Modern Wall Art Ideas For Living Room

Modern Wall Art Ideas For Living Room – Lack of inspiration for decorating? Here are 46 wall art ideas to ignite the magic of your living room.

1. Monotone printed black and white images along with your favorite words and definitions will share your family journey with those who enter your home.

Modern Wall Art Ideas For Living Room

Modern Wall Art Ideas For Living Room

“As a designer, I love simplicity. Colors can often affect mood more than we realize, so a single or two-tone palette looks fresh.” – Living Space interior designer Briana Evans

Modern Art Home Decor

2. Rope Art A beautiful piece of rope art can be framed and hung on the wall to add some structure to your decor. Stick to raw and neutral materials for a minimal yet authentic feel. (Rope art makes a great boho wall.)

3. 3D flowers Three-dimensional flowers can be combined with metal, paper or other materials to create a stunning focal point.

4. Textured Art Look for artwork that includes texture to make your space more interesting. Paper art works especially well. High-quality design provides a DIY experience (without the DIY hassle)!

“The design is visual and textural. Uneven, rough or soft details add strength to the wall.” – Living Space interior designer Courtney Marquez

D Wall Art Diamond Style For Living Room Large Wall Art Extra

5. Botanical prints of plants and flora show your love for greenery and add lightness to your home. Choose the type of plant you want to grow to match your mood; For example, palm trees look tropical! Add unique floor pots with similar plants to make your home decor pop.

6. Group your photos. Choose line art or smaller-than-usual photos and combine them to create a unique talking point. As they say, the best comes in small packages. A collection of small wall art will require visitors to bend down for a closer look and better appreciation.

7. The line art is back! Line art is making a comeback, and that’s a good thing. These intricate designs add symmetry and elegance to your space.

Modern Wall Art Ideas For Living Room

“The intricate details of the artwork captivate you, it is truly a work of art. The more you look at one of these pieces, the more you see; this is the type of wall art that captivates the viewer.” – Living Space interior designer Briana Evans

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8. Mirrors Reflect light and make your room look bigger by adding a mirror to the wall. Bonus points if it’s in a good shot! (To magnify the mirror, make sure it is facing the window.)

9. Tonal art that uses subtle tones can be effective without overwhelming a room. Look for neutral shades to enhance any space.

Looking for something different? Choose a framed canvas with a fun color palette to complete your decor. Transform the family room into a modern living room aesthetic by placing large canvases on the coffee table.

“If you need to decorate a wall with lighting, canvas is the best choice because it is everywhere. It’s the most popular medium and the easiest to paint and sell, so the options are endless. Choose a style, color and theme. It matches your personality!” – Living Space Interiors designer Courtney Marquez

Creative Wall Art Ideas To Fill Blank Spots With Personality

11. Gallery Wall Do you have a few favorite pieces of art? Collect items that have one thing in common, then turn your wall into an art gallery.

12. You can’t go wrong with sparkles and glitter, so double up on glittery framed photos and use them as a backdrop for a stunning decoration. Star figurines are a great addition to the living room decor. (Don’t forget the paint color, too! A deep gray or soft cement accentuates the calming effect of metals.)

13. The beauty of horses If you love horses, it’s not easy to add them to your walls. Choose a large print that will dominate the room and create an atmosphere.

Modern Wall Art Ideas For Living Room

“Horses are great in rural, country and western aesthetics. I love the horse pictures on the walls paired with the gorgeous leather sofa!” – Living Space interior designer Briana Evans

Round Colorful Leaves Printing Wall Art Modern Decor Ideas For

14. Wildlife at Home Bring your animal adoration into your home with framed photos of your favorite creatures. Just like in real life, animals can bring out the best in people. Opt for soft scenes of animals frolicking in your living room or dining room to boost your serotonin levels.

15. Simple Nature A simple drawing of a leaf, tree or flower can set the tone for a room and show an interest in nature.

16. Do you want to travel? Have a framed canvas or list to keep travel inspiration close at hand. Car patterns on an empty wall will provide an inspiring room design.

“An image of something in the sky, whether it’s a sunset, a sunrise, or a group of clouds, looks like a window. Plus, it creates a sense of air and draws your room into a limitless outdoor space.” —Courtney Marques, interior designer at Living Space

Wall Art For The Modern Coastal Home

17. Cool sea Make your space cool with the wonderful color of the sea. Almost, but not quite, abstract works reflect the true nature of the sea.

18. Large pieces of art can dominate a room – in a good way! Enjoy your favorite photo. (After all, most walls are the largest parts of the house and require the same artistic consideration.)

19. Main photos You don’t have to like your photos. Just choose what you like and hang it.

Modern Wall Art Ideas For Living Room

“Sometimes the smaller the image, the clearer our ideas are. When art is open to interpretation, you can add your own personal thoughts to it. This is why abstract art is the perfect chameleon. It’s what you want based on the styles and decor around you.” – interior designer Brianna Livingspace Evans

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20. Gray works well with any decor style, so grab one or two and add more gray pieces to bring the room together. Gray colors on the background of white walls can have a calming effect. Other neutral color schemes, such as beige and cream, have a similar effect – especially when mixed with gray, complementing and bringing out each of the different shades.

21. Abstract There is something captivating about abstract art because it allows you to interpret what the artist means to you.

22. Multi-layered drawings. Even if you can’t hang pictures on your walls, you can put them on your desk. Try to collect several together and then arrange them to make them look unique. (Think of these tables as wall shelves for your art!)

“The wall art is ready! No screws, nails or drilling required. A great way to fill an empty table.” – Living Space interior designer Courtney Marquez

Living Room Wall Art

23. Black frame. Take your favorite photo and put it in an all-black frame to make it really stand out on the wall.

24. Interesting colors You can build the decor of the room around the colors of the wall art for a sense of unity. Pinks, blues and greens are the most common bright colors in wall art. But be careful in small rooms: the inclusion of a light shade is important for lighting and opening up the space.

25. Divider Panels Instead of using these panels to divide your space, hang them on the wall for a unique look.

Modern Wall Art Ideas For Living Room

“Everything that expands the space. The ceiling seems higher, the air is more open, and the eye is drawn, which is often synonymous with mood and well-being.” – Living Space interior designer Briana Evans

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

26. Sea memories Do you like beach love? Bring joy to your home with framed and framed photos of your favorite place. Take the aesthetics beyond the walls – sculptures of seashells and tropical plants will make this art.

27. Cactus Prints Succulents and cacti offer a low-tech way to add a splash of greenery to your space. Accent your plants with cactus prints on the wall.

28. Neutral colors A subtle color scheme works well with your existing decor and will add focus. Choose a shade that’s slightly darker than your walls, or a lighter neutral shade (if it’s a different shade) to create a trendy vibe. For a little more color, try an earthy shade.

“Neutral calm. A dark or earthy painting in any room is a great way to de-stress.” – Living Space interior designer Courtney Marquez

Large Oil Painting Abstract City View Canvas Painting Modern Wall Art Work Decor

29. Drawing with charcoal Charcoal is a great tool. These types of shapes combine simplicity with sophistication – the perfect combination for wall art.

30. Leaves on the wall Show your enjoyment of plants with large pictures of leaves. You can collect and stack several. The graceful veins, stems, and shapes found in nature are beautiful works of art in their own right.

“Varying the textures you use can really add style and flavor. I love antique marble or ceramic panels.

Modern Wall Art Ideas For Living Room

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