How To Find The Right Shade Of Red Lipstick

How To Find The Right Shade Of Red Lipstick – Every woman should have that perfect shade of red lipstick in her makeup arsenal. We all know the color – the shade that brings instant confidence and countless compliments. But as we all know, finding the right shade of red lipstick depends on your skin tone and color. Here’s everything you need to know about finding the color that’s right for you.

From Helen Mirren to Viola Davis, there’s a red lip to suit everyone. The endless options can be limited by your skin tone. Check the inside of your hand to determine if you have a warm or cool undertone. Cool pinks, warm yellows.

How To Find The Right Shade Of Red Lipstick

How To Find The Right Shade Of Red Lipstick

True red always looks amazing on dark skin. NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick in Dragon Girl is not too orange or blue. Instead, it’s just a pigmented blush.

How To Find The Best Red Lipstick

Chanel Rouge Allure Intense Lip Color #99 (Pirate) is deeply pigmented and makes the red really stand out.

Keeping the lips in place is the key to a successful look. After all, you don’t want to check or resubmit all the time! The best way to maintain your red lips is to use a primer like MAC Prep + Prime Lip ($19). Simply apply a thin layer all over the lips and corners of the lips and follow your perfect red lips.

Filling in all of your lips with lip liner will ensure that you don’t have ringlets when you wear it, as liner wears longer than lip liner.

Chanel Longwear Lip Pencils ($36) are waxy and very creamy. The only drawback is that they need to be sharpened. However, they are on the other side of the brush and in the sharp box. You can shade these lip liners as much as you like.

How To Pick The Best Red Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

Deep, blue hues call for the richness of Guerlain Lasting Color High Precision Lipliner #25 (Iris Noir) ($32). This retractable lipstick is soft, flexible and easy to apply.

Red is a classic choice that goes well with a white dress, a black dress or even a little red dress. Always remember your color and be happy with beautiful red lips and white teeth.

Now that we’ve found the right shade of red lipstick, let’s talk about glossy lips! Here’s everything you need to know to achieve glowing lips.

How To Find The Right Shade Of Red Lipstick

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How To Find The Most Flattering Colors For Your Skin Tone

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Can you believe Valentine’s Day is next weekend?! I’m glad we have an all-nighter this year so my husband and I can really enjoy it 🙂 We haven’t made any official plans, but hopefully we will. somewhere, to put on my latest favorite makeup: bright red lipstick. Nothing says “Valentine’s Day” like red lipstick, right?

I’ve gone back and forth with red lips. Sometimes I love it, sometimes it really scares me. It suits my skin tone and I feel confident wearing it. Shades that feel a little “off” are usually the ones I remove right away. Luckily, I found the trick to finding the right shade for my skin tone!

How To Find Your Perfect Red Lipstick — Project Vanity

When shopping for new makeup at Walmart, I used my tricks to pick the perfect shade of red. I grabbed a few accessories and headed home to play with the new look. Playing with makeup is so much fun😉

I started with freshly applied foundation, brows and my contour. I have to try this Maybelline The Blushed Nudes eyeshadow palette. I was so excited to try it because I loved their The Nudes palette. I bought this after seeing how expensive the nude eyeshadow palette was compared to them. Trust me, save your money and buy this one, it’s great! Blush shades are combined with rose gold pigments of plum, red and rose hues. It really brings out the brown in my eyes.

Then I used my daily cat eye technique. I still love this eyeliner trend. I’ll be a cat-eye-popping grandma, I guarantee it.

How To Find The Right Shade Of Red Lipstick

I finished my eyes with a few coats of Maybelline Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara. The brush has cup-like bristles that help comb and lift lashes. It really took off my lids when I used the mascara!

The Perfect Red Lip For Valentine’s Day

Finally, I finished my look with this beautiful red lip shade. I used Maybelline Sensational Lip Color in Red Revival. I love this lipstick. It is mixed with honey and the color is very rich and deep.

Not sure which shade of red is right to recreate this look? Check out my helpful and comprehensive tutorial below…

How do you know if it is hot or cold? See the veins under the armpits. If they are purple/blue, you are cold. If they look green, you are hot. It’s very easy!

I have medium to cool skin so I chose Revival Red because it has a pink undertone. Anything orange makes me look like a clown.

How To Pick The Most Flattering Lipstick To Suit Your Skin Tone

Now you can arm yourself and approach the red lips part, which can be difficult at times.

Be sure to stop by your local Walmart (don’t forget my guide!) and check out Maybelline’s cover for your Valentine’s Day essentials!

Have you ever been afraid to use red lipstick? Did my guide help you find the right shade for YOU?! Let me know in the comments below! Valentine’s Day is almost here and you know what that means. Red everywhere! You may be tempted to wear just a little, but if you’re like most women, you’ll know that finding the right shade of blush is no easy task. But don’t worry because I know how to find the perfect shade for you.

How To Find The Right Shade Of Red Lipstick

If you know your skin tone and have fair to cool skin, medium-toned reds like cherry, ruby, purple, and apple add a little warmth and won’t overpower your skin. And if you restore natural red hair and skin; cool, bright colors like candy red will show off your red hair perfectly! (see color scheme for examples)

The Perfect Red: How To Find Your Shade This Holiday Season. — The Lexington Line

If you have medium skin, a deep, sweet, dark shade is best for warm skin. Think Shadow of Blood. This rich color will suit your skin tone perfectly.

If you have fair skin, you can really rock a variety of shades, from bright ruby ​​reds to vamp reds.

If you are a medium to fair skinned woman with yellow skin, orange reds with warm undertones like sugar red or other colors with hints of tangerine will make you look strong. If you are a brunette, don’t be afraid to wear these red shades. I think some women think that brown and orange don’t look good together, but this color works very well with brown hair.

If you have dark skin with warm undertones, reds like ruby ​​cherry and lipstick will give you a nice contrast to your dark skin.

Hair Color Chart: Pick The Best Shade For Your Complexion

Finally, if you have dark skin with cool undertones, you can wear any color

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