Modern Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces

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Dwellers of small spaces rejoice, as this modern small living room idea from IKEA proves what can be done with even the smallest floor. We know decorating can be difficult when space is limited. How much furniture can you bring? What format works best? What color will ‘expand’ the space? How do you make a small living room still feel fresh and modern? Don’t care. Because we cover all your questions here.

Modern Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces

Modern Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces

For us, contemporary style is often very simple, minimalist and functional, which makes it perfect for small spaces. You don’t want your small living room to feel cramped or cramped. It’s a good idea to keep your floor clean and your furniture breathing.

Decorating Ideas For A Small Living Room

However, there are plenty of ‘modern’ options, from ultra sleek styles to more relaxed bohemian looks. But if you’re a modernist or if you’re looking for a more relaxed style, here you’ll find great inspiration and tips to expand your square footage.

‘You can live big in a small space, you just have to know how.’ Jen and Mar, founders of Fox Interiors, said. ‘Create a backdrop with an interesting wallpaper, and a simple design gives the space a sense of unpatterned space that dominates the whole plan. By enhancing your lighting solution, a large column or table lamp gives your space a more luxurious feel while providing enough light. Finally, people think that you have to buy small when you are looking for furniture. Taking the sofa for example, a larger sofa can make a small living room feel cooler and bigger.’

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Regardless of the style you want, furnishing in a small space requires more effort. If you can choose a piece that can double for two purposes or add extra storage space or surface, definitely go for it. If you don’t want to pack a lot of furniture into your room, choose a versatile piece like a storage ottoman – or if you want the flexibility to entertain overnight guests, consider one of the sofa beds neoclassical at its best. Or you can choose a nesting coffee table that can be pulled out and moved around the room when needed, but doesn’t take up much floor space and doesn’t impede traffic flow.

Essential Tips For Designing A Modern Living Room

Another important element of a small and modern living room is storage. Storage space is essential in creating a clean and minimalist feel that is at the heart of modern style. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep everything behind the door. Mix and match open and closed cabinets. For example, a coffee table for drawers where you can put bookshelves for extra decoration and personality, then store less aesthetically pleasing things. Remote control and code.

In a small living room, it tends to push everything against the wall to reveal as much of the floor as possible. But if you want to give your room a spacious and modern feel, a large central floor is not the best choice.

Pull the furniture away from the wall and leave some space. By floating the furniture in this way the room appears larger than it actually is, allowing more flow into the room and letting in more light.

Modern Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces

As we round up the best sofas of the year, you might be tempted to throw in two sets, but sometimes the best way to have a small, modern living room is to feels more like not using a sofa at all. Now, before you think about not having a couch to watch Netflix on, think about how much you could save if you had a deep and comfortable armchair and two footstools.

Best Small Living Room Ideas

A large void in the middle of the room can expand the space, giving it a smaller and more modern feel. It also instantly creates the suggestion that the room is bigger as more light flows through. Add pillows and blankets to keep the room from feeling too formal.

To be honest, the TV can spoil the modern feeling you are trying to create. In a small living room, it may be difficult to keep the black hole in the wall out of focus, but the easiest way is to add a dark wall. Paint the walls the same color as your TV. short We mentioned the same color, but what we mean is to use a darker color so that the TV blends quickly into the wall.

We love how a wooden mantle softens all the black leather and built-in storage breaks up the color in this small, modern living room.

Panels are a great way to bring texture and interest to a smaller living room without really taking up space. Straight shiplap panels look beautiful in newer homes, meaning more height while adding character.

Best Small Living Room Decor And Design Ideas For 2022

A very easy way to make a room feel bigger is to add a large rug. You want a rug that is large enough that it won’t extend under your furniture without taking up space, rather than a smaller rug that sits on the floor.

As previously mentioned, carpets are also suitable for floating furniture. Use the measurements of your rug to place furniture on the edge of the room. Then you can also put a smaller rug on top.

In the past, we have suggested a careful way to decorate busy walls in small spaces, but many have expressed the opinion that a blank wall is a sad wall. If you want to add pictures or a gallery wall to your small living room, do it! Avoid floating groups of prints in the middle of the wall. As you can see here, moving from the floor to the ceiling gives the height of the room.

Modern Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces

Now, we’re not saying you can’t add color to a small living room, but you want to keep the room from being too busy, so it helps to stick to a strict color scheme. Choose a neutral background by keeping the walls and ceiling white, and add pops of color with pillows, rugs, blankets and accessories.

Small Living Room Ideas That Maximize Style And Storage

We’re all for this monochromatic scheme with hints of pale pink. Warmer tones reduce the contrast between black and white and also look great with pale wood accents.

It may be normal to have a lighter color scheme in a small, modern living room, but don’t be shy if darker colors suit your vibe. Paint charcoal gray or dark blue on the four walls and even the ceiling can blur the edges of the room and make the space feel bigger. It adds an intimate feel that can be exciting in a small living room.

Natural light can hide a lot of sin in a small space, so let it in as much as possible. Instantly make your space bigger, brighter and airier. Avoid thick curtains and dark blinds and instead choose light, floating, translucent materials that will beautifully maximize light while still providing privacy.

We all know that mirrors can help even the smallest space feel bigger. Choose a larger mirror to hang on a main wall to reflect the most light around the room, or group mirrors together to create more function. You can also choose a large mirror that is tilted in the corner to give a more open look.

Small Living Room To Steal Design Inspiration From

Sometimes the best way to make the most of a small living room is to embrace the comfort of its small dimensions. It’s even enhanced with soft textured upholstery and intimate seating to create an inviting nest-like space. Keep it modern by choosing a simple gray and white color palette and adding some artwork and stationery accessories.

Smart string lights can make your living room look bigger. You want it to be at different levels so your eye isn’t drawn to a particular source and instead you get this beautiful light. For a modern look, choose simple ones with a wall that won’t take up valuable floor space and add some interest to your walls.

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Modern Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces

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