look great. From where to place your furniture to the right kind of lighting and how to use every inch of floor and wall so you don’t waste space, we’ve rounded up 10 small living room ideas to help you make the most of your space. . . Square sizes are available regardless of your room size. If you need small living room design ideas that make a compact room spacious and move-in ready, here are ten of our favorite tips on how to decorate a small living room.

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One of the easiest ways to increase space in a small living room and make the space feel that much bigger is through design. This means pulling curtains and valances closer to the ceiling rather than just above the windows. Add a few inches to the curtains to avoid awkward lengths.

When it comes to your wall art and decor, go above eye level and towards the ceiling. Design your gallery wall to reach the ceiling, or add shelving stacked in the middle of the wall. When you walk into your living room, these design strategies will draw your eyes upward and make your room feel more spacious.

Contrast higher hemlines with a lower style. From downstairs sofas and chairs to low tables and benches, the contrast between high and low designs will elongate your space and create the illusion of a larger room.

Simple Small Living Room Ideas For Minimalist Style

Rather than cluttering up your small living room with too many sofas or a large sectional, create a living area with two smaller chairs. You can create a warm, friendly, and stylish space without making the room feel smaller. Place the chairs at a focal point in the room — a fireplace, entertainment center, or coffee table — to connect the chairs to the rest of the room.

In a small room, you should avoid large furniture that can take up space, but when it comes to rugs, the bigger the better. A large area-filling rug will anchor your room and make it feel like a much larger living room. A smaller rug can feel like it’s floating in the middle of the room, making your space feel cramped and small. Not sure what rug size would be ideal for your space? Take a roll of masking tape and trace the outline of the carpet onto the floor. Choose different sizes so you can see which rug size and shape will best fill your space and make your room feel bigger.

A favorite trick among designers is adding mirrors to a small space to make the room appear larger. Mirrors add light and dimension to any room and can be an inexpensive way to create the look of a much larger space. However, not all mirrors are created equal. Since the goal is to increase space, skip the mirrors with oversized, ornate frames. These frames minimize the actual mirror and look stunning in a small room. Instead, choose a small frame around a larger mirror. To increase the reflectivity of mirrors, combine them with a light source such as a table lamp or lamp placed near the mirror. If you’re creating a gallery wall, consider adding a mirror to the mix.

Home Decor Ideas For Small Living Room

Use the vertical space in the living room for design and storage. If your bedroom does not have built-in wardrobes, you can place a floating storage unit on the wall to store your favorite decorations, as well as the TV and other items you would like to have in the room. As space is limited, vertical decoration offers more options and gives the room a feeling of greater amplitude. Pay attention to decor from the bottom up to grab people’s attention once they’re in the room. Vertical storage or shelving are great options if you have an alcove or sloping wall that you’re not sure how to decorate.

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Lighting is an important design element in any room, but it’s essential in a small space. Avoid heavy windows that block natural light and opt for curtains or curtains that let in light. Add interesting lamps and light fixtures to the room, not just lamps on the table. Brighten up the wall and add an interesting design detail to it with a wall lamp. Add lights next to the sofa or in the corner with floor lamps of different heights to brighten up the room. Don’t forget about the ceiling. A ceiling mounted lamp will catch your eye, add interest to your room, and brighten up your space.

From small tables that can be moved from one end of the room to the other, to a bench that can be used as a coffee table, seat or armoire, and chairs that can be easily moved. Move around your space, choose furniture that doesn’t stay in one place. Bar carts on wheels mean that when it’s not cocktail hour, the cart can double as storage or make room for more seating. By creating a flexible space with furniture that can be easily moved and rearranged, you’ll get more done in your living room.

A lighter color palette will make your room look bigger and more spacious, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego all colors. Instead, add pops of color to sofas, throw pillows, rugs, artwork, or connected rooms with accent walls. Keep your walls and ceilings light and neutral in a small living room to make it feel more spacious, but get creative with accent colors.

If you’re looking for a solution to free up space, avoid a big, bulky media device, and create something eye-catching, consider a floating media center. Start by mounting the TV to the wall and attach floating shelves above and below the TV. Now you have a place to hide wires and cables, plus room for extra decor and extra storage. Slide the sofa under the bottom shelves or transform the bottom shelf into a home workspace. This is a space you can customize and make completely your own.

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

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Home Decor Ideas For Small Living Room

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