How To Find The Right Size Glasses For Your Face

How To Find The Right Size Glasses For Your Face – To choose the best glasses, you need to know your face shape. There are five common face shapes including heart, oval, round, square and triangle.

If you’re wondering, “How do I know my face shape to choose the right glasses?”, these three simple guides will help.

How To Find The Right Size Glasses For Your Face

How To Find The Right Size Glasses For Your Face

Knowing your face shape is essential when choosing a frame because the right style will help you look your best. How to determine your face shape:

Made To Measure Customized Glasses

Go in front of the mirror to find out the shape of your face. It is a good idea to put your hair in a short ponytail or bun to better see the contours of your face.

The main facial features you want to look at are the hairline and the jawline. By tracing your face with a dry erase marker, you can easily identify the widest parts of your face.

After tracing your features, you should see if your cheekbones, forehead, or chin are wide. It shows the shape of the face well.

To find the right glasses for your face shape, try on several glasses to see which one looks best. For a round face shape, you may notice that it looks better in square glasses as they give even more structure to the face. If you have an angular face, you will look better in round glasses which will reduce your strong features.

How Should Glasses Fit?

You need to know your face shape to choose the right glasses. All you need is a hair tie, a mirror and a dry erase marker. Pull your hair back and follow your face to see which parts of your face are wider. It helps you discover your face shape, making the choice of glasses as easy as possible.

If you want to know “How can I find out the shape of my face to choose the right glasses?”, then enter the blog. Matching your face to the right glasses is easy if you know your face shape.

Show off your unique style and browse men’s, women’s and children’s frames from your favorite brands. Visit your local Llygaid or order online at your convenience.

How To Find The Right Size Glasses For Your Face

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If you’re not sure how to measure your face shape or how to find glasses and sunglasses that match your look, read our sunglasses guide!

Before writing any number, you need to know where to find glasses for size. So look carefully at the temples (“arms”) of your glasses as much as possible.

You can use old glasses or sunglasses that fit your face perfectly. If you don’t have one, try on a pair from a friend to see if it fits you.

If you look closely at the labels on the frame, you’ll find numbers to help you find the right size for your new glasses.

How To Select Frames For Your Eyeglasses

Remember that all glasses are different and fit may vary by manufacturer.

If you can’t find numbers or specifications on your old sunglasses or glasses, don’t worry. That means it’s time to test your measuring skills.

Take a ruler or measuring tape and carefully measure the size of the glasses according to the figure below.

How To Find The Right Size Glasses For Your Face

Several numbers can be a little confusing, depending on the width of the lens, glasses and sunglasses are labeled S (small), M (medium) or L (large) in the online store.

How To Buy Glasses That Fit Your Face

Here’s another way to use the Trust’s credit card. Did you know that the smallest part of a credit card is about the width of a medium-sized glass lens? Finding the ideal frame size is very important when buying glasses online. But did you know it’s actually quite simple? M is the right size for most people. It will probably be the right size for you too.

A good starting point is to measure the glasses you already have. Look carefully at the temples (arms) of your glasses. Look for the three small numbers inside the temples of your glasses. These three numbers are the dimensions of the frame. They look a little like this: 51□19   144

The dimensions of the glasses are displayed from left to right in the following order: lens width, bridge width, temple length. Sometimes a fourth number is marked on the sleeve, which is the height of the lens. All these measurements are given in millimeters.

This is the horizontal width of the widest point of each lens. It is usually between 40mm and 60mm.

Ways To Keep Glasses From Slipping

This is the distance between the two lenses. In short, the width of the bridge is where the frame meets your nose. This piece measures between 14mm and 24mm.

This is the length of your temple from each screw to the front of your temple, including the bend where it sits on your ear. This measure does not change like the others. The temple is usually 120-150 mm long.

This is the vertical height of the eyeglass lenses at the widest point of the lens inside the frame. The height of the lens is important when measuring bifocals or progressive lenses.

How To Find The Right Size Glasses For Your Face

This size is not printed on the frame of the glasses. To find this, take your tape measure and measure all the way across the front of the frame, including any side hinges or sticky design features.

The Best Glasses For Different Face Shapes

If you know your current glasses size, you can easily convert them to sizes – small, medium and large. Add the width of the lens + the width of the bridge.

For example, if the dimensions are 51□19144, we can add the lens width of 51 and the bridge width of 19 to get 70. Then check the chart below to see if your size is Medium (M).

ℹ️ We also show the size of all our glasses, so you can compare them to your previous glasses. Note that even if the width of the lens or bridge varies by 1 mm, the glasses will still fit perfectly.

Yes, your card can be used for other things besides paying for your favorite purchases, and it works. You never knew that the height of a credit card is about the same width as a medium eyeglass lens! Below are instructions for determining your glasses size using a credit card measuring device. At Glasses Direct, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of products to suit different budgets, lifestyles and needs. Our frames are available in four sizes (based on inside frame width): small (less than 125mm), medium (126-130mm), large (131-135mm) and extra large (greater than 136mm) .

How To Choose The Right Strength For Your Reading Glasses

Additional frame sizes can be found on the inner sleeves of each goggle. The first number indicates the width of the lens, the second number indicates the width of the bridge, and the third number indicates the length of the side. Compare the numbers on the frame with the numbers on the screen for an exact fit.

Our small frames are 125 mm and below, recommended for narrow and small faces.

The Best Fit Machine helps you find the perfect frame every time. Enter the appropriate dimensions and a list of compatible frame sizes will appear. So the next time you’re browsing for the latest glasses, your current glasses can help.

How To Find The Right Size Glasses For Your Face

Eyewear Direct blogger and loyal customer Kate Winnie shows you how the Best Fit machine works and how you can use it.

How To Choose The Right Frame Size ?

With 1000’s of styles to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to decide which style is best for you. But depending on the shape of your face, some glasses are more suitable for you. Here’s our handy face shape guide to help. Alternatively, you can find the perfect style with our free home trial, which allows you to try on 4 pairs over 7 days in the comfort of your own home. Buying the exact size of the glasses frame is a technical problem for the freshers and those who face it for the first time in their life. When it comes to buying prescription glasses from any online store that is one of the top 5 rated companies and has been serving its customers for a long time, we will guide you through the entire process smoothly and quickly .

As we know that buying glasses is not something we do regularly, it has to be done perfectly to get a permanent solution. You should get exactly what you are looking for without any struggle.

It is absolutely essential that you are fully aware of your frame size when looking for glasses deals online as it may not be 100% accurate if you do not provide the correct information. Let us guide you through the film

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