How To Choose Rug Size For Bedroom

How To Choose Rug Size For Bedroom – I am often asked how to choose the right size rug for under the table, under the bed, in the doorway and just about anywhere! And while we’re on the subject, I believe in one design rule – you have to choose the right size rug for your space! I have an old blog post about choosing the right size rug (HERE) – hey, even Joanna Gaines went from choosing the smallest rug to the right size rug for the size of the room and furniture. Let me show you some of my tips from some of the previous renovations I’ve done.

In renovating my sister’s room, I actually tried two different rugs! The photo above is the 8×10 charcoal rug that I originally ordered but wasn’t around when I had to take a picture. So I drew a picture of a light rug that is 6×9, smaller than the space, it’s fun to see the dark and light legs.

How To Choose Rug Size For Bedroom

How To Choose Rug Size For Bedroom

This small bedroom features a metal queen bed with this 6×9 rug. The rug fits perfectly from wall to wall! (see this mod here)

How To Choose The Right Size Rug For Your Room

This queen bed that this rug is made from is 8×10. I wish it was bigger because there is room and it also washes out all the gold floors and gold wallpaper.

For my sister’s bedroom, I did 8×10 to brighten the room and contrast the black carpet. You can find the carpet here.

For this small room we have a queen size bed here with a 5×7 and it really squeezes the whole space! Find a rug here.

Yes, we make carpets over curtains! It adds a lot to the room. I made a 5×7 in this rug in this girl’s room.

How To Choose A Rug Size

I used this rug here! Love how you draw in the wall color. (see more of these rooms here).

In this bedroom remodel, I went from a 9×12 rug to a 6×9 rug! This is a queen size bed and it matches the carpet and the room perfectly! The carpet extends to about two meters from the bed (Find bedroom updates here and carpets here).

Again, in this bedroom remodel, notice how the rug is not under the nightstand. This is an 8×10 with a queen bed. (Find room decorations HERE and rugs HERE).

How To Choose Rug Size For Bedroom

I made this recipe for my friend Amy. We tailor your rug for your living room, a great way to make a rug you love work in a small space and a great way to save money if the rug above isn’t a budget rug ( see the fix here) -Packaging HERE .

How To Find The Perfect Rug Size For Your King Size Bed, According To Pro Designers

This is a smaller room, but a good example of how a rug can be changed to fit the shape of the room. I usually turn the rug to break up the look of the bed, but this is the length of the bed. It’s also good to show how a rug adds a lot of space, especially on a rug. (Find this fix here and the rug here).

For this bedroom remodel I made a king size bed with an 8×10 rug, I’ll show you exactly what an open rug looks like compared to a closed rug! There are two options for this fix.

And again for those wondering if you should do carpet over carpet – YES! A box on top of a rug is always a great way to define a space and add a pop of color if you want! (Find this bedroom makeover HERE and the rug HERE).

You can see how we made two rugs on our porch, “so you know there are a lot of plants here”, the rug is smaller than itself. I lined it with a rug I had so that it covered at least the full width of the door. I recently ordered this 3×5 rug for the back door, can’t wait to show it off!

Choosing The Right Area Rug

I feel strongly that the front legs of your chair should rest on the carpet and the front legs of any chairs you have in place. It really pulls everything together. If it is too big, it will feel like everything is floating and not on the ground. I have this rug in our living room and while I love the color, it’s a very thin rug for high traffic areas and has edges that can be stepped on when people walk into our house (if it makes the carpet fall out faster) . I recommend a rug like this in your bedroom or you can place it in a great room that doesn’t get a lot of traffic.

I switched to this rug (I gave the other one above to a friend to trade in). This rug is a bit large, I like 6×9 in our living room, but sometimes you just have to go with rug size, so we have 7’6″x9’6″ here. This new rug is screen printed – I thought online it was a crochet rug, I was completely fooled. But for the price point it makes sense. Also when printing the screen I wouldn’t worry about it being in a high traffic area.

I really like to start by picking up the rug FIRST before choosing anything else! A rug makes such a statement and can sometimes be the hardest to find. In this family room makeover, I chose a very colorful rug because the rest of the furniture is neutral. (Find the rug HERE).

How To Choose Rug Size For Bedroom

This is a remodel done for my friend Sarah (see the remodel HERE ) and find her rug HERE . Again, notice how the legs of the front sofa and the legs of the front chair are on the carpet! I also used black patterns and curtains because it was a high-end area, before they had very bright jute fabrics.

Top Bedroom Rug Placement Tips

This home is open plan, so it’s important that everything works well together and coordinates. I’m actually trying to figure out throughout the house how it should flow properly. We are remodeling the entryway and want the carpet to match the painted front door and entryway. This rug does just that! (find the rug here).

In this family room, I used a black rug that helps define the space and contrasts the light pieces! (Find the rug HERE)

I don’t have many photos of the dining table or kitchen table on the carpet. But if you’re going to do it, a good rule of thumb is that when you take the chair out, you should still sit on the carpet. I think whether or not you put a rug under the table is a personal preference. I recommend going with a rug that can clean up any mess with ease!

I usually follow the same rules for the home office as I do for the dining room. You want your office chair to stay on the carpet when the chair is pulled away from the desk. Find a rug at My Sister’s Home Office Renovation here.

Find The Perfect Bedside Rug For Your Bedroom Oasis

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How To Choose Rug Size For Bedroom

Whenever we post a photo of a space in our home, we always get at least a few questions asking “what size rug do you have here?” I understand! Sometimes you just need a frame of reference to get started. But the chances are pretty slim that the dimensions of the room in our house are exactly the dimensions of the room in your house. And when it comes to rugs, the size of the room is the most important! So we thought with the launch of our rug line with Loloi yesterday, it would be a good time to discuss what size rug you need.

Everything To Know About Placing A Rug Under Your Bed

I’ve always had a king bed and I think when you have a king bed you should have at least a 9×12 rug – so that’s what I have. I think it’s just the LAW. Our 9×12 rug looks more like a wall-to-wall rug, covering nearly every inch of our floor. We kept it for a few years then finally bought an 8×10 which was perfect for our room size and also increased our space due to our multiple floors.

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