How To Market An Assisted Living Facility

How To Market An Assisted Living Facility – Running a 90-day business plan for adults can be a great way to start a new business idea or revive a business that has stalled. I have found that the 90 day cycle is the best combination of approval and speedy progress.

Before we jump into the 90-day planning framework, let’s first be clear about the marketing campaign itself.

How To Market An Assisted Living Facility

How To Market An Assisted Living Facility

Adult marketing, like most businesses, has product and customer nuances that require us to go beyond cookie-cutter marketing tactics.

Copywriter For Nursing Homes And Assisted Living Facilities For Seniors

In addition to overcoming difficult products and unscrupulous buyers, you also need to differentiate yourself and place your community in your local market.

That’s why I like to focus my clients on their 90-Day Senior Life Marketing Plans on site first and then marketing tactics.

Like all good professionals, the first step is to find a good part of the country and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. The sooner you take these measurements, the sooner you’ll start making positive progress toward your business goals.

Seniors living in the community have many experiences and cares. Your first goal should be to clearly define your position on this spectrum.

Ral 101 Course: How To Turn A Single Family Home Into Cash Flowing Assisted Living Facility

Families and individuals are able to consider the complexities of the decision-making process – quality of life, level of care and cost. Make sure you are clear and concise about your work in all of these important areas.

Over the years, I’ve seen quite a few businesses in the adult industry. This pattern gives me some short-term validation to create more practices.

Most senior websites are cliche moments of seniors smiling in soft, light, carefree ways. Most use the same limited free photos found on Unsplash, Pexels and others.

How To Market An Assisted Living Facility

Don’t get me wrong. I love what Unsplash and Pexels have done. However, if you search these photo sites, you will quickly find a small collection of old photos.

Assisted Living Rates Increase 6.15% In 2020 — And Are Set To Go Higher

Since most WordPress themes for adults are image heavy, free images for adults are limited. I bet your site is similar to many of your competitors.

Special Photography: Hire a photographer and take pictures of your community. Here’s a quick list: outdoors, residents like the community, staff like to serve the residents, activities and events.

Schedule at least two photo shoots a year to build a great seasonal library. This library will become your internal photo library.

Another common problem with adult community websites is the lack of understanding their audience has about decision making.

Boomers Want To Age In Place: How Will This Affect Senior Housing?

When an older child arrives at your community center, they’ve probably already done most of their research beforehand. A Place for Mom,, the Alzheimer’s Association, and other similar publishers and organizations listed their first questions in Google’s search engine. When they land on your website, they are likely to rate and compare community options, care and services.

Differentiation and Call-to-Action Initiative: Use unique social media images combined with clear and concise writing to set yourself apart from your competitors – at a glance. Then make your phone number in the web form easy to find, welcome all inquiries.

We are in development. Therefore, it is important to monitor the latest changes in visits, traffic and price changes.

How To Market An Assisted Living Facility

Google Tag Manager Initiative: Be sure to set up Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics for tracking purposes.

Assisted Living Vs. Skilled Nursing In Maryland: What’s The Difference?

Back for a second, let’s make sure we’re easy to get to know you online. As we mentioned before, your target customers will do a lot of research online. We want you to appear everywhere. Ironically, this is easier than most people think.

Marketing Brand Saturation Initiative: These are the key strategies you need to quickly surround your target audience with your brand.

Google My Business – This is a small trick to make sure your senior community shows up in Google Search and Maps Package. Google My Business is a great way to quickly connect with many of the top local search engines in the community.

Google Ads Remarketing – Make sure your Google Ads account is set up correctly and keep a list of visitors (people who have already visited your website) to use in your marketing campaigns back.

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Facebook Ads Brand Campaign – Create simple Facebook ads that focus on the perception of your brand in the minds of your audience. These can be pictures of your community and residents in action. Use Facebook’s amazing targeting to only share with your best people in a local radius around your community.

Facebook Ads Retargeting – Just like Google Ads, make sure you have an audience and show it to people who have already visited your website. Keep yourself in mind as they move forward and find answers to their higher life questions.

Passive PR Publishing Strategy – This is our unique spin on PR. Journalists are looking for stories and content from social media rather than traditional PR media. Take advantage of this by writing PR-targeted blog posts in a specific News & Media category. Then aggressively promote this article on your social media channels.

How To Market An Assisted Living Facility

These five simple tips will make your customers look like you’re the first adult in the community in your area.

Getting Better With Age: Design For Senior And Assisted Living Facilities

Now that you’ve started building your company’s digital marketing footprint, it’s time to maximize your reach. Content marketing, known as SEO, is the best way to start this process.

In the first 30 days, you probably won’t get much influence from content marketing. It takes time to prepare an idea and then write or write the content, but like a good investment plan, before you start the better.

Start your content idea with a simple list of keywords that you think your potential audience will search for – assisted living, memory, Alzheimer’s care. Put these obvious keywords into a free SEO tool like Ubersuggest or just Google them and start searching to generate some initial content.

For better strategies, we use a combination of SEO experts and marketing tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs and Buzzsumo.

Common Areas Earning Special Second Looks As The Heart Of Senior Living Spaces

Once you have your SEO research in hand, spend some time interviewing your sales team. Ask them to share some of the questions, problems, and struggles they often face during phone calls.

From this research, create a good list of topics to start creating content. Create a calendar, start writing blog posts, take social photos, host webinars or podcasts, and create videos.

Okay, that’s a pretty good plan for your first thirty days. Now, let’s take a deep breath and move on to month two.

How To Market An Assisted Living Facility

For the next 30 days, your goal is to create performance and measure KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Buying Or Selling A Nursing Home Or Assisted Living Facility?

1. Check and analyze your Google Analytics. Focus on only three metrics – visitors (trains), traffic and goals (conversions). Remember, we are looking for growth and regression. Refinement and optimization should come later when we have some initial numbers.

2. Start posting content regularly. Use this content with social media to start submitting good content to Google and ranking in search queries.

3. Measure and start optimizing your Google and Facebook ads. You will need to start with advertising and marketing campaigns, but you will see the benefits of paid advertising quickly. If you focus on this, you will find that a little optimization will make a simple operation for your budget.

One of the secrets to developing and measuring a successful digital marketing strategy is to resist the temptation to create endless new ideas. Instead, focus on making your work more disciplined, repetitive, and balanced. Be good against the good and kill the bad.

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The huge Return on Advertising campaign comes with executing your idea without throwing spaghetti at the wall.

In the last 30 days of your 90-day marketing plan, continue to complete your 90-day marketing plan. Then add some extra time to review and comment for the next cycle.

In our first iteration of the 90-day marketing plan, these were mostly simple goals. The goal is to drive traffic, get new content and move the existing ones in the opposition (between positions 20-30 for keyword goals) from the page 1. Then we need to create some online practices and to get some sales feedback about the quality of the question.

How To Market An Assisted Living Facility

Which activities lead to the most growth, support in key terms, and generate leads? What are we doing to measure these activities in the next quarter?

Day Senior Living Marketing Plan

The seemingly useless activities are the ones you should be most careful to discard. While I’m a big fan of focusing on and reducing time and resources on things that don’t work, many digital strategies take time to build an audience and work effectively. So, proceed with caution and doubt in your first 90-day business plan.

Your summary should be a short statement that highlights the positive (and negative) results and presents a vision for the next quarter – what’s working, what you want to measure, and the you can cut.

Note that we do not create new designs.

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