Large Wall Decor Ideas

Large Wall Decor Ideas – It can feel overwhelming when you’re looking at large walls in your home and don’t know where to start.

Where should you look for decor and artwork that fits the size or space?

Large Wall Decor Ideas

Large Wall Decor Ideas

Be it a living room with a high ceiling, a white wall above the furniture, a long sofa…these wall decoration ideas will guide you.

Affordable Ideas For Large Wall Decor

Below you will find the most successful DIY projects and beautiful wall decorations in my opinion.

If you’re not the art type (you can fill them with original artwork like Aniko did in the tutorial) that’s fine. πŸ˜›

We did something similar in our great room to fill a large wall space and I love how it turned out.

If you love this look, I have a whole collection of farmhouse decor you’ll want to check out!

Things To Hang On The Wall That Aren’t Framed Art And Prints

If you like the look of the cabinet above, but don’t have time for a DIY project I found an almost identical one on Amazon. πŸ˜‰

Place two large rectangles or squares next to each other and tie them with a cute bow on top.

I did something similar in our basement with two farmhouse mirrors and a wreath and I couldn’t love it more!

Large Wall Decor Ideas

If you like this design, you’ll find more like it in my Farmhouse Living Room Decor post!

Design Coach: What To Do With A Large Blank Wall

This great idea I found on Pinterest does a great job of turning a large, open-walled space into a smaller, more manageable space to decorate.

A wooden plank background works well to define the picture frame setting, although I think a large clock would look great on this too!

I am in love with my eclectic collection of window frames from my 100 year old house!

Although this design looks great in a dining room, I think this type of arrangement would be best on a large wall.

Large Wall Decor Large Metal Wall Painting Modern Wall

Set your family names with some stickers and you’ve created a great wall of personality.

But why does the inspiration stop there? You can browse more home decoration ideas here If you have been staring at a bare wall in your living room for a long time trying to decide what to do with it, one of these wall decoration ideas will help now. !

Do you have a huge wall in your living room like me? I don’t think every bare wall should be decorated, but I think this wall needs something. I don’t know how! After getting some inspiration, I put together some of my favorite living room wall decor ideas to share!

Large Wall Decor Ideas

To the right of the bare wall in the photo above see the solution you used to decorate the largest of the room’s four walls – wall art! I used ten images printed in an evenly spaced grid around our media console and TV:

Modern Wall Decor Ideas For 2023 To Spruce Up Blank Spaces In A Blink

Location: TV console (similar) | Chandelier (Satin Bronze) | White Textured Pillow Cover | Fake Tree | Caught | A pair of floor poufs | Artwork (including various | Acrylic Coffee Table ( similar ) | Coffee Bowl (28″ square) | Black and White Striped Box (on coffee table) | Brass Cricket (on coffee table) | Gray Plaid Throw ( similar ) Style Words | Book : The House Collection | Book: Styled by Emily Henderson | Book: Dogs

My photo prints are in 18″ x 24″ matte brass frames – you can’t buy my special frames (my photos are pre-sent) but they are the same size and come in the same sizes or check them out a lot.

Walls similar to these walls can also be used on the large wall behind the sofa without removing the frame in the middle like we did for the TV. You can even create walls for a beautiful look like the ones in our home office – check out our tips for creating your own!

Another good option for walls in the main room is to hang two or three large pictures, for example;

Large Scale Wall Art Ideas That Fill Huge Walls

I love this look and the fern prints are amazing! For a cheaper option, see if you can build it yourself for less. I think it’s a good idea to make a frame with a continuous image, for example a house on the beach:

A large tapestry is a great living room wall decor idea because with one paper you can cover a large wall and add color and texture to your space! Some tapestries can give your bedroom a more bedroom vibe, which is probably not what you want so be careful how your tapestry is hung. I love the cute look of hanging them with a quilt hanger:

I’ve seen large living room wall units with built-in bookshelves but if that’s not in your budget, large white bookshelves can serve you too! Surprisingly:

Large Wall Decor Ideas

It also comes in a smaller width and configuration to fit the TV. Using both end to end also does the trick:

Creative Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas To Try

A large floor mirror works beautifully on a living room wall, especially when it is across from a window and reflects light into the room. It is an absolute classic and has a traditional design with an updated design so it looks good with a variety of decorations:

Most living rooms have lots of square pieces – coffee tables, TVs, media consoles, etc., so adding a few round baskets to the wall breaks things up and adds texture and softness. I love the look of a bunch of different shaped baskets:

This is how I found this basket (mine is big) sitting on the shelves in our living room in NC:

Instead of small baskets you can use two or three large baskets;

Best Wall Art Ideas For Every Room

I bought it to hang on the wall in our bathroom and it hung in this place for a while until I moved our furniture around but I like it in the middle of our hallway access! The next area I’ll tackle is our entryway – now that we don’t have contractors back from the site, I’m finally ready to put up the wallpaper I’ve been holding on to for over a year. . . keep calm…

So which solution do you prefer? I’m leaning towards stacking baskets on my bare wall because not only do I like the look, but I think I can find an easy place to reuse them in the future. what do you think

Need decorating ideas for other rooms in your home? Check out my post on Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas! Styling photo captions can be tricky, but here are some tips to get you started. Picture shelves work almost anywhere in the home and are a great choice for adding visual interest and displaying artwork and photos.

Large Wall Decor Ideas

If you’re someone who can easily get overwhelmed with home decor – especially arranging and fixing shelves, a photo gallery can change that! These nifty ledges are similar to floating shelves and can display many different items. They are a great way to decorate a home on the cheap!

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas To Reinvigorate Blank Spaces

When you have some pictures or art to display, most people choose a wall. Although these are beautiful, they require a lot of commitment to plan the wall layout, frame matching, gallery wall styling, spacing, etc. There is a lot of nail for hanging pictures.

Decorating with picture shelves is easy! Arrange things however you want, change the wall decoration when the mood strikes – no adding or patching nail holes! Plus, you can save a few bucks and create a custom DIY wooden photo ledge with your own style and color.

Photo ledges are a great way to use vertical space and are great for small spaces, walls or long hallways. Finally you can display all the wonderful things worth seeing!

Do you know where these shelves are in our house? They are in the shed in the hallway leading to our bedroom that we put in this room for extra storage a few years ago!

How To Decorate A Large Wall (14 Creative Ideas)

A good rule of thumb for styling picture ledge decor: Use a mix of art, family photos, books, trinkets, glass, vases and other items to keep it balanced.

@lonely song with me! (See Part 1 to see how we made these shelves) #decor #interiordesign #walldecor #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok ♬ Read More – Angie Piccirillo

When decorating and playing with different objects, I try to replace it with a picture, photo, collection of pictures and a tree or trinket.

Large Wall Decor Ideas

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