How To Pick Paint Colors For Your Home

How To Pick Paint Colors For Your Home – The 3 biggest paint color mistakes most people make and the best tips for choosing interior colors from a professional interior designer.

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time painting an entire room only to step back and realize you absolutely hate it.

How To Pick Paint Colors For Your Home

How To Pick Paint Colors For Your Home

Not spending a day or two choosing a paint color for your home will save you money, more time and extra effort to fix bad paint decisions. Or you live for years with colors that don’t make you happy, it’s just not fun.

How To Choose Interior Paint Colors For Your Home

After many frustrated feelings over the past 10 years, Robert and I have perfected our paint color selection process. The design of our rooms has been featured in countless magazines. We also chose our Bless’er House x Romabio paint collection. We made this mistake so you don’t.

Every day I get tons of paint color questions in my inbox about how to choose paint colors for kitchen cabinets, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and more.

My answer is, “Only you can decide the best paint color for your home, because choosing the perfect color through a screen is nearly impossible.”

So while we’re still deciding on the perfect paint color for Olivia’s bedroom, here’s a paint color I swear by! It totally works and has never let me down.

How Natural Light Affects Interior Paint Colors

When designing a room, many people think that the first thing to do is to choose a paint color. But it immediately creates obstacles.

Matching paint colors to carpet, fabrics, wallpaper, artwork and even tiles is much easier.

(In our kitchen, we used our existing green countertops as inspiration for the Sherwin Williams Billiard Green cabinet color.)

How To Pick Paint Colors For Your Home

Have you ever needed to paint a room, went to the hardware store, browsed through the hundreds of paint samples on the wall, found one you liked, and went straight to the mixer to buy a gallon?

What Are The Best Historic Home Interior Paint Colors?

Have you ever come home with that can of paint, painted the whole room with it, and realized it looked completely different at home than it did at the store?

The store’s paint color may look different from your room color due to lighting and interior colors.

Never trust a 5-minute paint color sample at the store. It is full of lies.

If you paint a dark green pattern on a lavender wall, your eyes will start playing tricks on you.

How To Pick Paint Colors: My Comprehensive Guide To Choosing Wall Color With Confidence

Remember that black, blue/white and gold optical illusion dress that everyone raved about a few years ago?

Color separation and lighting can change how our eyes perceive colors, but there are tricks to make colors look more vivid, and I’ll teach you in this article.

This article will explain how to avoid these three common mistakes, what to do instead, and help you choose the best paint for your room.

How To Pick Paint Colors For Your Home

5 steps to choosing a paint color for your home Step 1. Start with inspiration

Choosing Home Interior Paint Colors

Whether you’re designing a space from scratch or revamping it with home decor, choose one object that inspires your entire space.

In the girls’ triple bedroom, I used this large beach photo art as inspiration to match the paint color (Romabio Carolina Sky).

In this shared girls’ twin bedroom, I used the rug as inspiration to find a paint color for the walls (Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog).

Take the painting, wallpaper design or fabric sample to the paint store and match them to several different shades.

Tips For Selecting A Full House Interior Color Scheme — Lovely Lark Living

There is a thing called color psychology, and you probably already know it. (If you don’t believe me, consider what colors are associated with brands in marketing.) Red is energetic, white is pure and clean, blue is calm, and so on. Color theory affects our emotions, mood and behavior.

Before you dive into paint color options, first decide how you want to feel when you enter a room and think about what colors make you feel that way.

Do you want to make the bedroom gorgeous and sophisticated? Paint it black like we painted our bedroom black.

How To Pick Paint Colors For Your Home

Do you want to make your kitchen lively and fresh? Maybe painting the cabinet green would be a good idea.

How To Choose The Exterior Paint Colors For A House?

Do you want to make your home simple, clean and minimalist? Use pure white like in our bathroom.

Once you’ve chosen the paint color families that give your room the feel you want, you can start the next step…

Pinterest, Google, Instagram, and paint color apps have made it so easy to find paint color ideas, but don’t rely on color pictures found on the Internet or in magazines to make your final decision.

Mobile screens and laptop screens all have different color balances, so it’s almost impossible to tell what a paint color will look like in reality. Not to mention that not all rooms and lighting scenarios are the same.

How To Choose Paint Colors For Your Home Interior Like A Pro

Get a general idea of ​​the paint colors you want to sample from online photos and make a list of your favorite colors or “families.”

Some paint color apps allow you to upload pictures of your room and “try on” different paint colors. Some apps allow you to match the inspiration color from step 1 directly to your phone’s wallpaper or fabric.

Most paint color apps and websites aren’t 100% accurate, so it’s still important to get paint samples for your room. But if you need an extra visual guide, they come in handy.

How To Pick Paint Colors For Your Home

Most people can easily identify the shade of the “mass” color – the main color – when you first look at a strip of paint.

My New Book: How To Choose Perfect Paint Colors For Your Home — Designed

But paint colors can be tricky. If you’re not careful, the cool gray you were hoping to paint your living room can end up looking like a bright blue nursery.

1. Place a sample of masking tape on white printer paper and look at it in natural light (no lamp, just soft sunlight from a window). You can see the tone better against the crisp, true white of the paper.

2. Look at the darkest color of the gradient paint strip. The base color is easier to see in the darkest shade of the tape.

3. Determine whether the paint sample is warm or cool. (Warm paint colors are red, orange or yellow. Cool paint colors are green, blue or purple.)

The Trick To Choosing The Right Paint Color + 12 Perfect Neutral Paint Colors

See the color scheme of the white paint in the picture above. On the opposite side of the white paper, the leftmost colored area appears yellow, so the ribbon is a warm color. The second one on the left is green, so the strip is painted in cold colors.

To the naked eye, they look white, but white paper helps you see their color.

After you’ve narrowed down your favorite colors to try by researching the shades in step 4, buy a sample of each.

How To Pick Paint Colors For Your Home

Spending a day mixing samples on the paint table, taking them home and seeing how they look in the unique lighting of your room is definitely worth spending a few bucks on because it saves you money and time. paint the color you hate. .

Best Paint Color Apps For Home Projects 2023

Paint the color model with a clean brush on white poster board or cardboard and attach it to different walls of the room to be painted.

Leave the panels for a day or two and look at them in different lighting at different times of the day. In the morning, afternoon, evening, cloudy and sunny days, the color looks different depending on the natural light in the room.

When choosing a color, try to use the light fixture that you will use in the final design of the room.

Giving yourself at least 24 hours allows you to see how the swatches work in different lights, so you can rule out things you don’t like.

How To Choose Paint Colors: 8 Tips For Getting It Right

Paint colors can look completely different from room to room because the direction of the sunlight changes the appearance of the color.

1. Keep it simple. You can use more than one color in a room, but try to keep it to no more than three. If you want a bold color, make it two and keep the third color neutral so it doesn’t overwhelm the room.

2. Choose the bravest first. When choosing paint, choose a bright color first. Neutral colors

How To Pick Paint Colors For Your Home

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