How To Pick Paint Color For Bathroom

How To Pick Paint Color For Bathroom – A fresh coat of paint can instantly refresh a bathroom. Whether your goal is to transform a master or custom bathroom or revitalize a cozy powder room, you can’t go wrong with one of the best bathroom colors below.

Grab your brush and choose a timeless neutral like Redend Point—Sherwin Williams’ 2023 Color of the Year—or a citrus hue like Benjamin Moore’s 2023 Color of the Year, Raspberry Blush. There are more energetic choices, from bright yellow to playful pink, or if you dare bring out the drama in moody colors like Paean Black or Gray Charcoal. But if you’re just looking to create a spa-like vibe, you’ll discover a range of stunning greens, soothing blues and crisp white bathrooms to suit your style.

How To Pick Paint Color For Bathroom

How To Pick Paint Color For Bathroom

Once you’ve decided on the perfect color, use these bathroom decorating ideas to make your space as dreamy as possible. No matter the design style (rustic or modern are some favorites), our bathroom renovation ideas have more than enough inspiration for any budget.

Why Choosing The Right Bathroom Paint Really Matters

For this custom bathroom, designer Melanie Lissack modified the striped wall panels with Farrow & Ball’s Brassica. The unexpected deep purple color adds warmth to the space.

Orange might not be your first choice for a bathroom, but this arrangement might make you think twice. Modern yet energetic, suitable for spaces of all sizes.

This emerald-inspired shade is as stunning as it is soothing. Cecilia Casagrande of Casagrande Studio has painted the walls in this vibrant shade of green – a color that gives your bathroom the freshness you want without breaking the bank.

For a cozy atmosphere, create your powder room in this deep red shade from Farrow & Ball. The warm color, called Preference Red, is especially striking when combined with white accents and antiques.

Best Paint Colors For Small Bathrooms

This vibrant color works well in small bathrooms (vanities are great!), especially if you’re going for a vintage-inspired look. Combine the refreshing shade with wallpaper in a complementary pattern and cherry wood accents for a perfect arrangement.

The warm shades of this coral pigment can be seen in this bathroom arrangement. Using the same color for dressers and drapes—a design-approved trick—adds more style to the space.

Here’s a choice for those who love charcoal colors but want an alternative that makes an even bigger impact. This black on red base from Farrow & Ball is a no-fail choice to achieve a modern or unconventional bathroom vibe. Soften the color with white for visual contrast.

How To Pick Paint Color For Bathroom

The light yellow shade creates the illusion of light in any windowless bathroom. The combination of color with white makes the whole room a refreshing oasis.

Bathroom Color Ideas

Get inspired by The Makerista and cover your walls in a cheerful shade of pink. It is very suitable to be combined with floral and checkered patterns.

Cover your bathroom’s upper walls with indigo blue, which can serve as a great match for white subway and peony tiles. Don’t forget to hang the art!

To ensure your bathroom’s decorative elements, such as a wooden towel rail, steal the show, nothing is more versatile than soft gray walls.

Is space short? The mirrors on the whitewashed wall do just that. The reflections create a “window” on each wall, eliminating the cramped feeling of the handle.

Bathroom Color Ideas To Inspire Your Next Diy Project

Combine brown walls with a red brick bathtub for an unexpected yet charming design.

Your walls aren’t the only places ready for paint. Blue cabinets (with a hint of purple!) refresh the traditional cream background.

A combination of neutral colors, including brown and white, add to the timeless appeal of this bathroom. The soothing hue can create a spa feel in your master bathroom, powder room or bathroom.

How To Pick Paint Color For Bathroom

If you want to stick with an earthy color scheme that’s visually appealing and works well with wood accents, consider a shade of mustard yellow.

Best Interior Paint Colors For Selling Your House

For just $939, designer Mandi Gubler transformed a pastry chef’s bathroom into a boho sanctuary with a beautiful emerald wall, new tile, fixtures, and more! See more incredible transformations on her blog, Vintage Revivals.

Sometimes bolder is better. This dark navy adds serious drama to the powder room with just a can of paint. Plus, the deep shade has a traditional feel that goes well with gold accents, like lighting and faucets.

This guest toilet may be pink, but it’s all grown up. The peach color adds some vibrancy and a glamorous feel to a really beautiful vanity. See more from this space at A Beautiful Mess.

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The Best Paint Colors For Small Bathrooms

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How To Pick Paint Color For Bathroom

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Before deciding on bathroom color schemes, it’s a good idea to spend some time researching bathroom colors and ideas. From cozy neutrals to bright and bold colors, bathroom colors can make a big difference. Whatever your style, we make it easy to choose the best bathroom color.

Home Depot offers a wide range of bathroom colors to make your bathroom look beautiful. Some of our popular bathroom colors include patio blue, sierra sand, roasted cashew, peach satin and western charcoal. There are many options when considering bathroom paint colors. We have bathroom colors for small bathrooms, large bathrooms and everything in between.

Bathroom Color Ideas We Love For 2021

Gray is a subtle neutral that works well with almost any decor, from traditional to modern. Bathroom gray comes in many different shades and colors, including gray, charcoal, purple and slate.

White is a timeless and versatile choice that adds a refreshing touch of style and sophistication to your bathroom. We offer bathroom whites in ivory, cream, dove white and more.

With so many bathroom color ideas to choose from, you may have trouble deciding which bathroom color is best for you. The Home Depot Project Color app can help you find bathroom color ideas and help you choose the perfect shade. You can use the app to search by color name or number. You can also use the digital color wall to narrow your color search by selecting a color family and then your favorite color. There is also a color match feature that allows you to take a photo of any item and we will find the closest color match. We also remember your color choices so you can come back later and get the exact same color.

How To Pick Paint Color For Bathroom

Once you’ve chosen your bathroom colors, we can guide you through the next step. Get inspired and learn DIY bathroom paint ideas handpicked by our experts. Our how-to guide shows you how to fix peeling paint, gives you quick color tips and shows you how to apply primer. Bathrooms are very personal spaces for obvious reasons. So, even though it may seem a little strange, when you think about renovating this space, you should ask yourself an important question: how will you use the bathroom? (Take away all your smiles before we go any further.)

The Best Colour To Paint A Bathroom, According To Experts

What we really mean is that you think about how and when you spend your time in this room. For example, are you a shower-and-run type who needs space to wake you up in the morning when you’re in a rush? Looking for a spa-like atmosphere where you can de-stress while soaking in the tub at night? Or do you need a family-friendly style to tackle busy mornings that also doubles as your relaxing spot to soak in the tub?

Your answer to this question will help you choose the color of the bathroom. Choosing a color is a little easier once you know what kind of mood you’re going for. Here are some of our favorite bathroom colors to help get you inspired!

Taupe is a great choice for those who want to go

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