Painted Wall Mural Ideas For Living Room

Painted Wall Mural Ideas For Living Room – Few things give me more satisfaction than watching a space transform after a freshly painted mural.

Murals have the ability to change the energy and atmosphere of an entire space. Over the years I have painted over 80 murals in various locations from offices to children’s clinics, playgrounds, shops and homes. And in each case, the murals were able to create an experience that blank walls simply couldn’t match.

Painted Wall Mural Ideas For Living Room

Painted Wall Mural Ideas For Living Room

Now, while professional murals require tools, programming, and sometimes certification (always a good idea if you still want to be a muralist), hobbyists or hobbyists can easily start their own murals with a few tips.

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Think about your ideas for the space. Start thinking about things like the purpose of the room: is it where you entertain? Relax? Who uses this space most often? What colors and shapes are already in the room?

These questions will help you create an outline for your mural. Remember that your wall art will likely be there for a while, so thinking about how the room is most often used and complementing existing furniture colors and designs will give you a cohesive look.

I painted this simple tropical leaf mural in my own living room (scroll down for a drawing of this design!). I used plants and accent colors in the space as inspiration for the wall design.

Chalk – Chalk your sketch on the wall, you can do this in a few different ways: you can draw freehand on the wall, you can project your sketch (projector required of course) or you can create a grid. onto your sketch and onto the wall (using chalk) and copy the design exactly.

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Tape Measure and Spirit Level – Use a tape measure to find the center of the wall, create a grid for your design, and make sure the design lines up as you want. A spirit level is especially useful for ensuring straight horizontal lines.

Pro tip: Always use centimeters per meter! Inches are difficult to divide, so centimeters will be the best choice when scaling a wall.

Painter’s Tape and Flooring: Tape really will be your best friend. Not only will it keep your lines clean, but it will also ensure that edges and other areas are not accidentally painted. Speaking of keeping things clean, you’ll want to remove old cans or plastic to prevent paint from dripping onto the floor.

Painted Wall Mural Ideas For Living Room

In this residential mural, I created a chalk grid to recreate the intricate design in a proportional and straightforward mural. Beach Pictures Wall Art Canvas Prints Seascape Poster Bathroom Decor Blue Ocean Green Tree Painting For Living Room Bedroom Home Kitchen Decoration 20×40 Wooden Frame Natural Landscape Artwork: Posters & Prints

The beauty of residential murals is that the walls usually do not require any preparation. Most of the walls in the house are already primed and you have a primer, so these are two steps you can skip right after you move in.

This also gives you the advantage of being able to pick up acrylic paint from your local craft store. Be careful though – you’ll want to know if your colors are matte or glossy. (I would recommend a mat for hobbyists or enthusiastic artists).

You will also have the freedom to manage the brushes you choose, but remember to choose according to the thickness and texture of the line you want.

Finally, if you intend for your mural to last a while, choose a sealer (matte or gloss spray that matches your color choice) to keep your colors fresh for years to come.

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I used Behr wall paint from Home Depot for this kids Harry Potter themed mural. I chose some colors in matte and others in gloss/metallic to create a whimsical look that plays with the lighting in the room.

Start the ombre mountains mural by choosing a color. From there you start with the darkest shade at the bottom and gradually lighten slightly with each layer. This creates the illusion of depth and mimics the natural beauty of mountains from a distance.

With the tropical leaves design, you can choose either just the outline or the color of the leaves. A border color creates a minimalist look. Feel free to add shading to create a more realistic mural aesthetic, but I recommend keeping the palette to 3 colors or less so it doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Painted Wall Mural Ideas For Living Room

Years ago, friends started asking me for murals in their homes. Then it changed to word of mouth small businesses. Then larger clients started entrusting me with entire offices and buildings.

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As a professional muralist, I am also a gold graduate of Mural Routes, Canada’s public art body. This combination of training and experience makes me your go-to artist for those non-DIY mural projects.

When you’re ready, send me a message or call. All you will need to include in your mural survey is a quick line of approx. dimensions (eg 5×12 feet) and a rough design idea (eg home office logo). I will contact you with a quote for your project as well as a detailed price list so you can see options that are sure to fit your budget. no longer supports older versions of your browser to ensure user data remains secure. Update to the latest version.

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The price only shows 1 square meter (for example, if your wall size is 3m wide and 2.5m high, then 3m × 2.5m = 7.5m2 (fill in the quantity 8) and leave the width and height of your wall

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1. We added a new type of wallpaper, peel and stick, which is much easier for you to put on the wall.

2. There is also an overlap of about 2cm and you have to cut them and just peel and stick them and then put them on the wall.

3. We will cut multiple panels if your wall height or width is more than 1.1 or 1.5 meters and depends on the country you are from.

Painted Wall Mural Ideas For Living Room

4. The peel and stick can only be used on glass surface, painted wall, ceramic surface, wooden surface, plastic board surface and smooth wall, and cannot be used on uneven wall or matte polished wall.

Living ‎room Mural Wallpaper For Room

1.PPl Note! The wallpaper is not self-adhesive. The price shown is the price for 1 square meter, please measure the width and height of the wall, then order the correct quantity.

For example, if your wall size is 4.16 m wide and 2.75 m high, then 4.16 m × 2.75 m = 11.44 square meters (fill in quantity 12 when ordering).

Before gluing, prepare the following tools: strong sticky/sticky glue, bucket of water, knife, metal tape, roller brush, brush, scraper and sponge

Prepare all the tools, clean the wall, open the wall sticker, use heavy objects to press the corners of the wall sticker, the time is about 30 minutes.

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To check the size of the wall sticker, the appearance, the measurement of the wall size, usually this work is done before buying the wall sticker, so the size will be good, usually the buyer will buy a little bigger than the actual size. they have more space.

The job requires two people to finish placing the decals on the wall and use a pencil to make a mark on the sticker so they know where extra space is needed to cut when pasting later.

In a bucket, put about 1 kg of sticky rice paste with 4-5 liters of water, mix well, mix again after 10 minutes. Then use a roller or brush glue to apply to the wall, the next step is to stick the stickers on the wall, do it carefully and slowly, using a scraper to press the excess glue foam if there is any. Use a sponge to soak up the excess water and use a metal strip and utility knife to trim the excess edges.

Painted Wall Mural Ideas For Living Room

After all the work is done, let the wall stickers dry on their own, about 48-72 hours. During this period, do not open the door, do not turn on the air conditioner and do not expose yourself to excessive sunlight.

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Thanks! Very good news! We added a new type of wallpaper, peel and stick, which is much easier for you to put on the wall.

There is also an overhang of about 2cm and you have to cut them and just peel and stick and then put it on the wall.

If the height or width of your wall is more than 1.1 or 1.5 meters, we will cut more panels. It depends on which country you are from.

Estimated Delivery If you order today, this is the estimated delivery date and is based on the seller’s processing time and location, the carrier’s shipping time, and the estimated delivery address. Please note: shipping company delays or placing an order on a weekend or holiday may push this date forward.

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I have the peel and stick version and it is very heavy and good quality. I had to re-glue the first piece a few times so there were a few bubbles that wouldn’t fit, but the rest looks great. I wish there was a tutorial on working the seams – make sure you overlap them according to your image! Also on YouTube how to cut seams after this and this

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