How To Choose The Right Eyebrow Color

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Find your perfect eyebrow shade! Charlotte mixed the new skillfully! Matches all shades so everyone everywhere can unlock the secret of supermodel tips!

How To Choose The Right Eyebrow Color

How To Choose The Right Eyebrow Color

Charlotte’s new shades! And supermodel makeup secrets and remixes work on all skin types and hair colors! Whether your hair is blonde, grey, red, brown or black, Brow Lift, Brow Cheat and Legendary Brows have a shade for everyone. They are easy to choose, easy to use and easy to buy!

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Find your perfect shade so you can achieve the most beautiful, full and thick eyebrows of your life!

When creating her Supermodel Brows collection, Charlotte spent 6 months perfecting perfection with her cousin, brand ambassador, creator and producer Sophia Tilbury, the Scientific Product Development Team and the artists of the Tilbury Pro Team in an in-depth color shoot explore. Eyebrow color

Not only did they look at eyebrow color and hair color, they also looked at eyebrow colors and undertones!

“It’s all about the undertones. I wanted to create lighter shades that not only match your hair color, so your brows don’t clash with your natural color or look overwhelming, but also color, so your brows aren’t tinted. . Don’t look too oily or smoky. Don’t go flushed or yellow. Or gray or blush – just natural, flattering shades! Blendable for everyone. Creates buildable and buildable shades – from light blonde to soft brown to shades between black and brown. A Makeup artist will see! Not just pretty, brown or black. I wanted eyebrow colors that darling redheads. From brunette beauties to gray goddesses! Whether you want a natural eyebrow that won’t hurt you, or a prominent eyebrow that compliment deeper, more intense eyes—you’ll find these Can play with the shades!” – Charlotte Tilbury

Tips For Getting Natural Looking Eyebrows

Brow Lift & Brow Chat Eyebrow Pencil Available at 8 NEW! Match all shades. Check out the shade details below…

If you have blonde hair, look for Brow Lift and Brow Cheat in Light Blonde, Dark Ash, Soft Brown or Natural Brown.

For light blonde beauties, look for light blonde and dark ash, or if you have dark blonde hair, soft brown and natural brown will suit you beautifully!

How To Choose The Right Eyebrow Color

Then add feathers, fullness and color to your blonde brows with Legendary Brows in taupe or soft brown!

The Best Brow Color For Your Hair

For the gray-haired goddess, taupe is the perfect shade for your forehead! Use the Brow Lift and Brow Chat pencils to fill in, define and add to your brows, and Legendary Brows in the same shade to add a sharp, winged effect!

If you have red or red hair, Charlotte has supermodel eyebrow secrets that are super easy to choose and easy to use! For beautiful redheads, discover Brow Lift and Brow Cheat in light blonde or soft brown, and if you have dark red hair, your best match is natural brown!

If you have brown hair, you can fill in eyebrows, fix eyebrows and create brown chats in a matter of minutes with an eyebrow light to light brown, natural brown, medium brown or dark brown. It depends on how dark your brown hair is!

Medium brown is perfect for someone with medium brown hair with warm, neutral undertones, while dark brown and black brown are great shades for dark, dark brunettes!

Best Eyebrow Pencil Color For Blondes

If you have dark hair, Charlotte has expertly created two flattering brow shades in Brow Lift and Brow Chat that look natural, soft and flattering! Brown Black is the darkest shade of brown with warm undertones and is great for dark brown to black hair, Natural Black is a flattering neutral shade of black that will look flattering on people with dark hair.

Legendary Brows in Black Brown is the must-have tinted brow gel for even the darkest brown and black-haired beauty, with a long-wearing, waterproof formula and ultra-fine brush that adds richness, color and a feathery effect.

If you’re looking for more magical shade tips, check out Charlotte’s Virtual Brow Clinic supermodel and expert brow finder.

How To Choose The Right Eyebrow Color

Discover how to get the brows of your dreams by booking a 1-2-1 virtual consultation with BROWFORMATION with a Charlotte-trained expert! Whether you have sparse, thin, dull eyebrows or bushy eyebrows, everyone can now get perfect eyebrows at home! Your esthetician can help you find the perfect shade match, must-have products, and teach you how to apply them for a supermodel brow look in no time!

Eyebrow Tinting For Sparse Brows

Take Charlotte’s quick and easy brow tint quiz to reveal the secret to your perfect brow colour! Just select your eyebrow type and hair color to find your hair shade mismatched with Brow Lift, Brow Cheat, and Legendary Brows Did you know that your eyebrow color is very similar to your natural hair color? Is it close? This is why when you use an eyebrow tint or pencil that is a little darker or lighter than your actual hair color, your eyebrows look really fake and funky. Here is the only rule to get the perfect eyebrows – they must look natural, match the natural color of your locks and match your skin tone. Do you want to know which eyebrow pencil color you need for your eyebrows? Read on to know…

You might assume that a dark eyebrow pencil would complement your very dark hair, but a dark pencil can look a little too fake. Instead, choose a dark brown that will work best when filling in your eyebrows. But if your skin tone is quite dark, make sure you use dark brown first and then fill with black.

If you have brown locks, go for a medium brown shade that will compliment it perfectly. Also remember that the shade of the eyebrow pencil should be slightly lighter than the actual eyebrow color as the oils in your skin often oxidize the pigment and darken it.

In general, lighter colors tend to show up on your skin (for both cool and warm undertones) and don’t do much for your brows either. So if you have a typical Indian skin tone, try to stick to a band that is neither too dark nor too light brown. More in the bald family.

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In this case, you cannot match your eyebrows to your hair. If you have a cool skin tone, use a light brown eyebrow pencil that will work, but if you are warm, use a darker brown that won’t look too strong on your face while enhancing your Features.

If you want to fill in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, we choose the Lakme Absolute Precision Eye Artist Eyebrow Pencil which is smudge-free, waterproof and long-wearing. Go with the spoolie when you’re done!

How To Choose The Right Eyebrow Color

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How To Choose Concealer Shade For Your Skin Tone

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Laura Martin co-authored the article. Laura Martin is a licensed paraprofessional in Georgia. She has been working as a hairdresser since 2007 and a beauty teacher since 2013.

This article cites 7 references, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Finding the right color for your eyebrow makeup can be difficult because you want your brows to look natural but still defined. Choosing the wrong shade can make your brows look too dark or too light. Choose the right shade for your eyebrows and make sure it complements your hair color and skin tone. Once you’ve found the right color, apply it properly so that your brows look full and beautiful.

Expert Q&A Did you know you can get expert answers to this article? Unlock expert answers with support.

Laura Martin co-authored the article. Laura Martin is a licensed paraprofessional in Georgia. She has been working as a hairdresser since 2007 and a beauty educator since 2013. This article has been viewed 166,717 times.

How To Choose The Right Eyebrow Color

If you want to choose the right eyebrow color for you,

How To Shape Your Brows To Flatter Your Face

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