How To Choose A Rug For The Living Room

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How To Choose A Rug For The Living Room

How To Choose A Rug For The Living Room

Rugs are one of our favorite ways to add warmth and interest to a room and really define a space. They help transform a space and make it perfect, but shopping for them and knowing exactly which size is right for your space isn’t always easy. Today we’re sharing a guide to help you choose the perfect size rug for your space, and we’re also sharing some of our favorite rugs!

How To Choose The Right Rug Size — Design Inside

When buying a rug, you should first consider the size, shape and layout of the room. You need to make sure that the rug is large enough to accommodate the space, as a rug that is too small can make it feel cramped. You will be disappointed, even with oversized rugs. That’s why measuring is so important.

Depending on how you want to arrange your furniture, you can choose from different options for placing your rug. The three basic types of carpeted furniture include: just the front legs on the carpet, all the furniture legs on the carpet, or all the furniture except the coffee table carpet (use the image we created below as a reference). If you want your furniture to be cut out of the rug next to the coffee table, make sure the rug is at least as wide as the couch.

Once you think you’ve decided on a design and size, you can use painter’s tape to simulate where the rug will go to help you visualize the rug in the room.

You use a very similar process when choosing a rug for your bedroom. Be sure to consider the shape of the room, consider where the door will fit in the room, and note any other furniture in the room (benches, end of bed benches, etc.). If you have a bench or ottoman at the end of the bed, make sure the rug is large enough to sit on and that there is at least 12 inches of room for the rug.

Choosing The Right Living Room Area Rug For Your Home

Be sure to measure! We recommend choosing a rug that extends at least 12 to 24 centimeters on either side of the bed.

You can also use painter’s tape or sheets to help visualize the size of your bedroom rug.

Once you’ve determined the perfect rug size for your space, it’s time to choose the rug itself! The living room is often the most popular room in the home, so it’s important to choose a rug that offers durability for high-traffic areas. Below, we’ve selected some of our favorite durable rugs to share with you.

How To Choose A Rug For The Living Room

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How To Choose A Living Room Rug

Do you like what we did with this space? Do certain rooms or spaces in your home need the help of a designer, but you’re not sure where to start?

Check out our different packages at the links below and let us start designing your dream room today! Carpets are a New York must-have, not only because they look great, but because many homeowners require them to cover their floors. Because flooring helps absorb and reduce noise, rental and co-op agreements often include a clause requiring tenants to have 80 percent of their floors covered in carpet or rugs. Fortunately, if chosen correctly, rugs not only do not spoil the aesthetics of the room, but create a feeling of warmth and texture. Plus, it’s a quick and easy way to change the look of a room without breaking the bank. But choosing a rug can be tricky – choose one that’s too small, too big, or too colorful, for example, and your space could look dated and less stylish. I spoke with Maury Weekly, owner of Brooklyn-based home improvement store Collyer’s Mansion (and lead designer and stylist for a design services company), about how to choose the best rug for your space. Here’s what we learned:

If you’re furnishing a room from scratch, Weekley recommends always choosing a rug first. “It provides flexibility because you’re not trying to match it with another piece,” she says. Visualize your ideal space: “Create a vision for your room, then choose a rug to use as a starting point.”

If you’re choosing a rug late in your decorating game, try choosing a different color than your sofa and other large furniture pieces to provide contrast. “So if your sofa is light gray, don’t choose a light gray rug,” she says. “If there’s a lot of color in the rest of the room, choose a more neutral or jewel-toned rug.”

What Is The Best Rug Size For A Living Room

When choosing the right size for your rug, keep in mind that all the furniture in the room, whether it’s a sofa and coffee table or a dining table and chairs, must fit the rug. Weakley recommends keeping at least 12 inches between the edge of a large piece of furniture, such as a sofa, and the edge of a rug.

But if you have fallen on a rug that is too small for your space, don’t despair! You can always layer it over a layer of sisal or a more neutral plain weave for added color and pattern.

Substances matter! The material of the carpet is crucial, as it affects its daily performance and the frequency of maintenance. “If you choose a wool rug, it can bleed and require maintenance,” says Weekly. “The same goes for dark plain rugs, which will show dirt. Cotton rugs, patterned rugs, and some types of antique rugs usually require some maintenance, but it all depends on the level of wear and tear.”

How To Choose A Rug For The Living Room

Living room: “The living room can be the focal point of your home, so it pays to invest in a rug that really matches your design aesthetic,” advises Weekly. For a sense of warmth and elegance, she recommends antique rugs such as kilims and Persian rugs. Plus, when you go retro, you’ll find a variety of colors and patterns to suit your style.

How To Choose The Best Rug Size For 12×12 Room

Bedrooms: Relatively neutral rugs are best for bedrooms, says The Weekly. This creates bolder and brighter bedding and brings a soothing atmosphere to your space. “For such a rich and inviting bedroom, an authentic Ben Ourain rug would do wonders,” she says.

Kitchen: This is where Weekley recommends opting for flat weaves: “They keep the usual clean lines and minimal kitchen silhouette.” She especially likes Scandinavian rugs for kitchen areas because they are easy to design.

Hallways: Since these spaces tend to have less competition for decor than the rest of the home, Weakley recommends decorating the hallway with something attractive that can also be washed since it’s a high-traffic area. “We’ve always loved the bold and colorful Boucheroite rugs,” she says. “It’s handmade in Morocco from cotton, so it’s machine washable.”

You don’t always have to choose a rectangle by default. Unique designs, such as animal skin rugs, which often appear in New York apartment listings, can add a lot of dimension and style to a room. Weekley found that less traditional shapes are best for children’s rooms and playrooms, or as a solution to non-modal layouts such as rooms with large windows.

How To Place An Area Rug In Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom & Kitchen

Above all, Weakley recommends choosing a rug that you like, whether it’s a quiet or flame rug, cotton or wool, rectangular or unusual. You can always fix it. “Some of our favorite design spaces start with a great, coordinating rug that really saves space,” she says. Check out Instagram for great design ideas from Weakley and Collyer’s Mansion.

Looking for your next place to live in New York? Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, you can find apartments in New York City. One of the biggest design mistakes – furnishing a room with too small a rug, but what size rug is right for the living room? You’ll need to find a rug that’s big enough to accommodate all of your furniture (at least all the front legs, of course). Size matters when it comes to rugs, so if you’re looking for a new rug for your living room, get one of these

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