How To Pick The Right White Paint

How To Pick The Right White Paint – We always get a lot of questions about white paint. While this is not rocket science, I totally understand why people are concerned!

With so many different colors in the store, there’s nothing worse than painting an entire room only to regret it and want to start all over again.

How To Pick The Right White Paint

How To Pick The Right White Paint

I recently found out that many people don’t like white walls as much as I do. I have to admit that the new trend for bold wall colors really inspires me!

How To Choose The Right White Paint

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Like a clean, fresh, mostly white palette. So this post is all about white walls (and trim, shelves, cabinets, and painted floors) and why they make me so happy.

Don’t agree with me because I love hearing different opinions and I think it’s a necessity

So the room pictured above is actually one of the darkest rooms in our house as the windows are obscured by a large magnolia tree. When we moved in, I read an article on another blog about the bad idea of ​​painting a dark room white.

Porche Tips & Tricks: Our Favorite White Paint Colors — Porche & Co

So I painted it gray (and I hated it), then I painted it graphite black (and I hated it too), and finally decided to follow my guts and paint the whole thing white. White walls, white fireplace, white floors, white shelves. I like this.

Colorful or contrasting rooms require more work and chic. I find white and neutral very forgiving. It’s easy on a low budget because if you don’t like it, you can paint it white.

Everyone has a different opinion, but I disagree with those who say that all white rooms are clinical. I think they feel good!

How To Pick The Right White Paint

One way to discover this for yourself is to pay attention to how you feel in other people’s rooms (and in restaurants, hotels or shops). Lots of white makes me feel comfortable, fresh and clean. almost like I could breathe easier

How To Choose The Right White Paint

I like to stick to the bright, unpainted white of the cabinets or shelves. That’s a lot for me. I also like to give them a semi-matte finish so they have a bit of shimmer and a bright white with a little pop.

I know many people, including Laura, who paint their walls with white paint (more on this below). Personally, I never want my whites to be blue as I like warmer shades.

While in our previous house I used very strong, warm tones, in our current one I opted for softer warm tones, closer to pure white.

I prefer using white in my home as it is easy to track and retouch over time. I mean, do you really want to control different colors in different rooms?

The Best Shades Of White For Kitchen Cabinets

The method I chose was to paint a large block of white in the lightest and darkest rooms in our house. I watch with artificial light day and night so there are no surprises. Relaxed!

Personally, I believe that with white paint there is no room for error. I took the advice and as I said, I followed it. But I truly believe that how you want the room to look should be the ultimate deciding factor.

As a personal preference, I like to use fresh white paint in rooms where we spend less time (living room, entrance, formal dining room) and rooms where we spend more time.

How To Pick The Right White Paint

: As Elsie said above, white is of course a subjective choice based on your preference. In my house, I always use off-white because I like the white to be as bright as possible!

Beautiful Reasons To Paint A Room White

I have some white trim that isn’t too white, and I’ve improved recently (any trace of white or cream drives me crazy), but I still choose all white trim. Pure white goes well with all my paint colors and large white splashes.

I think pure white for me is the freshest white option to look and feel, I can never remember what color I used in which room.

Almost any bright paint color will do the trick, especially if you’re repainting a small space that was previously black to give it maximum space.

Our 1960s ranch house had many small rooms with small windows, and the whiteness made the rooms feel larger.

How To Choose The Right White Paint For Your Home Interiors?

What I’m trying to say is that sometimes white walls have a particular downside which is “color bleeding” from other large colors in the room being projected onto your white walls making them appear to be a different color. Sometimes.

For example, in my bedroom, the closet doors are mint colored and depending on how the light hits the room, the green can reflect off the rest of the white room and make the white areas a bit greener as well (shown in the pictures more than it actually is More shown in ) live, for some reason).

So if you have white walls and then paint the ceiling green (as was the case in our last office), keep in mind that in some cases the green will stand out a bit from the white.

How To Pick The Right White Paint

This usually happens in large areas of color rather than pillows, but if you find this bothering you, be aware of it.

How To Choose The Right White Paint Color

Hope this helps some of you! Don’t stress yourself too much with the white paint…do the test I mentioned above and you’ll be fine! xx – ElsieSaveSave If you’re looking for a new white kitchen, choosing the right white kitchen paint color for your cabinets can be overwhelming!

In fact, many of our clients choose our free color consultation service to relieve stress. After all, there are hundreds of shades of white, in every shade: blue and white, yellow and white, pink and white. These tips can be tricky to navigate, but if you need guidance to make your own choices, here are our top tips:

1. Drop your preconceived notions of what the “right white paint color for the kitchen” is!

We often go to a client’s home for a color consultation, and the homeowner shows us bright, fresh chips of white paint that are usually attached to the appropriate cabinets. If we offer color advice as part of our services, it’s best to start from scratch. While it’s good to know what “look” you want, it’s better to show us an inspiring Pinterest or Houzz photo than a pre-selected white. I understand usability, but the problem is that we humans can easily “feel” our decisions, even early ones, which prevents us from making better choices!

The Best White Paint Colors For 2023

But what if you see the “perfect” kitchen online and want to use that white paint color they quote?

The trick is – get ready for the terrifying truth that I’m sure you already know:

We see this so often that we wrote a whole article here. You see, photos are edited not because you want to mislead, usually because the photographer or poster needs to adjust the photo to reflect the reality they see and what they want. Images online have been edited to look good, not to show how this color will look in your space. And the photo of a specific paint color on the manufacturer’s website is not great! Let’s take this kitchen we drew as an example:

How To Pick The Right White Paint

He’ll show me what I see in the kitchen above. I took the design photos myself and edited them to show what the kitchen would look like in real life, regardless of what is shown on the Sherwin Williams website. If you google other photos of the same color, you’ll see tons of photos online, all of which look slightly different!

Welcome To Our Renovation. Part Three — Lauren Marttila Photography

Just looking at the white paint color referenced in a post or photo will not give you an accurate idea of ​​what that color will look like in your home, in your lighting, or on other items in the room.

3. To choose the right white paint color for your kitchen, consider the “solids”.

I learned this in Maria Killam’s color consulting training and it’s one of those hard truths your stylist or color consultant should know.

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