How To Choose The Right Foundation Color

How To Choose The Right Foundation Color – Today I am showing you tips and tricks to choose the right shade of foundation for your skin tone. A perfect foundation is a must for beautiful skin. If you have a bright, flawless skin (hair), you can use the foundation to get your makeup. If you have blemishes, open pores, pigmentation, you can hide the imperfections with the perfect foundation for special days. But getting the perfect base is difficult. Here are some tips and tricks to help you choose the right foundation for you. Hope this helps!!

There are 3 types of skin tones: warm, cool and neutral. Well, how do you know which category you fall into? Well, here are some tips for that:

How To Choose The Right Foundation Color

How To Choose The Right Foundation Color

If gold jewelry suits you better, you have warm undertones. If the stripe lights up for you, then you have a cool undertone. If gold and silver both look elegant to you, then you are in luck, you have neutral undertones.

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Now that we know our skin, here’s our guide to finding the perfect foundation:

Be sure to find a good foundation at the drugstore. Don’t buy foundation online until you have the perfect shade for you and want to have a backup for the perfect foundation.

While you’re in the store, the SA asks you to try every foundation under your wrist. Don’t go to it. They say the skin under your wrist matches your face, but it doesn’t. The skin under our wrists is usually lighter than our face, and SA wants to sell us a foundation that turns us into white monsters, but we don’t. You should check the base of your chin. Choose the 3 shades that are closest to your skin tone and apply to your cheeks, now find the perfect shade. Remember to keep the base flat with you so you can use the base with it.

When you go foundation shopping, take your best friend with you so she can help you find the perfect shade. Always test your foundation in natural sunlight, because the lights in the store don’t show the true color.

How To Choose The Perfect Foundation

If you’re worried about your base oxidizing, what to do on your face, then go to the store (I’m sure you won’t come back empty-handed). After 30 minutes, you can check whether the color of the foundation has changed. The base changes color as it oxidizes in the air. It can be seen with a very compact.

Well, the basic coverage is personal contact. You can find the best foundation for daily use. BB and CC creams can also work for this purpose. Central and total coverage can be saved for a specific period of time.

So, beauties, here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing the perfect foundation for you. I hope I can help you choose the foundation of your dreams. Starting today, I’m starting a new blog: Wise Wednesday, where I’ll share tips and tricks to help you be smarter when it comes to makeup and skin.

How To Choose The Right Foundation Color

On Wednesday Wise Wednesday, I will help you choose the right shade of foundation. Let’s face it, we all have our share of faulty perspective. Sometimes pushing SAs and sometimes lighting stores, however, but we all have the wrong foundation at some point and then hit our head.

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With me, I have 3 bottles of foundation in my box that are lighter than my skin! I don’t understand why SA is trying to sell you a foundation lighter than your actual skin tone. “Gora hone” they tricked the Indians, I tell you!

This is the biggest mistake you will make, trust me. The colors of our body and face are never the same. In my case, my arms are 2 shades darker than my face, so when I use foundation on my arms, I end up with a darker foundation.

I’ve seen girls paint on their cheeks, but it never works for me. I always paint the base of my cheeks. There I can see the color of the base.

I have to explain this to all the women in my house! Exactly! Girls, the foundation is all about making you look like yourself, but in a more polished way and hiding the flaws. Foundation is not meant to make you fairer or lighter in any way. If you buy a lighter foundation, it will look cakey and ashy, which of course you don’t want. So puuhlllllleaaaazzeeee!!!! Choose a shade that matches your skin tone, not lighter or darker.

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1 foundation I bought two years ago matched my skin exactly in the light at the store, but when I tried it at home, it looked lighter. In fact, stores have yellow lighting that can be confusing, always check the shade in natural light. So head out to the store and check it out!

Undertones play an important role in choosing the right foundation. There are 2 types of undertones – red and yellow and there is also a third one which is a mixture of red and yellow, but we don’t have such a base in India, so let’s take 2 .If you google you can find blood test to know the words below. But the green and blue colors never work for me L. Just stand in the natural light and look in the mirror. If you like pale/pink, you have cool/pink, and if you look yellow, you have warm. So always choose the basics with the tips that suit you otherwise the goal will be defeated.

If you feel that these models do not help you, ask the SA to show you the whole face. This way you will be able to see the actual shade and how it looks on you. Come on, you’re spending your hard earned money on this, so why bother giving it all away?

How To Choose The Right Foundation Color

Yes!!!!! Take multiple photos in different lighting. In the store lighting, natural light, white light. From different angles, with flash, without flash, etc. When I go to MAC for my foundation, I try one, go out, take 5-6 different pictures, not happy with the shade, then I go back to MAC and it’s a dark shade, then I went again and took a picture.

How To Find The Right Foundation Shade?🤔

Last but not least. Don’t buy a base just because of the pressure caused by SAs. If you’ve tried 5 shades and haven’t bought one, it happens! Nothing to worry about. I went to MAC three times, tried different foundations and went back because I wasn’t convinced. Only buy the foundation shade if you know it and think, yes, this is my shade and it suits me to a T. Even if it means a few trips to the store, that is not .

So these are my tips on how to choose the best base shades. I hope this helps you.

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Whether you’re looking at shades on your arm at Sephora or shopping online – finding your perfect foundation shade can be difficult, with guesswork on what color suits your skin tone meat Knowing how to choose the right shade of foundation can save you a lot of time and stress when shopping for makeup!

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Some names are grouped by slightly different names or simply classify them as light, medium or dark. However, any good foundation will have a shade in each of these skin groups.

I’m a very pale person myself, so I know I’m going to go fair or light with any foundation I choose. If I see “medium” in the shade name, I know I’ve gone too far and the shade will be too dark for my skin tone.

Regardless of your skin tone, you can have cool, warm, neutral or olive undertones. This “undertone” is an expression of color that shows through your skin as a whole, giving your skin a yellow or red color.

How To Choose The Right Foundation Color

While most of us think of the “cool” colors of the colors as green and blue, cool colors usually refer to the reds and pinks in your skin. If you have a very cold tone, it can look a little blue or purple.

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If you often find that the wrong undertones look like yellow or gold on your skin, you probably have a cold undertone.

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