How To Choose Drapes For Living Room

How To Choose Drapes For Living Room – Living room curtains are essential for blocking out light and creating privacy. See how to choose the best curtains for your space.

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How To Choose Drapes For Living Room

How To Choose Drapes For Living Room

A statement that can be both practical and stylish, living room curtains are an essential touch that can dramatically affect the experience of your space. Curtains add color. It’s a way to create personality and continue a color or pattern throughout the room. For many people, this is especially true in your living room. A place to meet your loved ones and relax at the end of the day.

Tips For Choosing Curtains And Drapes For Your Home

Here are some things to consider to help you choose the best curtains for your living room. We consulted experts to provide advice on different curtains and styles.

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The first thing to consider when choosing curtains for your living room windows is the placement and needs of your windows. for example, “If your windows face the street, adding a privacy panel to your chosen fabric will do two things,” says Angela Boswell, “give you more privacy and brighten your room with white.”

But if your home is quiet, the need for blinds in the living room may require filtering the light at certain times of the day. “If so, I recommend sheer curtains,” says Boswell. “But if you live in an older house with heavy windows, I recommend lining the windows with a heavier fabric like velvet or canvas to block the light.”

How To Choose Living Room Curtains — Drapes And Shades Custom Window Designs, Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Also, consider what your living room is used for. Is the space primarily used for events? If so, Themes that create a little atmosphere might be what you’re looking for. Is the weekend a relaxing place to start reading? Light-filtering white curtains may be the answer. Is the room facing south and always full of light? If so, room blackout curtains may be an option.

If you’re stuck deciding what your living room needs, Abby Evans suggests looking at the natural light in the room and deciding what you want for the overall feel. Then choose your own adjustable light curtain.

“If you want a cozy and moody element, stick to a heavier material like velvet or satin,” says Evans. “For an open, organic feel, go for linen, cotton or sheer.

How To Choose Drapes For Living Room

Just like the unique features in your home. Windows come in all shapes and sizes. This means that it is important to consider the width and length of your windows when purchasing curtains.

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But that way, there’s room for your individual style preferences to shine. Some prefer curtains that graze the floor, while others prefer shorter, more practical curtains that don’t disturb children and pets. It’s all a matter of personal choice.

According to Angela Boswell, it helps to consider your furniture when measuring curtain length. “If your windows are behind a couch or other large piece of furniture, try long drapes, which are panels between two and four inches long. About a foot longer than the window.”

Boswell recommends considering your needs when choosing living room curtains. “If your curtains frame your window as room decor, the ability to open and close is not important,” says Boswell. “But if you want to be on and off every day, choose a premium style that’s easy to use (purse, gram or clutch).

Stacey Garcia takes curtain width into consideration when designing family room curtains. “You want the width of the curtain to go across each side of the window,” says Garcia. “This allows more light to come through the window when the curtains are drawn back.

Curtains Vs. Drapes: What’s The Difference?

Just like when shopping for other home decor items, the type of fabric you choose has a big impact on the energy efficiency of the curtains in your space.

“When choosing fabric for a more formal space, heavier fabrics give the illusion of a more formal space,” says Beck Burgman.

Stacey Garcia adds, “Heavy fabrics will provide more privacy, but also feel a little more formal.”

How To Choose Drapes For Living Room

Consider the style of your living room when choosing new living room curtains, as you want the curtains to be an extension of the existing style in the room.

How To Pick The Perfect Curtains For Your Living Room

If the style of your living room is more traditional, consider a darker fabric for your curtains. On the other hand, if your living room is bright and modern. Consider a sheer or sheer curtain to match the already established aesthetic.

“Once you have decided on the style of the room as well as the style of the room. You can start thinking about the type of fabric and how to hang it,” says Beck Burgman.

There are different (and often conflicting) philosophies when it comes to curtain length. However, it is important to note that there is no correct answer.

“One of my pet peeves is that the curtains don’t go to the floor, because that looks great,” says Beck Burgman. “Depending on the windows, you can start at the top of the window and work your way down to the floor. . . . I love it when the curtains stop at the smallest curtain at the top of the most beautiful floor.”

Types Of Window Treatments

Abby Evans always tells her clients to hang the curtains “as high as they can go before you get to the panel and hook the floor underneath.”

“Look at the natural light in the room and decide what you want for the overall feel. cosy, if you want a moody element, stick to a heavier material like velvet or satin. For an open and organic feel. WHITE GOODS Bind or pull tight” Abby Evans

Like the color or fabric you choose for your curtains. The length of the veil is a personal choice. The curtain lengths below will give you a better idea of ​​how you can style your curtains.

How To Choose Drapes For Living Room

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A strategy used by many designers is to match fabrics and wall colors to create a continuous color palette that makes a room feel larger. “It blends in and makes the room look bigger,” says Angela Boswell. “Hanging curtains closer to the ceiling will add to the illusion.

For a simple way to add color and style to your living room, many people use curtains as a low-risk way to add style. Stacey Garcia says, “Fabric is always a great way to bring life back into your space. “If you want the window to be the hero of the room, don’t be afraid to be bold with design and color.”

If your goal is to set your window treatments apart; Garcia suggests using color and object placement to draw the eye to the window. “Remember to choose fabrics, patterns and compliments that complement each other,” says Garcia.

Joe Human uses curtains to create contrast throughout the room. material and finish that matches or coordinates with other elements of the room for a consistent look. streams, I also advise different belts or rings.

Curtain Styles: A Visual Guide To The Most Popular Window Treatment Styles

“I made the curtains to personalize the look I was trying to create,” Human says. for example, pleats are a simpler, modern look, while pleats have more fabric, but tops can be detailed.

When choosing the curtains for the living space. Beck Burgman thought less was more in style. She recommends “using backdrops and draperies for a wow factor that compliments it, not the other way around.”

An exception to this is when Burgman uses Roman blinds. “They take up less space and allow for more ‘crazy stuff’ without compromising anything else in the room.”

How To Choose Drapes For Living Room

Design comes with “rules”, but don’t forget to have fun with it and embrace your style. Abby Evans suggests embracing your style by bringing in a bold color or pattern, or tying the space together by placing a pattern on your favorite pillow.

Blue Leaf White Curtains Living Room Ceiling Drapes 2 Panels

The comfort of the room; “We added plush upholstery to capture the sense of comfort and added a soft pop of color to the rich color of the wood paneling and windows,” explains Evans.

Adding the style elements you love will create that “wow” factor that will make you and your guests want to use the room again and again.

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