How To Find The Right Hat For Your Face Shape

How To Find The Right Hat For Your Face Shape – Buying a hat is like buying jeans, although 2 pairs of jeans may be the same size, they do not fit the same size Hats look different depending on your face shape When we add accessories, the goal is to highlight our unique features + enhance our look. It’s important to wear a hat that makes you feel like a queen and boosts your confidence!

To find the best hat for you, you should determine your face shape You can have ovals, squares, circles, hearts or triangles Check your face in the mirror and you can decide what kind of face you have

How To Find The Right Hat For Your Face Shape

How To Find The Right Hat For Your Face Shape

An oval face is easy to recognize because your forehead is slightly larger than your jawline, while your jawline is round. Fedoras, boaters, newsboys + fisherman hats are the best hats for this face type.

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A square face is easy to recognize because of how rich it is You can tell if your face is square or if the length is equal to the width of your face. Also, the distance from your forehead to your chin and cheeks is everything The best hat for this face type; Floppy Hat, Wide Brimmed Hat + Fedora

A circular face will have equal width and length People with round faces have round chins and full cheeks The best hats for this face type are baseball caps, wide brim fedoras + boaters.

This face shape is the most common You can tell if you have a heart-shaped face by your chin Generally, people with heart-shaped faces have a lot of wrinkles If you have this face shape, you will have a broad forehead and broad cheeks The best hats for this face type are short brimmed fedora, boater, beret + beanie.

Triangle Faces Also known as pear-shaped faces, you can tell if you have a triangle face if you have a large chin, slightly small cheeks, and a small forehead. The best types of hats for this face shape are thick brimmed hats, baseball caps + fedoras.

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Your body type and head size should be considered when deciding which hat is best for you If someone has big features, we recommend that they aim for a medium crown and a large brim, this will make your hat look more proportional + flatter your head.

On the other hand, if you have a small head + waist, you may benefit from a high crown, which will make your body look longer and taller. Also, a curly edge like ginger would be a great option for you!

These tips are just a guide to what works best for you, but don’t be afraid to make it your own. We truly believe that the best hat is the one that gives you comfort and most importantly confidence We encourage you to experiment with different colors, materials, fits + fun bands on your hat! Wearing a hat is all about showing your confidence and enhancing your outfit Let’s face it, when it comes to choosing the right hat, knowing your face shape can be the difference between a “yeah” or a “yeah”. Although there are many shapes that do not fit into one category or another, in general most face shapes can be described as round, rectangular, oval, diamond, square or heart-shaped. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect hat that will light up your face

How To Find The Right Hat For Your Face Shape

It is very easy to determine that the face is round The shape is soft with a broad forehead, full cheeks and round chin No rectangular lengths, pronounced jaws or sharp corners

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Do: Round face fullness with this teardrop medium brim fedora-like angled hat. A high crown helps accentuate soft curves and irregular edges in contrast to such rich face shapes. Try wearing a hat with a sloping front to play up the proportions

Also called a rectangle, long faces are longer than they are wide From top to bottom, if you look at the forehead, cheeks and jawline, they are the same width

Do: Choose a hat with a small crown like this sleek wool pigtail from Scala—a high crown adds height and elongates the look. Wear flared or wide-brimmed hats that sit in the middle of the forehead or above the eyes to help add width and balance to the face.

Also called an egg shape, oval faces are similar to long faces, with more rounded sides that taper slightly at the top and bottom. Cheeks are the widest part of the face and the jawline is curved without sharp corners.

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What to do: An oval-shaped face goes well with a variety of hat styles, from playful captain hats to news hats that sit high on the browbones. To contrast the round, soft features of an egg-shaped face, try a medium-brimmed hat like Scala’s stylish Amelia worn in the center of the head.

Don’ts: Round crowns and narrow-brimmed hats, such as bowlers, can add too much girth and look a bit off-putting.

A telltale sign of a diamond-shaped face is a pair of high and broad cheeks They characterize the widest part of the face with narrow proportions at the top (forehead) and bottom (chin).

How To Find The Right Hat For Your Face Shape

Do: A medium to wide brimmed topper with a peach crown, like this cute Outback hat from Scala, gives the perfect silhouette for a diamond-shaped face. Hats with side bands also help create the illusion of width

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Since no face is truly square, this shape suggests a square jawline With a prominently square and slightly flattened chin area, this face shape has a broad forehead and broad cheeks that are generally in line with the jawline.

What to wear: Round hats, bowlers, softer, slouchier styles like a rounded crown or this wool beret provide a stunning contrast to sharp jowls.

With a heart-shaped face, the forehead is the widest part of the face with a prominent chin A heart-shaped face goes well with a variety of hat styles

Do: A medium brim will complement the heart-shaped look like this leather and suede baseball cap. Hats with prominent crowns can also help balance out the width of the forehead

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Choosing the right hat for your face shape is important, but even more important is finding a hat that makes you feel comfortable and confident. These tips are a guide to what styles look best on you, so don’t be afraid to mix it up, break the rules and have fun with colors, materials and fits. Because when you feel good, it shows on your face

To help you find the easiest and most efficient way to send hats, we walk you through these steps so that both the sender and recipient are happy.

Find out what to look for in winter hats and shop the hottest looks, so you’ll always look good no matter the weather. So don’t think you’re a hater We’ll get to it You’ve tried on different styles and just can’t find the right fit Like the challenge of buying new glasses, finding the right hat depends on the shape and size of your face. Scroll through for a selection of this season’s trendiest hats, recommended for you based on your unique face shape and perfect for rocking the beach, rooftop bar and outdoors.

How To Find The Right Hat For Your Face Shape

The same width as your forehead Your cheekbones are high and pointed with ample space around the eyes Complement your diamond shape with the Hat Attack Escape Mini Moto Rancher Hat ($95) with a wide-brimmed fedora, turban and medium-brimmed hat.

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Heart Shape: Oh sweet heart-shaped face, how we love your narrow jawline and broad forehead. Maybe you have a beard too! Add width to the lower half of your face by wearing classic fedoras, dad-inspired baseball caps or ultra-trendy styles like the Eugenia Kim Marina Hat ($245).

Tall: Why a tall face? Jake…we know you were born with it and it suits you What doesn’t always look so good is the little hat you’ve tried before Don’t miss out on that beautiful length Instead, use a wisely chosen hat to split the difference Opt for floppy sun styles, wide-brimmed hats like panama hats and fedoras, or buy a forehead cut—channel your inner French girl with sophisticated looks like the Brixton Lennon Beret Hat ($55). Oh la la!

Square: Obviously, your face shape is square It’s easy to soften your sharp jawline and strong cheekbones with a round hat While headwear, bucket hats, beanies, and rounded bibs like the Gigi Burris Cap ($338) are your hot ticket.


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