How To Choose The Right Lamp Shade

How To Choose The Right Lamp Shade – You are shopping online. You have reached the perfect lamp base. You can’t imagine life without it, so add it to your cart and buy now. It was a good decision — one you won’t regret, but through the confirmation email you immediately notice something, something big… it comes without a shadow. You have terror in your eyes and a pit in your stomach. What kind of shade do you put on the lamp? What are the shadow types – what are the rules?

Don’t cry, this post is here to help you. And it’s not just for those in the picture I’ve drawn above (you should know by now that I love to be dramatic), but also for those of you sitting at home right now (*cough*everyone cough*), looking around the house and wondering how to add vitality and personality . I have an idea: let’s start with the “less exciting” eggshell colored lampshade in the corner.

How To Choose The Right Lamp Shade

How To Choose The Right Lamp Shade

The sky is the limit when it comes to lamp bases and shades. Done right, they can add a lot to a room (like the pleated lampshades that popped up on your Instagram feed a million times last year, and yes, there are pleated shades in this post). We love the lamp, and we love it even more when its shade is cool, so let’s talk about what you need to know:

How To Choose A Lampshade

So I took to the internet to research what a lampshade should really look like, and here’s the general consensus:

The lampshade should be about twice the height of the lamp base and about a third of the lamp’s total height. Do you need pictures? Me too.

I hope this makes sense to you… Now that we understand the rule, let’s talk about how it can be broken. The reason is that it breaks the rules:

Who doesn’t love Athena Calderon aka Icewoon??? She can do zero wrong in my eyes, so if she’s wearing oversized lampshades (wow) and putting it in her kitchen (double wow and one of our 2020 kitchen trend predictions), you probably should too.

Lamp Shade Buying 101

This oversized lampshade example is so good that I think I should stop here while it’s at its peak… so let’s move on to the next part and I bet you’ll never guess where we’re going next. :

Now this is a difficult thing, but it can be done and can be done well. Let’s start with this example:

Thick base, small lil lampshade. It’s great, it’s lively, and frankly, it’s perfect in every way. Emily is also rocking a very small lampshade and I have to say I really like it:

How To Choose The Right Lamp Shade

Left: Our last living room | photo: Sara ligorria-tramp | Right: Designed for our budget basement sale | Photo: Sara Ligoria-Tramp

Need Help With Lighting In Your House? I’ve Got You Covered

Speaking of Emily’s recent finds in her living room (top left), note that a single white lampshade (and no, I’m not including lamps, because that’s a whole separate post) is fundamentally unfeminine.

I mean, change the color and size of the lampshade, you won’t regret it. Why not use the template for a real pop too?

Now, we encourage you to play around and break your own rules, but if you need a place to start (of course), we’ve got 36 of our favorite lamp and shade pairings.

1. Moroccan Cross lampshade and three-legged Floor Lamp | 2. Black and white striped lampshade and tray table lamp | 3. Burnt orange Zig lampshade and window glass floor lamp | 4. Cream Linen Knife Pleated Lamp Shade and Curved Floor Lamp Set | 5. Combine a modern semi-domed metal shade with a white floor lamp base | 6. Buttercream hardcover Empire lampshade and minimalist tripod Floor lamp | 7. Linen Navy Blue Lampshade and Faux Wood Floor Lamp | 8. Mustard linen lamp shade and Isobel floor lamp | 9. Cream linen knife veneer lamp shade and Pamela floor lamp | 10. Red Dome Fabric Lamp Shade and Medrot Glass Globe Floor Lamp | 11. Texture Gallery Equivalent Lampshade and Floor Lamp | 12. Maratod Fabric Drum and Rustic Black Metal Green Floor Lamp

Shinola Parker Wood Table Lamp With Woven Leather Shade

1. Black Linen Drum Table Lamp and Stacked Marble Table Lamp | 2. Navy Blue Velvet Drum Shade and Mini Stick Table Lamp | 3. Anais pleated lampshade & Gesso Ring table lamp | 4. Black and white Kente lampshade and candle matte gray ceramic table lamp | 5. Tasseled Bungalow Lamp Shade and Angelo Rattan Table Lamp | 6. Dark Pink Ivory Striped Lamp Shade and Natural Wood Sierra Table Lamp Base | 7. Black and white striped lampshade and small lampshade | 8. Gallery Straight-edged linen drum shade and cyan table lamp | 9. Linen Flooring Drum Chandelier Shade and Delvan Tripod Table Lamp | 10. Metal Lampshade and Capon Lamp | 11. Rust Velvet Drum Lamp Shade and Terra Table Lamp | 12. Jokiuoma drum shade and large grooved glass LED table lamp

1. Nordic Gray Linen Knife Veneer Shade and Electa Table Lamp | 2. Buttercream hardcover Empire lamp shade and rattan table lamp | 3. Dark Blue Mushroom Plate Lampshade and Small Lampshade | 4. Black Chimney Empire Lamp Shade and Bennett Table Lamp | 5. Modern Half Dome Metal Shade and Ingrid Table Lamp | 6. Cream Linen Knife Covered Lamp Shade and Capon Lamp | 7. Gingham Buffalo Check Lamp Shade & Louis Ceramic Globe Mini Table Lamp | 8. Raffia Scalloped lampshade and Glisso table lamp | 9. Linen Empire Lamp Shade and Asymmetrical Mini Table Lamp | 10. Matilda God Signature Scalloped Lamp Shade and Natural Acacia Wood Table Lamp Base | 11. Pink Knife Plate lampshade and Pink Terrazzo table lamp | 12. Dark blue cone shade and Margie table lamp

So have I done my thing? How do you feel about mixing and matching? Will you try this at home? Comment your thoughts, see you there 🙂

How To Choose The Right Lamp Shade

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At M&M Lighting, we have thousands of lighting products for customers to choose from, including beautiful lampshades. Whether you browse our online catalog or stop by our Houston showroom, you’re sure to find the shade you’re looking for. Let our lighting experts help you today!

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Choosing the right size lampshade can be difficult, but with a little simple math, you can be well on your way to creating a great light fixture. Try to follow the “40 percent” rule of shadow height. So, when you consider 100 percent of the height of the lamp, the shade should be about 40 percent of that. Determining the optimal width is easy: just choose a shade that is about twice the size of the base. For example, if your base is eight inches wide, a lampshade about 16 inches wide creates a nice visual balance.

When buying lampshades, it is also important to consider how much light you want the lamp to emit and what kind of atmosphere you hope to create in your room. If you want a bright, cheerful atmosphere and more light in the room, a transparent shade is the best option.

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