How To Pick Exterior House Paint Colors

How To Pick Exterior House Paint Colors – Exterior paint colors for your existing home or new construction can be the most difficult decision a homeowner can make. The options for exterior paint color combinations are endless and overwhelming.

Owners with existing homes are limited to solid finishes (roofs, brick and stone). A production (path) builder usually provides options that are chosen in such a way that they do not conflict with each other, but there are always pitfalls.

How To Pick Exterior House Paint Colors

How To Pick Exterior House Paint Colors

Exterior finishes are the first decision homeowners make after signing the contract for a new home and usually require planning permission. My family recently started new construction, so we’ll walk you through the process in this new construction blog series.

Exterior House Colors For 2022: 10 Eye Catching Trends

We chose Richmond America (not a blog sponsor) as the builder because they have a great reputation in our area and the quality is excellent.

Before we share our favorite exterior paint color palettes, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page when it comes to different parts of new construction exteriors and types of home exteriors.

The guidelines for new construction are the same as for existing homes. The difference is that for new construction, you need to choose a solid roof and finishes like stone or brick. For existing homes, you are limited to a roof and stone or brick.

Start searching Pinterest for exterior paint color palettes and search for homes in the neighborhood with color palettes you love. Keep it simple. With many elements, you can choose contradictory combinations. If you have samples, view them together in natural light.

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When choosing exterior paint colors, you can’t forget the real exterior of your home: the area around it, the floor, and the light! Make sure your color choices coordinate with your neighbors. Avoid repeating their colors and try to stick to the neighborhood theme.

Keep in mind that paint colors appear four or five times brighter and more colorful than they appear outside, inside, or on the page. One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is choosing a color that is too light or too bright for outdoor use.

The appearance of the exterior color depends on where you live. For example, wooded areas with lots of green trees will accentuate green paint colors and reflect lots of green light into the home.

How To Pick Exterior House Paint Colors

The strength of the sun in your area will also have an effect. A homeowner living in Florida has much brighter sunlight than a resident in New York, which makes bright or bright colors too strong. High altitude areas like Colorado, where Color Concierge is located, may have the same problem.

Painting The Exterior Of Our House With The Projectcolor App

Do you need specific recommendations for white exterior paint for your home? We have a whole dedicated section at the bottom of this page.

MR Photo by Marseni; Benjamin Moore Classic Gray white trim, BM Rockport Gray stucco and BM Kendall Charcoal upholstery.

For new construction, first choose your roof and the stone or brick. Limit choices to occupied territories only. For example, even if two stones are included in the price, choose only one stone. Choose stone or brick, but not both. Don’t think you have to pick up stones or bricks. Just because it’s included doesn’t mean you have to use it. If your stone is occupied, choose a roof of any color.

The key is to keep patterned finishes like stone and brick very simple. This makes it easy to choose exterior brick and paint color combinations.

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One of the best ways to create cohesive exterior paint color combinations is to match the paint to one of the colors of the stone you have chosen.

Because brick and stone are bronze finishes, you’ll want to choose earthy paint colors like warm whites and beiges. For example, a color like Benjamin Moore’s Manchester Tan is one of the best exterior paint colors to go with red brick.

Another tip for creating exterior brick and paint color combinations is to match the color of the brick or stone to the body color of the house.

How To Pick Exterior House Paint Colors

Grout for red bricks is usually greenish gray in color. Finding a similar paint to use on the body of the house creates a truly cohesive exterior paint color palette.

Tips To Testing Home Exterior Paint Colors

Colors like Sherwin-Williams’ Fawn Brindle or Benjamin Moore’s Rockport Gray are good examples of grays with green undertones that aren’t too bright for outdoor applications.

For more exterior paint colors for brick homes, see The Best Exterior Paint Colors for Brick Homes (And What To Do)

As we’ve seen earlier in this article, there are many different parts to your home’s exterior, whether you’re choosing exterior finishes for a new build or updating an existing home. Each part of the exterior should be considered separately when choosing paint colors.

Typically, you want to limit paint colors to trim, door color, primary body color, and sometimes a secondary body color. If you choose a complementary body color, use it to highlight architectural elements such as gables or for secondary body materials such as tile.

Picking The Perfect Exterior Paint Colors

A large percentage of homes have white vinyl windows. If this applies to your home, it is recommended that you paint the surrounding area white. Lighter colored frames will blend in with the trim. A dark window trim with a white vinyl window can accent the white vinyl and look inexpensive.

But don’t try to match your window white. Remember that lighter colors look much brighter on the outside, so you can choose a little darker white to create a smooth transition between windows and brick, stone or siding.

For exterior whites, I like dark, warm whites like Sherwin-Williams Oyster White and Zurich White. In Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors, Classic Gray or Edgecomb Gray work well as trim colors. If your intention is very light, you can choose Sherwin-Williams Greek Villa or Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee.

How To Pick Exterior House Paint Colors

Many bloggers recommend Benjamin Moore White Dove or Alabaster as the white color. This is generally not our choice as White Dove can be too bright outdoors and Alabaster can lean towards yellow. This is another reason to test paint colors very carefully.

How To Choose Your Exterior’s Best Paint Colours: 5 Easy Steps

If you have dark windows, be careful when choosing your window tint. Painting your trim black can be amazing. Instead, use white trim or the exterior paint color of the body as window decoration. Another option is body-color trim.

Usually (but not always) the facade should be the same color as the windows or windows. For a modern farmhouse look, use a black roof, especially with white siding. A dark brown roof can also pair well with deep dark tones and rustic color palettes.

The green color of the facade of this historic house matches the green roof and is muted enough to blend well with the stunning stonework.

We really like a white roof, especially since many homes have white vinyl trim. Choose a warmer white than you think. If you paint too hard on the white it will be blinding. Basically, if your house has white trim on the inside, it will look too light on the outside.

Trendy Exterior Paint Colors For Florida Homes (2023 Guide)

If possible, paint the porch and porch ceiling the same color as the facade for a cohesive look. The white and colors of the porch help reflect interior light and illuminate the interior. Paint colors near windows can really reflect this color and influence the appearance of interior paint.

If you have a black front, do you want to paint it black or body color? I love the black bush/front, but it can feel heavy if the material is too wide.

Color Concierge Client Image; Facades, roof and windows are SW Egret White. The coating is in intellectual gray and the front door in tricorn black.

How To Pick Exterior House Paint Colors

We at The Color Concierge are big proponents of choosing a fun color for your door! There are many opportunities to be creative here. A bright, contrasting color is often an attractive choice for door paint. But a deep, rich color — like Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue — can also look beautiful.

Exterior Paint Palettes To Suit Every Style Of Home

Need inspiration for a door? Check out some of my favorite door paint colors that I spotted on a trip to Paris.

Now that we know how to choose exterior paint color combinations for your home, let’s take a look at some of our favorite exterior paint color palettes to inspire your new build.

This is the Sherwin Williams exterior color combination we chose for our home. It’s neutral and cute!

Beautiful with a dark blue red brick house. Instead of white, use Benjamin Moore Classic Gray for decoration. It is more discreet than white or cream on the good side.

How To Choose The Exterior Paint Colors For A House?

Check out these dramatic dark paint colors – this was our last home. More than one accent color

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