How To Find Right Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

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Choosing the right hair extension color is the most important step in achieving a stunning transformation with zero damage.

How To Find Right Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

How To Find Right Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Our human hair is colored using a multi-tone matching technique. This means that light and dark edges of the same color are combined to ensure perfect blending, depth and dimension. This ensures that the final color will work with a wide range of similar colors.

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The color of the hair extension should match the ends of your hair, not the roots. Your own hair will be on top of the extension, perfectly combined for an interesting hairstyle!

1. Take this 1-minute irresistible hair quiz, which will recommend the best option for your needs!

Always consider your natural hair tone when choosing the right color. Your own hair color should complement the advanced tone.

Your skin tone can also be a guide, as warm or cool colors complement different skin tones. Choose natural hair with a rich gold or red base for warm skin tones and extensions with a neutral or blue base for cooler skin tones.

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3. If both of these options are not suitable for you or you are not 100% sure, we will be happy to help you choose the right color via chat or email.

Missed the tip above and already ordered a color you’re not sure about? We’ve got you covered! This is where the part of the tester comes into play.

The tester pieces are 2 clips that come in a separate section on the packaging so you can check the color match and hair quality before working on the whole set. Not a match!)

How To Find Right Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Remember to have fun choosing your hair extension color and trust us if you need help with anything, we’re just a chat or email away! How do you choose the right hair color for your skin tone? When it comes to coloring your hair, it can be difficult to decide which color to use. If you choose the wrong color, you can go from good to hideous in the blink of an eye. So this begs the question: How do you know which color is best for you? Read on to know the answer.

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Melanin, a pigment found in the human body, determines the color of your hair, eyes and skin. It also affects the change in your skin tone due to changes in environmental conditions. Different skin colors are caused by variations in the melanin in your body, such as its distribution, size, and shape.

Before coloring your hair, the most important factor to consider is your skin tone. If your skin and hair color clash, you won’t look good. This article will be a reference for safe hair color ideas based on your skin tone and color. Continue reading.

1. To see if your skin tone is warm or cool, check your wrist in normal sunlight. If your wrist veins look green, you are warm-toned. If they appear blue, you have cool tones.

Warm tones of blondes and browns match warm skin tones. Choose your color according to your skin tone. For example, if you have a fair skin tone, colors like honey blonde and rose gold will suit you. For dark skin choose a dark brown like chocolate.

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Cool tones like ash blonde, platinum, white blonde and ash brown are best for cool skin. But you can also pull off soft warm tones like golden blonde and light chestnut brown.

People with fair skin should avoid very dark hair colors. Having subtle highlights will help enhance your look. If you already have brown hair, like some girls born with fair skin, add red highlights to your hair. You look good. If you are keen to try a darker color, choose a shade with lighter undertones.

If you fall into this category, the best way to color your hair is by using highlights. Blondes, reds and light browns or browns will suit this skin tone.

How To Find Right Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Avoid colors that are too bright. Stick to whites and browns. The hotter, the better. Avoid colors like ginger. You can choose dark berries and browns. Alternatively, you can also opt for dimmed lights. Get a haircut that minimizes hair loss.

How To Find The Right Hair Colour For Your Skin Tone

Colors that work for you are dark and cool colors such as chocolate brown, dull red, maroon and blue or purple.

For those with darker skin tones, going for cool-toned highlights like ash blonde might not be the best idea. Choose warm colors such as honey-colored stripes or deep reds. Dark colors with warm highlights are safe when you have dark skin. If you want to dye most of your hair, choose a balayage that gives you a smooth transition.

If your hair is already dark and you’re looking for a change, choose a color that’s close to your natural hair color. Maroon and dark brown work well with darker tones.

Colors on the cooler end of the spectrum such as white blonde, California blonde, dirty blonde and ash brown are flattering on skin. Light brown warm tones also look good on this skin type. However, cooler tones are preferred.

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Warm dark blondes, dark browns and light browns look amazing on olive skin tones. Warm colors flatter this skin tone well. Ash tones also look good on olive skin as it is a neutral skin tone.

Dark blondes and dark browns look good on caramel skin. Warm highlights that go well with dark hair are ideal hair colors.

Warm dark browns and cool light browns look good on wheat skin. Since wheat skin falls into the medium-dark skin category, the same rules apply depending on how dark or light your skin is.

How To Find Right Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

If you plan to use an unnatural color like purple, blue or green, think about how it might clash with your wardrobe and if it fits with your dress code at work or school. . Always choose hair dyes that are ammonia peroxide free!

Hair Color Options For Men

Avoid dark colors on very light skin tones as the contrast will make you look lighter than you are. Dark hair on light skin can also make you look older than your age.

For all beauties with hair that isn’t too brown or too dark, gold is the perfect color to get highlights. A gold bar screams confidence and shows that you’re not afraid to take risks.

It’s a trend that took the fashion world by storm in 2013 and it looks like it’s here to stay. A gradual fade from bottom to top is the best way to highlight your gorgeous mane.

A hair coloring technique known as ombre gained popularity in the 2000s when singer Aaliyah dyed her hair a soft, subtle fade from dark at the roots to light at the ends.

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Are you one of the lucky ladies with long, shiny jet black hair? Are you still not satisfied with it? How about getting some deep red highlights to make a custom statement?

If you think nothing good can come out of caramel, imagine a delicious moist walnut brownie, dripping with golden melted caramel. That you have hair. Delicious!

There is no true love except chocolate. Any sensible woman will attest to that. So can’t you eat it as much as you want? Show off your love for cocoa goodness by highlighting your dark hair in this color!

How To Find Right Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Let two long lost souls reunite that don’t drip so much. Pair dark brown hair with light brown highlights, and you’ll find it’s a match made in heaven.

How To Choose A Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Hey dear! A rich and delicious elixir that sweetens our lives! Watch it cast a spell on your dark hair as you light it up in golden glory.

For those who don’t know, burgundy is a color between dark red and maroon. It’s neither here nor there, but it’s one of the most popular colors to get highlights for women with dark brown or dark hair, so check it out.

It looks like we’re not done with our dedication to drinks and food. Beautiful coffee highlights are just what the doctor ordered for midnight black hair. Sigh!

Be careful! Copper highlights are not for the faint of heart, even if your daily encounters with women who get them might tell you otherwise. They require thought. They need consideration, but most importantly, they need beautiful jet black hair to style them with warmth.

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Balayage is perfect for anyone looking for a smooth transition from dark to light hair. Unlike ombre, it covers your mid-lengths.

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