How To Find The Right Engagement Ring

How To Find The Right Engagement Ring – You have found the love of your life. Whether it’s love at first sight or a relationship that slowly develops over the years, you know you can’t live a day without this person. It’s time to tie the proverbial knot.

But if you think you’re beating insurmountable odds by finding “the one,” think again. Now you are faced with the daunting task of choosing the perfect engagement ring.

How To Find The Right Engagement Ring

How To Find The Right Engagement Ring

A quick internet search can turn up hundreds of sites, thousands of ringtones, and more junk advice than you’re looking for. A chain of jewelry stores beckins you with simplicity; Doesn’t buying a ring online save you both time? Not always. Engagement rings should be as unique as your relationship and as lasting as your love. If you go to the right place, the process doesn’t have to be time-consuming or tedious.

How To Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring

Hands Jewelers is ready to help! We’ve put together some tips to help you find the perfect diamond engagement ring.

The most important thing to remember is that jewelers are trained experts in engagement rings and diamonds; No users. Don’t put yourself at the mercy of a seller; Stick with a reputable jewelry store with credentials and quality diamonds. An expert jeweler should guide you through every step, from identifying the right style and finding a ring that fits your budget. As jewelers, we are here to educate you as you search for a ring that expresses your love and commitment.

The four Cs for a pair – cut, color, clarity and rust – are a thing. It’s another thing entirely to help them distinguish between different collections of diamonds. Brilliant diamonds are amazing. As a consumer, you want to know what you are looking at when you look at a beautiful diamond.

However, we know that the choice of a ring is not always based on the education and information of diamonds. Sometimes all it takes is seeing a certain style of ring on your boyfriend’s finger to know that your search for the perfect ring is over. Wait until you see their eyes when you open the box!

How To Choose An Engagement Ring

Ultimately, the ring you choose should reflect the love you feel—and whether that romantic style can be interpreted by a dropped hint or a subtle choice blurred by a family member or close friend is up to you. the person. You can browse the mounts, shapes, styles and trends until your head spins, or you can put your trust in the experienced jewelry experts who help people make these decisions every day. .

Know your partner’s likes, dislikes and ring sizes before you buy. Watch for cues about preferences or keep asking them what colors, stripes, shapes, and styles they find most appealing.

You get what you pay for. Investing in a chain jewelry store gets you the ring, but investing in a specialty jewelry store gives you superior quality, expertise, a wide selection, and hand-selected diamonds to create a lasting expression of love your

How To Find The Right Engagement Ring

According to The Knot’s 2017 Real Wedding Study, the average engagement ring costs $5,764. Before you begin your search, find out about the quality of diamonds in your price range. A trusted jeweler can help you stay within your budget when choosing a diamond that the love of your life will cherish. If you’re investing enough to buy that ring, make sure you’re buying it for the right reasons. Most jewelers also offer financing options to make your purchase hassle-free.

How Do I Find The Perfect Engagement Ring?

By doing your homework, visiting high-end, customer-focused jewelry stores, and getting some ideas about your partner’s preferences, you can turn this daunting task into a hassle-free experience. stress. Your love deserves a lifetime engagement ring; Make your choice the most memorable part of your memorable proposal.

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Engagement Ring Etiquette

Olivia Landau is a fourth generation diamond expert and Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Certified Graduate Gemologist.

From the moment you say “yes,” you’ll have a shiny new addition in your left hand. Engagement ring insurance is the last thing on your mind during happy times, but with a great ring comes great responsibility. What if you lose your ring? If someone steals? What if it breaks? Don’t let anything happen to that precious rock. Whether you accidentally left your engagement ring on the beach, lost a stone at the gym or had your ring stolen, engagement ring insurance can provide financial security and peace of mind when you need it most. Engagement ring insurance is a contractual risk management method to protect you from the financial impact in the event of physical loss, theft or damage. The policy generally covers all items of jewelry submitted to a coverage limit and costs resulting in replacement, repair or reimbursement.

Who should insure their engagement ring? Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether it’s valuable enough to warrant financial security, but most experts agree that any part of the proposal is a good candidate. “If you’re worried about your ring ever getting lost, broken or stolen, it’s valuable enough to insure,” says insurance expert Tyler Croyers. “If you think you will be disappointed by the emotional loss, you are afraid to wear other uninsured jewelry, or you can not afford the cost to replace it, it is wise to insure your engagement or wedding ring.”

How To Find The Right Engagement Ring

While anything that happens to your engagement or wedding ring can be stressful, knowing that it is properly insured can help ease the blow. While no two insurance policies are the same, it can be reassuring to know that you have some coverage and protection against some of the worst possibilities thrown at you. “Jewelers Mutual embraces real life with your jewelry,” says Croyors. “We realize that you can’t always determine how or where your items are lost, so we cover mysterious loss, loss, theft, damage and travel around the world.”

How To Find The Right Engagement Rings

Tyler Croyers is director of corporate communications for Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group, which has been providing insurance to the jewelry industry since 1913.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to engagement ring insurance, and asked gropers to weigh in on what’s needed to ensure you can enjoy your ring for years to come, no matter what happens on your left. Here’s everything you need to know about insuring your wedding ring.

“Rates are determined by multiple variables and rating factors (such as auto or home policies) to provide personalized rates based on individual risk characteristics,” says Croyors. The cost of coverage will vary based on a number of factors, including the value of your ring, where you live (and the rate of theft in that area), and whether your policy has deductible or not. Premiums are always higher for policies with lower or no deductibles.

Insurance typically costs between one and three percent of the value of the insured item, but can be outside of this range based on individual risk characteristics, Croyors said. So, on average, expect to pay between $1 and $3 for every $100 your ring is worth. In theory, you can expect a premium of $100 to $300 per year on a $10,000 piece of jewelry.

Types Of Engagement Ring Settings: Pros And Cons Of Different Ring Settings (chart And Pictures)

The soon-to-be fiancé or bride will be able to insure the ring once it’s purchased—just like insuring a car before driving it. Initially you may not think anything has happened to your precious and sensitive token, but the sooner it is secured, the sooner you are protected. Once purchased, you or your partner can start shopping for ring insurance providers. Croyors noted that deadlines vary according to individual cases. Coverage may be issued immediately (after application submission, appraisal and sales receipt) or may take several business days if subject to an underwriting review.

When it comes to securing your engagement ring (or other valuables, for that matter), you have two options. If you have home or renter’s insurance, you can purchase an extension (also called a rider) that covers your engagement ring. But there is one thing to keep in mind. “A jewelry claim filed against your homeowner’s policy can affect your entire policy,” says Croyors. “If your engagement ring is ever stolen or lost, your premium

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