How To Choose Colors For Your Wedding

How To Choose Colors For Your Wedding – You feel it, even if you don’t know why. How a blue house will calm you, how a bunch of red flowers will warm your heart, how a yellow dress will make you happy when you wear it.

This is because colors are tied to emotions! If you are wondering what wedding colors to choose for your big day, consider how these colors will make you feel. We’ve included wedding invitations in matching colors so you can set the scene from the start!

How To Choose Colors For Your Wedding

How To Choose Colors For Your Wedding

Choose a black and white or black wedding with big, bold color accents. (Buy black wedding invitations.)

Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas That Will Inspire Every Bride

An all-white wedding is simple and elegant, and gives you plenty of room to add a pop or two of color. (Buy a white wedding invitation.)

Only brave brides can pull off a red wedding without too much color. Do you dare? (Buy red wedding invitations.)

Show your natural style with shades of green or green mixed with bright flowers. (Buy a green wedding card.)

At one time only kings could wear the color purple. Will you channel your inner royalty by showcasing this regal color at your wedding? (Buy purple wedding invitations.)

Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Table Linen Colors– Cv Linens

Brown is a good neutral tone. Accents have a rich, clean or playful accent color. (Buy brown wedding cards.)

There is no more romantic color than pink. Even if it’s a bold, bright shade of fuchsia, your wedding is still romantic. (Buy pink wedding invitations.)

Looking for coupons for wedding invitations? We love it too! We want to put money back into your wedding budget, so we offer special deals every day. Click “apply” to automatically add the selected promo code to your cart. When you start thinking about the look and feel of your wedding, think about color: the shades you like and the shades you don’t. “Before I started designing for a wedding, I was always creating colorful paintings,” says Sasha. Once you know where and when you are having your wedding, every event party you meet will want to know the details, which means your colors and overall appearance.

How To Choose Colors For Your Wedding

Weddings are rarely monochromatic, says Sasha. “Even white has a hundred thousand shades.” You can mix white with lime green or accent it with peach to create an elegant, subtle palette – but why not stop there?

How To Incorporate Wedding Colors Into Grooms And Groomsmen Outfits

Don’t feel like you have to go with the commonly-recommended one bold color and one accent color, says Sasha. Her romantic, vibrant palettes typically range from five to eight colors and are used throughout the event, from celebrations to parties, receptions and after parties.

Get a nuanced approach to how you use color and allow for variations on a theme. For example, your wedding might start with lighter tones for the ceremony, working through different colors to deeper, fuller versions as the ceremony progresses, creating a beautiful ombré effect. These are Sasha’s favorites: “They allow us to use different colors and make every part of the wedding come together.”

It’s normal to be unsure where to start when choosing your palette. First, you need to find something that will inspire you in the creative process. Maybe it’s a place, real or imaginary: the blue color of your favorite beach spot; a colorful English garden in the style of Downton Abbey. Or mood: calm and uplifted or happy high energy. Get your creative juices flowing by spending time looking for paint at the hardware store or fabric at the craft store. “My best advice is to find an image that moves you,” says Sasha. An image can have many palette options, depending on the combination of colors you look at. Build your characters and then wait a day or two, says Sasha. “If you go back to your palette and still feel happy and excited, you’ve found your color inspiration.”

Once you choose your palette, it all comes down to using your colors. The best and easiest places to integrate your palette are floral designs (bouquets, tablecloths, ribbons), table settings (linen, tableware, dishes), lighting and printed materials – all can be used to highlight color and introduce your palette. your guests.

Which Would Be The Best Wedding Colors To Choose For Your Big Day?

If you are planning your wedding, try to establish the overall tablescape before you get too far into the planning to see your palette come alive in full color. Call the rental company you will be picking up your chairs, linens, and tableware from to set up a preview appointment where you can create a mock table on your own or with your florist. If you want an outsider’s opinion, save it for your partner and two trusted friends, max.

Once you have thought of all the arrangements, it is better to turn to someone who can be perfect for you on your wedding day, be it a hired event planner, a florist, or a trusted group of friends. Planning your wedding should be fun and exciting. Use your new color skills to create the best wedding your guests – and you – have ever attended. Choosing our wedding color palette is probably one of my favorite parts of the planning process! I went back and forth for quite some time, but in the end everything turned out better than I thought. We were only married for one year, so I had to keep a few things in mind when choosing everything.

I got a general idea of ​​the vibe I wanted by looking at wedding inspo on Pinterest and photo portfolios, but you should also look for inspiration in your everyday life! Look at your IG feed, you yourself like to edit your photos, the colors you like (in your wardrobe, home or design) and build around it! I always like warm colors, so natural wood and brown became my first colors to build around. It will also make things easier when making your flowers! Try creating a mood board with all the colors you can think of to make sure they look good together.

How To Choose Colors For Your Wedding

It’s easy to get caught up in the “light” colors that are going around today. Remember that you will be looking at your wedding photos for the rest of your life, so make sure the color scheme looks like YOU. It’s okay to be a little selfish when making your wedding decisions! However, you will want to think about everything for the day from your accessories to your wedding dress. Not only will you be standing with your party (and taking pictures with them for the rest of the day), but you may have different skin and hair colors to consider. I highly recommend going shopping with your maid of honor or both of your bridesmaids to try different colors together. Remember – you can always try to mix and match different shades to make everything look great!

A Wedding Color Palette Generator To Help You Decide

Consider your wedding venue and weather conditions. I built our entire wedding plan around our venue. Stalk the photos of other weddings out there to see where the best photo spots are and plan ahead. Are you getting married indoors or outdoors? Bright spot or mood light? Do you want accent walls or natural objects? Is it an evening wedding? The timing of your wedding is very important for bridesmaids dresses! Your bridesmaids may want to order their dresses in advance to allow enough time for alterations or delivery (some bridesmaid dresses can take up to two months to be delivered). With this in mind, you will need to make sure that the colors in your palette are easy to find and in stock at the time of year they need to be ordered. To be honest, I thought about the colors of the girl’s dress three times before I settled on the perfect shade. Swatches are your best friend! Make sure to order them so you can see the colors in real life and bring them to fittings, floral design sessions and more.

Accent colors can make all the difference. When in doubt, save yourself and play with the language! You can do this with flowers, fabrics, chargers, signs, articles and more. For all my modern minimalists out there, this is for you. Neutral weddings are becoming more and more popular, which makes it fun to play with floral patterns and accents throughout the venue. In our example, I chose a rich green as an accent. Since most of our space was neutral, we added shades of green – my photo jewelry box, eucalyptus wreaths in the chandelier, boxwood behind the sign, mixed green flowers with a hint of white flowers and pampas grass (full. Floral review coming soon!). Don’t be afraid to add a color accent and add interest to the entire wedding design. When you start planning your wedding, you quickly realize that you have a lot of decisions to make, from choosing a wedding venue to making decisions.

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