Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas For Apartments

Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas For Apartments – Home wall decorations can be very impressive, right? So let’s make it a little easier! I’m going to show you 5 easy ways to decorate your walls, so you can find where to get wall art and which wall art is right for you.

If you’re wondering how to decorate your walls, want a tutorial on how to hang wall art (without drilling holes!), or just want some interior decorating tips to coordinate your little decor home, watch this video for my home wall. Art tips!

Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas For Apartments

Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas For Apartments

I’ve made some changes to the script below so everything makes more sense text-wise. But in general, it’s a word-for-word version of what I say in the video. I’m a better writer than that, I swear, haha.

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Do they say, “Help me, I’m naked and scared, so please post some art”?

We all want to decorate our walls with pictures that compliment our space, express our personal style and represent our unique personality. Quite a tall order, right?

Deciding on wall decorations for your home is one of the most difficult challenges in interior decorating. Please note that it’s okay if you have a problem here!

So, in this video, I will give you some decorating tips that will help you decorate your walls.

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And stick around until the end when I share how I’ve hung art in my home for years without drilling holes in the walls, one of the most common questions I get asked!

If you are new to my channel, my name is Steffi and I am the founder of the interior design blog Moda Misfit.

And you come to Living Pretty, a site for home decor tips. Just because you rent your place doesn’t mean you can’t

Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas For Apartments

Before we dive into our wall decorating tips, I wanted to let you know that I have a new free guide that you can download today.

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Here’s a blueprint for decorating your home so you can create the space you love—without feeling like you’re stumbling alone in the dark. Because sometimes you need someone to tell you what to do to make your house beautiful, right? So download our free home decor guide for more help!

Human eyes love to see patterns. We like to make connections between things and be told a story.

So, you can use repetition as your partner to create wall art in your home – that feels like telling a coherent story, rather than a series of unrelated plot points.

You can repeat colors, patterns, designs, theme… it’s all about using repetition to drive home what you want to say in your space.

How To Choose Large Wall Art For Living Room

In terms of pattern, there are many bold graphic elements in the form of typefaces, sound waves, maps and wall art.

This is how you tell a visual story. Repetition allows you to express your feelings and not create an unusual appearance on your walls.

Do you have to repeat things aggressively in my studio? No. You can be more flexible with your repetition if you want.

Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas For Apartments

Aggressive or subtle, the human eye is drawn to repetition. So when it comes to wall decor, think about the colors, patterns and themes you want to create in your space!

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In particular, it’s really about scale and proportion, not just size, but also how things like wall art relate to the space as a whole.

When buying art, I want you to think not only about how big the piece will fit on the wall, but also how it can enhance or detract from the environment.

Size should really be the least of your worries! It is the measure and the measure that you should think about.

For example, I originally had this magnolia wall hanging above my TV from Society6. And look how it turned out…

How To Decorate A Large Wall In Your Living Room

Sure, most of it fits the body, but does it play well in the big picture? not at all. It looked very poor and out of place.

Then I put it on top of the wall decor on my desk and suddenly it came to life. It should not be on a small wall, but in this case it has really benefited from supporting such an impressive method.

Here is another example. Before I got my sonic writing on my bed, I made this little mistake…

Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas For Apartments

And this is a really good job. But will it work on my bed? No. Because the scale and proportion were completely off. Although it does not take up enough horizontal space, the vertical space is increased.

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See, that’s why you should think about how a piece of art affects the entire space! Just liking a work of art is not enough. It should also play well with the surrounding environment.

That’s why sound wave diagrams are better here. They find the correct position of the horizontal and vertical space in relation to the bed and everything around it.

Not to mention the point of repetition I mentioned earlier. These prints are a perfect example of how good repetition can be to tell a visually appealing story beautifully.

It wouldn’t be a Moda Misfit video if I didn’t include this, because that’s what I’m all about: expressing your personality through makeup.

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But getting into your personality is not a good way to create an environment where you connect. This is also a way to narrow down your options!

Choosing your wall art can be overwhelming. There are so many shops to visit, so many pieces to look at. It can feel like you don’t know where to start.

So, to narrow it down, start with your unique personality. what would you like? What are you thinking about? What makes you who you are?

Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas For Apartments

If you spend two minutes in my house, you can guess about my personality. Even with the wall decoration, it hits you in the head what kind of person he is.

Living Room Decor Ideas For A Refresh That Won’t Blow Your Budget

That’s what I want from you too! A place that looks like you. Seriously, good design isn’t just about making things look good, it’s about telling a story. What do you want your wall to say about you?

Treat your pictures as your biography, not just pretty things to hang on your walls.

I’ll be honest: the possibilities here are endless. Art is everywhere, of varying quality and price, and it’s amazing to find it!

In my opinion, you can buy all your art from these three places and you’ll be fine: Etsy, Society6, and Redbubble.

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The reason why I recommend these three special places for wall art is because, in addition to my personal experience with them, they are very good for finding the personal driven pieces that I mentioned.

If you want to express your personality with wall art, these three places will help you do just that!

Do you like camping? Maybe this Etsy piece will make you feel like you brought the great outdoors!

Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas For Apartments

Seriously, go to one of these three sites, type in something you like, and maybe you’ll find a great piece of art!

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Finally, one of the biggest questions I get asked about home decor is how I hang my art.

Obviously, I have a lot going on here, so you’re thinking, “Wow Steffy. That’s a lot of holes.”

But obviously not! Because I’m not digging holes here. I don’t think I’ve ever drilled a hole in my life…

Instead, I use the Command bar. It is not a creative gift, and it is not revolutionary. But I swear to them. Watch the video to see how they work!

Small Apartment Living Room Ideas: 7 Spaces That Prove Tiny Can Still Be Trendy

There are two things you need to do or it won’t work and your wall art will end up on the floor. You should…

Also, when removing your art, be sure to remove it very slowly or the instruction strips may remove part of your wall.

If you’re careful, paste barbs usually won’t do this. Scotch tapes, on the other hand… don’t use them. In my experience, they have a 100% wall tear rate. They are very aggressive. On the other hand, command lines are simple but firm.

Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas For Apartments

There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing wall art, but if you simplify your process by using these tips I’ve discussed, you’ll be fine!

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If your walls start talking, they will

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