How To Choose Exterior House Paint Colors

How To Choose Exterior House Paint Colors – In Portland, Beaverton, Lake Oswego and other surrounding areas, we offer custom interior and exterior painting, wood paneling and staining, custom cabinetry and glazing, paints and varnishes, and finishes. We offer low or no VOC paints to ensure safety for you and the environment.

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How To Choose Exterior House Paint Colors

How To Choose Exterior House Paint Colors

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Trendy Exterior Paint Colors For Florida Homes (2023 Guide)

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Try one of our special coatings or Italian lime plaster. Each uniquely designed applique is handcrafted by expert finishers. If you’re lucky enough to be painting your home, you’ll be faced with one of the biggest decisions of the year: how to choose your home’s exterior color. We painted our house and you probably know that I (**ahem**) love color! But even if you don’t go for the ROYGBIV option, the myriad of white and beige options can overwhelm you. I’m here to help.

I decided not to color correct these photos in this article. Because they will tell you the story of why the color blocks for your home are the way they are. cursed. difficult.

How To Choose Exterior Paint Colors

Scroll through my Instagram feed and you’ll know right away that blue is my happy place. teal blue. cobalt. Sapphire. Navy. royal. indigo. They are all my favorites. We were destined to buy this house. Partly because the house was blue. I named one of my companies after him, Blue Tudor Books. (Below is before painting.)

When I decided to paint it, about 85% of the color wheel was removed from zero, but there were still dozens of blue colors available. Believe it or not, all of these options are on the way, and they all look different in different light sources.

We already decided on a deeper version of the color that covered most of the house. I say

How To Choose Exterior House Paint Colors

This is because house paint fades unevenly. I also have more shading because I’ve had some retouching here and there over the years. The whole family was choosing the color of the outdoor lighting during an outdoor dinner this summer.

How To Choose Exterior House Colors

Almost a year after it was on the painter’s list, paint began to appear in the garage. Ignore the front stain. The main color is Sherwin Williams.

Always ask your paint or dye professional for an 8×10 inch paper sample like the one pictured above. (This is a free service for our color consulting clients.) Larger paper samples avoid the waste that comes with small paint buckets that suddenly run out anyway.

After choosing a color from the paper sample, take a paint sample or a small pint of paint and apply it all over the house! The lighting is different on each side of the house, so look at the patterns painted on each side. Painted samples must be at least 2 square meters in size and painted in a square shape with clean edges. Your eye will naturally prefer carefully painted color patterns to other superficially applied patterns.

And I am! I didn’t think about this blue being hot. It felt very Caribbean. It looked tropical. It may work in some areas, but this “hot” blue felt very out of place in a very traditional neighborhood.

How To Choose Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home

No, you shouldn’t try to please others at the expense of your own happiness, but there’s something to be said for adapting to your fellow man. I didn’t feel well.

So when one wall is painted, one child asks to keep the color, but the other child and the husband agree that it should be changed.

This blue is strong but doesn’t feel dark and heavy and doesn’t lean towards green on one side or purple on the other. There are people taking pictures here.

How To Choose Exterior House Paint Colors

Choosing just one color for a room will make people numb. Choosing an exterior house paint color is 10 times more daunting because it has a much larger surface area. A small 10×12′ room with 8′ ceilings can only cover 352 square feet (windows, doors and ceilings are not allowed). If you don’t like your selection, you can always repaint it.

How To Choose The Exterior Paint Colors For A House?

On the other hand, a 2.5-story (two-story with attic) house can be 2,800 square feet (considering exposed areas such as windows, doors, and brickwork). This means 8 times more color and 8 times more pressure.

This photo has not been retouched to give you a true idea of ​​how each color might look at different times, dates and locations. This is the actual color change that the camera lens actually captures. when the light changes

Professional photographers call sunrise and sunset the golden hour, perfect for capturing people and landscapes in soft, pale golden hues. Well, there’s also the high glare of midday, the dreary gray of a rainy day, the blue of a bright snowy winter’s day, and the colors that sadly deepen as the sun goes down. The paint on your house changes color throughout the day, just like everything around you.

What color do you choose? In fact, there are many different colors. Choose blue and everyone will like it.

Tips On Choosing Exterior Paint Colors For Homes

The technical term for color change in different light is metamerism. I wrote it here and showed it in the paper color swatches above. To avoid the mistakes caused by this ugly discoloration, you should not:

It really made my heart happy. But that’s what happens when the commission. Customers do this too. They are attracted to bold colors, but then avoid them because they think they are not acceptable. Whatever “safe” color seems to you, take it a little higher (deepen or lighten) and make sure it’s a color that actually lights your fire.

Hubby wasn’t happy with my second color choice until the house was completely painted. He said he wanted more gray.

How To Choose Exterior House Paint Colors

Three paint colors are available: body color, trim color and accent color. In this case, our windows and trim provide a white color and the Tudor “timber” is a light yellow color that provides a third color. Brick and stone add more color. Our painter wanted to emphasize some dots with black, but it felt forced.

Glen Burnie House Painters

Design rules are made to be broken. With just 2, 4 or 5 colors you can get a great exterior color scheme.

In the middle of the job, we made major changes and asked our painters to paint the sunroom. It’s cozy inside, but there’s always the odd little extra room that seems like a knock-on from the previous owners. By overlaying aluminum siding in the same color as the stucco, it now feels like part of the structure. Small change, big difference. If you have a mismatched shed or porch, paint it the same as the main house. You will be surprised how you can combine your entire wealth. The window sill is still the third material, brick. to them

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