How To Find The Best Foundation For Your Skin Tone

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In this beautiful post, I would like to talk about how to find the perfect makeup color for you. Recently, I wrote about how to find the perfect dress for yourself. If you’ve been reading fashion blogs, you know I told you about a simple test to discover your skin’s secrets and find out which colors look best on you. This same test can be used when choosing makeup products!

How To Find The Best Foundation For Your Skin Tone

How To Find The Best Foundation For Your Skin Tone

Look under your hand in bright natural light. If your veins look blue or purple, it means you’re doing well. If your veins look green, you may have a hot flash. If you can see both blue and green, you have a neutral tone.

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The best makeup colors for cool skin are pink, rose shades, red shades of blue, berry shades, mauve and jewel.

The best makeup colors for warm skin are peach, coral, orange, gold, yellow and earthy shades of red.

If your skin is neutral, you are very lucky and can wear any color.

For reference, I have very cool skin and I tend to wear cool toned and flattering makeup. When it comes to clothing, we do different types of tests like the one above. However, I am very picky about the rules of this exam when it comes to makeup. This is especially true when choosing foundation. The rest was on the face. I want it to be as natural as possible!

Customisable Foundation Can Help You Find Your Perfect Skin Tone Match

When choosing a foundation color, it’s important to consider your skin tone, which is the color on top of your skin. Are you fair, light, normal, or dark-skinned? Second, it’s also important to know your skin toneā€”the color you see underneath. This tells you if you are cool, warm, or neutral.

For cool undertones, you’ll see pink, red, and blue highlights under your skin. Look for a light or dark pink base color. There are exceptions to this. If you have red or red skin like I do, you should avoid anything too pink and look for something neutral or color correcting.

If you have a warm undertone, you’ll see yellow, gold, or peach under your skin. Look for a light or dark base color with hints of yellow or gold.

How To Find The Best Foundation For Your Skin Tone

For neutral tones, no hint of color is visible under the skin. The foundation should match your skin tone as closely as possible, whether it’s fair, light, medium or dark. Be careful to choose makeup that is not too pink or too yellow.

Foundation Matching 101

In general, if you have sensitive skin or sensitive skin that burns easily, you may have an outbreak of cold sores. If you have medium or dark skin that doesn’t burn easily, it can burn your eyes. However, there are exceptions.

Deciding on a base color is very important, so it’s important to consult the people who work behind the scenes. Find foundation samples in different shades and try before you buy. Stores like Ulta and Sephora are great for doing this. There are many basic colors. I have used Clinique foundations for years. I know they classify base colors as cool, warm, or neutral.

Always look for your base color in natural light that hits your jawline. The right color should blend into the skin between your neck and face. There should be no strict makeup line.

If you can’t afford to shop in person or shop at the drugstore, here are some helpful tips. First, notice the name of the foundation. In some cases this can tell the type, but not always.

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Second, be sure to check the return policy of the cosmetic store you buy from if the product doesn’t work as it should.

Finally, check the website of the brand you are considering. Get detailed information about products and compare brands.

I also like making bold statements with lip and eye colors! Every time I go out and choose the color or shade that suits me best, I regret it!

How To Find The Best Foundation For Your Skin Tone

Instead, I like to switch my fall/winter colors to colors and shades that I think reflect fall/winter. I remember always thinking that if I wore light colors in spring and summer, my make-up wouldn’t suit me. There are good reasons for this. I choose autumn colors and shades that don’t suit me. I also used dark and dark colors that were too harsh on my skin tone.

How To Find Your Undertone: Easy Expert Tips

I’m not saying you can’t change your look with the seasons. My point is, try to be true to what makes up your color, not what it looks like. For example, hot red-orange and gray lipsticks don’t look good on my cool skin tone. Instead, you should stick to true pink or rose shades.

Here are some pics showing an example of me picking the wrong lip color.

In this first photo, I am experimenting with a pink lipstick that is too orange.

In general, blue or red lips and red look best on cool skin. Red-orange or peach-red lipstick and green look best on burnt stones.

Find The Best Matte Foundation For Your Skin

Also, very dark or dark colors may seem too tight if you have light skin tones. On the other hand, people with medium or dark skin can wear darker or darker shades.

If you’re neutral, wear what you really like, but don’t wear cool or warm colors. It’s best not to confuse the two. For example, don’t wear red-orange lipstick.

Choosing eye makeup can be difficult. A rule that tests undertone might work, but so does eye color.

How To Find The Best Foundation For Your Skin Tone

Most of the time we want our eyes to stand out or to make our eyes sparkle. I have seen everything over the years from using eyeshadow that is the same as my eye color to how to use a different eyeshadow?! If your skin is prone to breakouts, This is very difficult. So I would say eye makeup colors should follow your passion.

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If you don’t know where to start, the following book will introduce you to a variety of eye-pleasing colors.

Personally, I follow my first preference when it comes to eye makeup colors. But just in case, narrow down your choices by whether it fits into the cool category or whether it catches your eye. Makeup Her Artist Moody Her Sister Her Whit explains how to find your own foundation and accent. Find the perfect foundation for your skin.

How to find your skin tone How to determine your skin tone How to choose foundation for best results The must-have shades for each season

You can see that he is one of the first her three sounds. bird, beige or bronze. Foundation is the first step in finding the right foundation for your skin. Most foundations are categorized according to skin tone from fair to dark.

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Your skin is different depending on your race, where you live, and the season, but if your race is Caucasian, you’ll find that your best girlfriend is usually ivory-colored, and if you’re Hispanic or Native American, you’ll find that your best girlfriend is usually beige. . . And African Americans tend to be bronze.

To see the undertones for your own skin tone, take a look at makeup basics to see how the most common shades look on your skin tone.

What is that? Is my skin cold or warm? I need to know because my skin doesn’t change.

How To Find The Best Foundation For Your Skin Tone

Your skin is skin whiteness. It is very noticeable when applied to the skin. You can either:

How To: Find The Right Foundation Shade For Every Skin Tone

When we groom our clients, we look for symptoms such as pink cheeks. If your cheeks are often red or pink, they are pale pink. Does it emit golden light when it gets dark? May have a warm yellow hue. These simple indicators can help you determine what condition your skin is in.

To match yours

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