How To Choose The Right Color Makeup

How To Choose The Right Color Makeup – We’ve all at one point or another made fun of someone for wearing the wrong foundation. But even when it comes to our face, there’s still plenty of time for confusing decisions, frustrated sales assistants, and less-than-perfect foundation. Honestly, using the wrong shade can ruin your entire look. Even if you’re new to styling or don’t want to go all out, a strong foundation is all you need to look good.

But how to choose the right shade of foundation? But how to choose a shade online? Fortunately, we have collected all the tips and tricks that can help you.

How To Choose The Right Color Makeup

How To Choose The Right Color Makeup

When buying foundation, we recommend that you listen to your instincts and not follow unsolicited advice from friends or influencers. India is a vast country with different skin tones, so what works for one person may not work for you.

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So, how to choose a foundation for Indian skin? In addition to the color of the foundation, it is also worth paying attention to its density, that is, whether the shade is light or dark. You probably already know these basic terms: light, light-medium, medium, medium depth. Yes, they all determine the intensity of the skin tone.

Even if the swatch matches your skin tone, it could be because you got the wrong shade. Whether your skin tone surface is described as fair, medium, dark or dark, pay attention to your base tone as well.

The base tone determines the true color of the skin. Although the tone of the skin may change due to solariums and sun baths, its tone will always remain the same. This is an important criterion when buying a foundation that can work wonders online.

You can observe the main tone by looking inside your wrist. If your skin is yellow, peachy, or golden, you have a warm undertone. If your skin has a red, pink, or bluish undertone, you have a cool undertone.

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But what does this mean when buying a foundation? Let’s say you’re painting two primary colors of similar lightness or darkness. That would be a shade of deal breaker. The base for warm underpainting should be yellowish or peach. But if you have cool undertones, the shade should be pink. If you mix both warm and cool tones, you have neutral undertones. This means that you can only choose a foundation based on the lightness or darkness of your skin tone.

Even if you don’t pretend to be tanned, being in the sun changes your skin tone. The high points of your face, such as your forehead and nose, may be slightly different than the rest of your face because they are exposed to more sun. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, it’s best to match your foundation to your face. If you don’t tan easily, choose a shade based on the actual color of your chin.

From lipstick to eye shadow, you can try out all kinds of makeup products in your hands. However, foundation should always be applied to the face. The color of your hands may not always match the color of your face, as the face is more prone to darkening. The main tone of the hand can also differ from the tone of the face. Testing on your face is also a good opportunity to see if the foundation blends smoothly into your skin.

How To Choose The Right Color Makeup

How and where should you test the foundation when choosing the right shade? The sweet spot will be your jawline. Skin is closest to your natural undertone and gives you an idea of ​​how foundation will look on your face and neck. Testing the foundation the right way can also help, as some formulas require a brush or beauty blender.

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As with skin care products, skin type should be considered when choosing a foundation. Finally, avoid powder on dry and flaky skin and heavy liquid foundation on oily and oily skin.

If you have dry and uneven skin, opt for a moisturizer like Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Serum Foundation for a smooth base. This foundation contains argan oil — AKA liquid gold — and SPF 45 to protect skin from UV rays. Lakme’s foundation is famous for giving your skin an instantly hydrated and radiant look while nourishing it. It’s also easy to curl, so you don’t have to worry about a textured or cakey finish.

Want something light for a casual workday? Or do you have oily skin? Let it breathe with Lakme 9-5 Primer + Matte Powder, it absorbs excess shine and has a matte finish that lasts all day. There’s also a primer so you can go about your day without reapplying. The clever set also works as a face powder, concealing blemishes and fine lines, so skin no longer looks greasy or sweaty after a tiring day.

While the lighting in the beauty salon is always bright and beautiful, it doesn’t quite match the lighting in the outside world, where you wear it all over your face. The best thing you can do to make sure your foundation matches your skin tone all over is to test it in natural light.

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The beauty industry is paying more attention to ingredients, which means you can relax if you find harsh chemicals in your beauty products. However, it is still important to choose products that contain ingredients that can care for the skin. For example, do you have dry skin or acne scars? If the answer is yes, natural oil foundations like argan or vitamin E are for you. Or are you prone to acne and wrinkles? If so, look for a non-comedogenic foundation.

What time is it or when would you like to wear it? Consider your coverage and choose your foundation accordingly.

If you want a foundation for a wedding or a celebration, choose a creamy, full-coverage foundation. It also works for those with acne or discolored skin. If you want something light for everyday use, or if you only have a few blemishes, light, medium coverage foundations are the best choice.

How To Choose The Right Color Makeup

While eyeshadows and highlighters are meant to stand out, foundation should be invisible. Foundation should naturally be flawless on your face. This means that once you’ve covered your blemishes and blemishes, your foundation should blend well enough to disappear into your skin.

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Before choosing a new foundation, take a look at your current product, its color, and any issues you may be experiencing. Spotty or runny when you sweat? Find the solution with the following foundation.

Don’t like heavy bottoms? If so, try Lakme 9-5 Weightless Mousse Foundation. As the name suggests, it is weightless, blends easily so it doesn’t look cakey. It protects the skin from UV rays with full coverage and SPF 8 and lasts up to 16 hours, meaning no after-treatment is necessary.

Or will the monsoons destroy your masterpiece? If so, go for a waterproof foundation like Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation. Formulated with vitamin E to hydrate your face in dry weather, it’s also lightweight so you don’t have to worry about sweat and humidity. Lakme foundation withstands all weather conditions and doesn’t wear off as soon as the rain hits your face.

Jealous of your friends who hit the main shadow jackpot? With a little help, you can too. Consult an expert to help you choose the right foundation for your skin type.

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They may even offer new alternative techniques like mixing two colors (yes, mixing primers is allowed, BTW). Even with over 7 billion faces on this planet, skin tones that aren’t matched with the right shade of foundation are bound to happen. So if combining two shades is what you need, go ahead.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is giving up after buying the wrong foundation. But makeup is all about trying. So keep experimenting with different lighting conditions and different application methods to make sure the shade and formula work for you. Make a final decision after about a week before throwing everything away.

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How To Choose The Right Color Makeup

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Steps To Match Makeup To Your Skin Tone

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