How To Choose Rug Size For Dining Room

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How To Choose Rug Size For Dining Room

How To Choose Rug Size For Dining Room

Whenever we post a photo of an area in our home, I always get at least a few questions, “What big rug is there?” Understood! Sometimes all you need is a framework to get started. But the dimensions of the room in our house may not be the exact dimensions of the room in your house. When it comes to rugs – the size of the room is more important. So yesterday, when we launched our rug line with Loloy. We think now is the perfect time to discuss the size of rug you need.

Our Simple Guide To The Right Rug Sizes For Your Home!

We always have a king size bed. If you have a king size bed, you should have at least a 9×12 rug – so that’s what I got. I thought that was the rule. Our 9×12 area rugs are like wall-to-wall rugs that cover almost every floor we have. I kept it for a few years and then bought an 8×10 that fit the size of the room better and with flooring around the edges it felt like a bigger space.

In general: larger rooms need larger rugs and smaller rooms sometimes need smaller rugs. Read on to find out what size rug to recommend. Bedroom Living Room and Dining Room (with rugs from our collection) We break down the guidelines below.

As you can see, many sizes are available for bed sizes, so consider the guidelines above. In particular, leave some space around the edges of your bed (about 7 inches will look clean) and on either side of the bed.

A living room is usually a very small space for people. A floating rug in the middle of the room can make your entire space feel like it’s broken up. Use the floor to place the chair on the floor. We used to have a 10×14 in our room, but now have a 9×12 and it works. We followed the first guide and carpeted the front of all the chairs to make sure there was enough space on either side of the sofa. 9×12 worked for our destination.

Area Rug Dos And Don’ts

Anyway! Our end living room is longer and narrower, 10′ x 14′ wide by 10′ wide by 8′ x 10′ wide, smoothing out the entire long room. So we took the 10×14 and put all the furniture on top of the carpet, which was really rough. Again, consider the size of your home and the arrangement of your furniture. But here are a few tips to keep in mind

Finally, let’s talk about the dining room. Although we don’t have carpet in our dining room right now. The breakfast room was designed by Rosemarie (pictured below) and is incredible for the space. Especially when it comes to how easy and practical these rugs are to clean.

We appreciate your support and are here to help. We share each layer in our stories so you can see more details and answer more questions.

How To Choose Rug Size For Dining Room

See the full Chris Chris Julia x Loloi collection at Wayfair. You can now shop at Rugs Direct and Amazon.

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How To Choose A Rug: Pro Tips On Size, Color & Placement

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How To Choose Rug Size For Dining Room

We have a long association with DIY and love to roll up our sleeves and make it happen. Projects can add space to your home without knocking down walls. for now. moreread moreread more02 01 03

How To Choose The Right Rug Size

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How Do I Figure Out The Right Size Rug To Buy?

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How To Choose Rug Size For Dining Room

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How To Layer Your Rugs Like A Pro — Porche & Co

Choosing the right size rug is a fundamental step in home design. A rug is basically the anchor of your space, says interior designer Tina Ramchandani.

When chosen and sized correctly, rugs add warmth, pull your furniture together, and make a room appear larger. For open concept layouts or multi-use spaces, rugs also help separate each area.

There are many standard rugs that you can find in your search. Based on factors such as furniture placement and room size and shape, Ramchandani recommends the following when choosing the right size rug for any room in your home.

Quick tip: Want to shop? Choose the best places to buy rugs online.

Simple Rules For Dining Room Rugs

A common mistake homeowners make is choosing a standard rug and assuming it will work in every room. In fact, rugs are never one-size-fits-all. Every home has factors to consider when buying a rug.


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