How To Do An Accent Wall In Living Room

How To Do An Accent Wall In Living Room – I totally understand why “feature walls” were popular in the early 2000s: it’s a color that “pops” in a room without being too risky. I mean, if you stop hating that random purple wall, you can paint it as quickly as a four-wall room. But here’s the thing about just doing it: Well, it looks like you just did it. It seems like a strange reaction to bold colors (I can say this because I’ve experienced it in the past). Sorry, the tiptoeing just didn’t seem very purposeful and gave off that “I’m not here to do paint jobs” vibe. However, I found myself … bookmarking many photos of rooms with accent walls. By the way, the walls are not 00s style. Instead, what I saw was a perfectly executed, purposeful accent wall. These children understand life in a new way. Read on as I show you the keys to decorating your wall today (so get your fingers ready) with tons of cute examples.

First of all, the use of color to emphasize architectural features such as the placement of fireplaces, the shape of specific rooms, the structure, etc. I always give a thumbs up. A white brick fireplace is set against a charcoal wall for a special touch in this room by Brio Interior Design. It’s a great way to create moments from a beautiful basic setting when you’re not using shiny tiles or surrounding materials.

How To Do An Accent Wall In Living Room

How To Do An Accent Wall In Living Room

As a “wall” with a mounted image, it helps to draw attention to what is needed (vintage or new installation). Be sure to paint any exposed walls, whether it’s cabinets or bookshelves (for example, if it has more lower cabinets, like a kitchen cabinet with shelves above), so there’s no limit to how you can do this. there are methods. A little boring rooms, like the above photo of a house designed by Ryan White. Yes, the floor is gorgeous (okay, give me that chair, please), but it turns out it’s actually the entrance, and it looks like it’s built in the perfect shade of green. Feelings are important.

Black Accent Wall Ideas Our Designers Love

If the wall behind the sofa (via apartment therapy in an Argentinian family) is painted the same white as the rest of the room, you may miss the particular slope of the wall, but in bright sreline it’s the first thing you notice (then beautiful light comes through the doors, molding and those gorgeous floors). If your room has a different ceiling line or shape, find a way to light it or the space around it.

“Wow, that’s an impressive hallway,” has hardly been said until now, because I said so. This is probably my absolute favorite version of the whole list, emphasizing the “wall” instead of the door/ceiling. The ceiling looks high here, so paint the doors above as eye-catchers to draw more attention. The thing is, if they had decided to paint the entire corridor dark blue (which I’m sure the killer saw), the atmosphere would have been completely different. So it’s still light, airy and has lots of visual interest.

This is the same as “painting the door at the end of the hallway” in the last picture, only without the obligation to paint the entire ceiling. I love how they all went up on one wall and painted all the molding and hardware, not just the doors.

Another very clever use of accent walls is to create a “purpose” for a part of the room without having to put up a wall or get too creative with the furniture. The upstairs dining room, designed by Marvin Albridge, is separate from the main living area (you can’t see it in this photo). A small space is a great opportunity, so if you have such a small space, you can think of a way to accent the wall.

Adding An Accent Wall To Your Living Room

I love the architecture of this place, but I also understand that all the white can be a bit overwhelming. The creatives behind Plank + Pillow cleverly took a very small space, covered it with boat wrap and painted it chocolate blue to make it work as a workspace. To save money and effort, you can always skip the panel and go the direct paint route for the same effect. Also note that they painted the baseboards in that section, because if I were to go on a painting trip, I’d be stuck with the question of whether or not to paint the baseboards.

Here is something a little different: paint a large part of the wall to draw attention to one corner. I found this photo in Architectural Digest and at first I thought it was kind of funny that the paint job wasn’t completely finished (in terms of getting it all the way to the corner, ceiling, or baseboard), but then I realized. was The most objective way is to add more walls in the corner, otherwise they have to carry the paint all the way. Letting go of boundaries and saying “yes, this is what I meant to do, I trust my choices” is my ultimate goal.

Well, this breakfast is dreamy, isn’t it? (Insert my 3rd grade teacher’s “That’s Not a Word” lesson here). I think it’s Farrow & Ball’s Inchyra Blue (plug! It’s a color I also use in the dining room, well lit, it looks different here) and white brick or something. In the background of the room he is singing.

How To Do An Accent Wall In Living Room

I drew this picture because I thought it would be a great way to use up and display wall strips that would otherwise go to waste. Gallery walls are for the win, people. (Also, notice that they use black frames on black walls, allowing the art itself to be the star.)

Tips To Make Sure Your Accent Color Is On The Right Wall

I find it a bit “out of place” because most people don’t have an entire wall of built-in wardrobes in their bedrooms (at least in the US right now), but if you do or whatever comes to mind. For your next project, storage solutions, paint (and wallpaper?) and bed anchors are great ways to make a headboard no longer a headboard.

OK, that’s SMART. It’s no secret that designers and design enthusiasts alike hate TVs, but let’s be honest… most of us have to put on a TV show. But if you want to learn how to “disguise” it, ask Kate Cooper, who works in the upstairs room, for advice. The room is mostly white, bright and airy, but in the TV viewing area it goes the way of white walls and the flat screen is the same dark color. This accomplishes two things: 1. The TV doesn’t feel like a big black box on a bright white wall, and 2. it brings some contrast to a relatively boxy room.

An accent wall does not have to be a single color. I’m a little partial to the “headboard” accent treatment myself, because frankly, I don’t need it in most rooms (I say go with the bedroom colors, or let the bed and art tell the story ( aesthetic story) ), but where you can see it online. But I really like this wood paneled case. Alexis from Alternative Indigo chose Stickwood, which is like removable wallpaper but with a wood finish! You just pull them. stick the bad boys up on the wall.. Genius.

Another example of the Design Love “Head Wall” treatment is detailed right here in the nursery. The growth of the molding gave it about 10 dimples.

How To Choose An Accent Wall

In the end, this probably won’t work for most people, but I wanted to include it because I thought it was really interesting. Especially if you live in an old house with quirky architecture, using an accent wall style to highlight anything interesting or quirky can make the most of your home’s uniqueness. The dusty blue walls here really fit the mid-century feel of this Marion Albridge-designed room.

Also, lately you’ve been getting a “wait, that’s cool again!” Have you ever seen a “passing by” that made you think? Let us know in the comments. We love to dive in, explore, and find new ways to find old design ideas

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