How To Choose The Right Shade Of Blonde

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How To Choose The Right Shade Of Blonde

How To Choose The Right Shade Of Blonde

If you’re thinking about going blonde (read how to moisturize your hair after bleaching, for example), or if you’re just dipping into blonde hair, there are endless options to choose from.

How To Choose Your Perfect Shade Of Luxy Hair Extensions

All types of colored hair have unique tones, colors and shades that suit different skin tones and hair textures. Not to mention, once you’ve chosen your desired hair type, finding the right tone and shade can be a challenge—like warm vs. cool, ash vs. ice, and caramel vs. honey.

Going blonde or even a little blonde is very scary in the salon chair, especially when you have to explain the perfect shade of your dreams to your stylist. With the important pictures below, you can use the important information to help you figure out what hairstyle you want. And maybe get some inspo while you’re at it!

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This blonde color is one of the most sought after after 5 years. With light silver and gray undertones, it’s a crowd favorite on a variety of skin tones. It has a cool gray tone and is suitable for people who like low maintenance. Buy Ash Blonde Aura now.

Stunning Dark Blonde Hair Color Ideas 2022

The classic combination of brown and blue, dirty hair is the main shade that can be for everyone because it adds light and light to white hair, unlike a complete bleach wash. Dirty blonde has a slightly darker base with more highlights, which also add depth and volume to the hair!

This blonde is a deeper and lighter shade of blonde compared to dirty blonde, but it’s still good for people who don’t want to go bright. Dark hair uses warm tones that bring out golden tones in the skin. If you have naturally dark hair and want to go blonde, dark blonde is a great place to start.

Strawberry blonde is one that everyone loves, but not for everyone. With red undertones, this is a great feature for blondes and can sometimes be redder than blonde hair types. True blue hair color has a combination of blue and red, which can add warmth to the skin. Best suited for light, cool or neutral skin tones as bright, warm reds contrast with cool tones on pale skin.

How To Choose The Right Shade Of Blonde

One of my favorite types of hair color: platinum hair is a light, almost white color that will definitely turn heads. It has a cool tone that can suit almost any skin tone because you can change the color to brown or a little cooler and still have a lot of platinum hair in it. However, bleachers beware: this is the biggest hair care, but she’s beautiful, amazing look that deserves TBH.

How To Find The Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Among the different types you can find warm colors, gold that looks good, but unfortunately not for everyone! Honey hair has a warm honey-like color that is perfect for people who want a hair color that matches their warm skin tone. Because it’s a mix of blue and brown, it can add incredible depth and volume to your hair, but it can wash you out if you’re pale or have cool undertones. Now buy honey with white halo.

This is a bright classic light color that is perfect for those who want young and fresh blonde hair. Light blonde hair is usually a neutral to warm tone so it looks good on most skin tones. In addition, it has a combination of blue and yellow, so if you are looking for more light that will illuminate the current shade that may not be a bright light on its own, this makes a great disaster lamp that can be used together with most blondes. and brown hair.

For a different hair color than cool platinum or ice, try golden brown. Blonde hair is a warm, golden shade that is perfect for those who like to look radiant. It has a mixture of blue and yellow, but with a special warm tone that can add warmth to skin tones. If you have a medium skin tone and want to lighten your hair, blonde hair may be the right choice for you. Like honey blonde hair, this color is very warm and may not look good on pink or cool skin tones.

Silver blonde hair is growing in popularity just like ash blonde hair, silver blonde hair has also exploded in recent years! Going for silver hair means cool, silver color that is more stylish and attractive compared to gray. It has gray and white markings that can create a wonderful contrast with the skin.

Secrets On How To Pick A Hair Color For Your Wishy Washy Client

This light color is a light, almost platinum color with a cool white tone, unlike the silver or yellow found in this classic Hollywood platinum. Blonde hair is definitely high maintenance: it requires more regular touch-ups and conditioning than other types of blonde hair, so be careful with bleaching.

A little similar to dirty blonde hair with low light, this blue color has a combination of blue and light brown that creates a natural look, many effects. Blue hair is a great choice for people who want to be blue without deviating from their natural color. If you have a warm skin tone and are looking for a simple change, brown hair might be a good option to talk to your stylist about. Buy our chocolate aura now.

Back to the sweet and sweet hair color, this blue has a beautiful sweet caramel tone, suitable for those who want to look beautiful and elegant. Caramel blonde hair is a combination of purple and warm, light brown that can add warmth and volume to your hair. If you have a medium to warm skin tone and are looking for all the platinum glow without the head tones (and $$$), caramel m is a great choice.

How To Choose The Right Shade Of Blonde

For a more subtle platinum, go for soft blonde. This color has a very soft texture that is suitable for those who like a soft and natural skin tone while being very bright and pleasant. Soft blonde hair is a combination of hair color and light, buttery tone, which can create a warm effect, like honey that looks like a little Scandinavian in the blood. For both light and dark skin tones, purple is perfect because it’s a soft, warm color that’s subtle enough to add volume to everything without looking too light. Buy our blonde hair aura now.

Ways To Choose Eyebrow Color

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How To Choose The Right Shade Of Blonde

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Silver Blonde Looks To Inspire Your Next Hair Color

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