How To Paint An Accent Wall In Bedroom

How To Paint An Accent Wall In Bedroom – They often ask us to have a hand in this as they ask us to paint them! Here are my likes and dislikes for word walls, from a design perspective.

First, the most important thing to understand about accent walls is that they provide diversity. This is his greatest contribution to design, even more than color. . Therefore, the “shape” of the contrast area is the main factor in the success (or failure) of your accent wall. It is the landscape that needs to be explored, more than anything else. .

How To Paint An Accent Wall In Bedroom

How To Paint An Accent Wall In Bedroom

We know the choice of colors is important, but the human eye starts to pick up a strong difference. Most of the time, an accent wall will “read” as darker than the surrounding area, and because it is a wall, there is more. Since it is a large variable surface, the “shape” of the speech wall is important. Your eye will go towards the darkest place and quickly read its shape, and if that shape or expression is not interesting, your smart wall design will make your space seem busy or disjointed. . . Here are the cases where the speech wall works well, or the “Do” design:.

Dos And Don’ts Of Painting An Accent Wall

Sounds like a lot of walls, right? What we mean are walls where there is little interference from doors or windows. .

This is also reflected in our brand name. Note that the wall is a simple rectangle with small windows. Bonus points for board and batten joinery! .

Your wall may have doors and windows, but your windows will be contrasting pockets of light on your dark wall of expression. Remember how your eye first reads contrast patterns, before color? Whether you have a row of three windows down the middle of the wall, or a narrow window on each side, symmetry makes everything work as an accent wall. The dark color “frames” the windows well. However, if you have a door on one side of the wall and a large window on the other, your feature wall will feel like it has an unusual cut shape, and that may not be pleasing to the eye. . Here is a beautiful dining room print wall from Laura Stein Interiors, which follows the “symmetrical windows” guidelines:.

The owner still goes to this place with the cone and the pictures, but he gets the idea. . . And sometimes the walls are full of cabinetry and millwork, like here:

Accent Walls Are Cool Again (& Here’s How To Get Them Right)

. Pure beauty! . How about the wallpaper with the wall? . We love it! The rules are a little looser, since the wallpaper has a wallpaper that differs from the surrounding, not because of the contrast, but because of the pattern. But the basic rules still apply!

A classic example: the color of the setting is painted on each side of the fireplace built on the wall. . In this case, the letters of expression form two long rectangles on either side of the fire, which is a nice simple design. . We love this photo of Carol Estes in San Diego, CA. Although the dark area of ​​expression is not a true rectangle, the shape is strong enough to work.

If you are thinking of doing this, just make sure the long rectangles are big enough. In the picture below, painting the areas on both sides of the fireplace looks scabby. Because the windows take up too much space, there aren’t enough walls and the shapes are irregular. . (This is just a picture of an old phone, sorry for the poor quality! I enjoyed this one though – it was a brick wall that the owner stripped down, and plastered it with Venetian plaster to make it look like. golden marble from Calacuta. It feels like it too!)

How To Paint An Accent Wall In Bedroom

. Classic example: a breakfast nook, a reading corner or a large window seat. . I love everything about this place by Molly Britt:.

Accent Walls — Cobb Brothers Company, Inc

. Just make sure that your comment area is not so small that it looks out of place or distracts the eye! .

. Classic example: powder room ceiling painted in a solid color. Or this master bathroom by Nate Berkus:

We know, it’s not a rectangle! But it still meets the test “around the clock.” . Of course, you can be even bolder with color in your space, like bright fuchsia or cobalt blue. Powder baths are perfect for this. It’s a small box that doesn’t have a lot of architectural character, so color expression is a fun way to inject color and character into a small space, where it’s safe to experiment. . Here we have added a navy drop cloth to this vaulted ceiling in the bedroom. We are often asked to paint these recessed ceilings as well. They strictly adhere to the “continuous rectangle” guideline. .

. However, be careful when trying it on large ceilings. It works in the upper bedroom because the ceiling is high enough and only the ceiling is installed. If you are thinking about creating a complete accent ceiling, we recommend that you call an interior designer for advice! .

Stunning Accent Wall Ideas For A Dramatic Look

. Technically, it wouldn’t be a “talking wall” at all, but the back wall of built-in shelves makes a nice big “rectangle” of space that could look great with a different color. (Similar to the photo above by Carol Estes.) .

. . What about situations where a word wall is NOT a good idea? . . Our “Don’t Do” Accent Wall:.

. I made this mistake myself, years ago. My kitchen had light colored cabinets, a light backsplash, and light countertops. I thought I would inject some color by painting the kitchen walls dark green. Although I liked the color, it didn’t work in my kitchen! . The reason? Kitchens and bathrooms are mostly full of big “breaks” in the walls: cabinets, bathroom mirrors, pantry doors. When you paint your kitchen walls a different color, your eye only sees horizontal and vertical lines of light and dark. .

How To Paint An Accent Wall In Bedroom

In mine, my light upper cabinets had a horizontal band of dark color on them, then thin stripes of color around my window above the bath, then thin colored walls, then thin stripes of color around my pantry door. .. gives you a picture. It’s not connected or fun at all! . I quickly painted my kitchen walls back to their original color. However, I painted the adjoining breakfast nook a deep green, and it was beautiful! The breakfast area had a large wall with windows in the middle so the pattern formed by the contrast was beautiful. .

Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas

. Painting alcoves accent color was a big thing in the ’90s, when builders installed alcoves almost everywhere (especially in hallways and transition areas like foyers). Unfortunately, most alcoves are small (say 3 x 5 feet). If you paint them a dark color, the contrast between the walls will look bad. . In my perfect world, all the alcoves would be covered with sheetrock so you have a nice wide “blank canvas” wall. That way, you are not limited in the size of the pictures or the furniture you put in there. But if you stick to your niches, I will not paint it. Let whatever design or piece of sculpture you have there be the centerpiece. . The only exception to this would be niches that are so large that they take up a significant portion of the wall. (And we hope they’re not crooked!) Even so, the result can feel fixed, like you knew you had a niche and felt you had to do something with it. . Here’s an example of how a homeowner made a curved roof for this large holly and then on top, we painted it soft charcoal. This works because niches are large rectangles: . . These are my main pros and cons, but what if you have a hard time seeing them all? . Want to know my cheesy little trick for knowing if an accent wall will be a good idea? . Take a picture of the area. Then use the “Markup” tool on your phone, or an app like Skitch or Photoshop if you have time. Use the app and the pen (or your finger, pinky) to paint in the highlight area that can be highlighted on the image. It doesn’t have to be a perfect shade or sit exactly “within the lines”; you just need a rough idea of ​​how the area will look in a different color. This will help you visualize your accent wall before you paint it. (The traditional way to do this is to print your image on paper and bring a highlighter or highlighter to the right spot.) Here’s a quick two-minute kitchen mockup I made in Photoshop, which shows the window wall. it would look like a talking wall. These are not high quality photos! I just wanted to illustrate the point:. . . . Remember,

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